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Chapter: 46


Chapter 46

Ravia basically asked him,

Why would there be any other intention coming from someone who gives you an invitation?

But Tidwell didn’t believe her. His fake sister, who doesn’t love him, never approached him without ulterior motives.

She closed his eyes and bound his feet whenever she drew near to him. So there must be an ulterior motive hiding in her smooth words.

How obvious.

But he couldn’t figure out what exactly she was hiding. Unlike those whose desire was easy to read, Ravia would always hide her goal perfectly.

Ravia would be put at disadvantage if she tried to confront him. Ravia would lose a lot if she used this invitation to deceive him again.

So it must be something that can’t be compared to drugging him or calling Leticia to the mansion.

So he had to think deeply. He had to rack his brain for a long time. Tidwell’s strength was making his opponent strangle themselves by messing up their minds.

The method was simple.

As always, he already held the best weapon to seize and shake his opponent, the Dark Flower.

However, he couldn’t use the Dark Flower this time. He was in a dilemma. It had been a while since he dealt with such a difficult situation.

Being able to mess with people’s minds to his heart’s content meant that he wouldn’t be able to retain his opponent’s true intention and sincerity forever. Moreover, the side effects of Dark Flower appeared more quickly than any other drug.

Therefore, at least for the time being, he did not use the Dark Flower except on Duke Leontine and several servants who were scheduled to leave the mansion.

No, in the first place, he had no intention of manipulating Ravia’s surroundings. What he wanted was to entangle her in the chains he had set up.

So, if yesterday’s event hadn’t occurred, he would have continued to do so in the future.

If Ravia didn’t knock him down with Leticia’s visit. If he didn’t notice that Ravia’s door was open in the middle of the night…

They said those who stayed under the moonlight for too long would go crazy, but somehow, at that time, he was led by the moonlight.

The Annex exit where he had opened his eyes was made of glass. The moonlight pouring through that glass was unbearably blinding. And the moonlight also leaked from Ravia’s slightly opened door, as if paving a road for him.

He approached the door as if possessed. It suddenly occurred to him that he had crossed the line, yet his steps never faltered.

What thoughts led me to do that? He wondered, but he couldn’t remember no matter how he tried. Maybe some madman had purloined his entire memory.

He opened the door quietly. The situation was completely reversed now. Ravia, who sneaked past the sleeping Tidwell this morning, and Ravia who now slept with strands of her golden hair hanging down the bed as he sneaked in. He should have stopped himself right there.

Yeah. If he had, he wouldn’t have had a conversation with someone who was asleep. Not to mention, hearing that person’s innermost thoughts.

He didn’t have to hear his sister mumble that there’s no way she didn’t hate him….

Tidwell gazed at his sweet but cruel sister.

Without knowing how much she was exposed to him, she was as beautiful as a flame that was about to die down.

Dear Sister. You started this first.

With a smile on his face, Tidwell opened his mouth smoothly.

"Thank you for inviting me."

"You don’t have to thank me."

"Then I’ll prepare myself well for that. By the way, do you know that a guest visited yesterday?"

"Guest? Who?"

"Primadonna Leticia."

At Tidwell’s words, Ravia’s expression brightened. Little did she know that her subtle change actually broke his heart.

"Did Leticia come here? Did you meet her?"

"She came to visit you, Sister. But you were out yesterday, so I met her in your stead. She came here after the bank contacted her. There was some problem with the check you gave her."

"Was it something you couldn’t handle?"

"I could handle it."

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The check required a Leontine seal, and that seal was owned by any member of the Leontine family. As long as Leticia didn’t ask for Duke Leontine’s seal, Tidwell could just come forward and help her. But he didn’t do that.

"However, since she came here to meet you, I thought it’d be right to notify you first and let you decide."

Of course, it was a made-up excuse to send Leticia back without letting her enter the mansion.

"It seemed very urgent, so why don’t you visit Leticia today or tomorrow?"

Ravia meets Leticia. Which means Ravia will spill out her heart to Leticia, and Leticia will deliver what she said to Tidwell.

At Tidwell’s words, Ravia looked at the teacup as she tried to organize her schedules. But there was only one answer that crossed her mind.

"Thank you for telling me this. I will do that." Ravia nodded, and that’s how the early morning tea time ended

One had picked up a golden apple, and the other was caught in a fish trap.

Velocio Theatre.

Staring dully, Ravia sat in the Leontine box seat and looked down at the stage.

The play was Hamlet. It was a story of a prince wandering at the crossroads of revenge. His famous line was, ‘To be or not to be. That is the question.’ He was also the main character.

‘To be exact, it’s a question of how far you can set yourself loose.’

If one commits murder under the pretext of revenge, is the murder justified? And can the murderer be called a human even if they do it for revenge? Will I exist as myself or not? That’s the question.

A story revolved around moral agony, something that Ravia didn’t usually enjoy, and it pierced her in the chest this time.

Perhaps because her path resembled Hamlet’s.

However, Ravia’s train of thought was interrupted by someone who ran to the box seat in hurry.

"Miss Ravia! You must have waited for a long time, I’m so sorry!"

"No, I’m watching a play, and I didn’t even realize how long time has passed. It must be so hectic because you just finished your performance. Come here, Leticia."


At Ravia’s words, Leticia sat next to her with a big smile. She was in charge of the stage before Hamlet. She was in the dressing room and rushed out when she was informed of Ravia’s visit.

To prove it, there were bits of glitter that hadn’t yet been completely erased under Leticia’s eyes.

Would she be embarrassed if I pointed it out? Or should I quietly pretend I didn’t see it? Ravia agonized, but soon she took out a handkerchief and beckoned her lightly.

"Leticia, can you lower your head for a second?"

"Like this?"

"Yeah. It looks like you came out in a hurry because of me. I’m sorry."

"Not at all! You’re always welcome here, Miss Ravia!"

Ravia smiled slightly at Leticia’s honest answer. She liked Leticia’s innocence, so different from her own pretense.

Ravia gently wiped the glitter under her eyes and near her cheeks with the handkerchief. Then she folded it and asked Leticia.

"I heard you went to my mansion yesterday. My brother said there’s a problem with the check you received."

"Ah! That’s right! I was going to visit Miss Ravia regarding that matter, but it was impolite for me to visit without a prior appointment…."

"If it’s you, you can come whenever you like. I stopped by the bank on my way to deal with that problem. So don’t worry too much."

"Is it already resolved? It’s truly a relief. Thank you so much."

"It’s my fault for not checking before giving it to you, so you don’t have to thank me. I’m sorry for causing you trouble."

When Ravia apologized, Leticia hurriedly waved her hands. Leticia told Ravia not to apologize as Ravia was the one who helped her so much.

But that’s not what Ravia wanted to hear from Leticia. The reason she visited Leticia was not to talk about the check.

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"By the way, Leticia. I have a question."

"Please say it!"

"Did my brother treat you kindly?"

Was Leticia able to fulfill her role as a ‘golden apple’?


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