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Chapter: 1093

I have Always been Waiting for You to Return

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was completely silent.

Rong Xiu thought for a moment and then gazed at his princess consort. "You’re Shangguan Yue and also Chu Liuyue."

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. "You clearly know that I’m not asking about this."

"But these two are indeed your identities," replied Rong Xiu. "Actually, you’re the one who should know most clearly who you are."

Chu Liuyue was stifled, and she paused.

"Rong Xiu, I’ve already recalled some matters. You’re the one who played chess with me at the octagonal pavilion. You’re the one who purposely drank my ginger tea. You’re also the one who agreed to live the rest of your life with me." Chu Liuyue looked at him, and every word she said was accompanied by

scenes from back then in her mind.

Most of them were still blurred in bits and pieces, but these few parts were especially clear.

"You’ve long known that I’ve lost a portion of my memory, but you’ve never taken the initiative to tell me about it. Also, in the portion that I lost, I remember there’s only you."

This was enough to prove too many things.

"We clearly already knew each other early on, and I even said I wanted to go back and tell my father about our marriage, but… What happened after that?"

I don’t remember where exactly we met for the first time or what happened after that agreement, which caused me to go back to the Tianling Dynasty and get engaged with Jiang Yucheng, leading to that whole series of events! I once thought that I liked Jiang Yucheng, but after meeting Rong Xiu, T

realized that it wasn’t like. Instead, it was a lack of hatred due to many reasons and considerations.

Knowing that Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan had collaborated, she felt more of the anger and pain of being betrayed by her most trusted confidants.

Upon deeper thought, I don’t really care that they were secretly together. However, I was enraged and obsessed with revenge after being set up back then. I didn’t realize it before, but now that I recall these incidents… I feel that there are many incidents that are amiss.

Since Rong Xiu and I were already together, and I even promised that I would return and tell Father about it, it’s impossible for me to have a marriage agreement with someone else. Did something happen after I returned to Tianling?

Rong Xiu stared at her with a deep gaze and sighed lightly—as if elated and also dotingly. "So you’ve already recalled so much."

No wonder that totem.

He kept quiet for a moment. Then, as if he made a big decision, he said, "We did indeed already meet three years ago."

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat! Three years ago! Now, it has already been a year and a half since my rebirth—two and a half years since my death. If we met three years ago… It means that we knew each other at least half a year before I died?

As if guessing what Chu Liuyue was thinking about, Rong Xiu smiled and shook his head. "Actually, it’s even longer than what you’re thinking. Later on, you said that you wanted to go back, so we were separated. But a few months later, something happened to you. You also know everything that happened

in the end."

Chu Liuyue’s ears were beating along to the tempo of her pulse, which made her hurt. It was as if an invisible hand suddenly clutched her heart, causing it to be difficult to even breathe!

Her throat tightened, and she asked with much difficulty, "So, my rebirth in Country Yao Chen… is also related to you?"

She luckily managed to get her life back and was coincidentally reborn in Country Yao Chen’s Chu Liuyue. Furthermore, she even met Rong Xiu on that day!

There were too many coincidences, which couldn’t help but arouse one’s suspicions.

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu gently rubbed against the teacup.

The entire room was silent. Every minute and every second became extremely torturous.

Just when Chu Liuyue thought that Rong Xiu wouldn’t reply, he finally said, "Yes, I specifically waited for you to come back there."

"Why haven’t the two of them come out yet? I wonder what they’ve been talking about for so long?" 36 Respected Elder Ming also arrived at Jishen Palace after handling the miscellaneous incidents post-princess consort contest. He saw Yan Qing and Yu Mo guarding the room from afar, and he couldn’t

help but ask curiously.

"Greetings, 36 Respected Elder Ming," The duo bowed respectfully.

36 Respected Elder Ming waved his hands and raised his chin, unable to conceal the curiosity in his eyes. "What’s the matter?"

"Um… Respected Elder, you also know that Jishen Palace is surrounded by Xuan formations and barriers. If His Highness doesn’t want us to see or hear, he naturally has his ways. We’re also unsure of what exactly is going on inside!" replied Yu Mo meticulously as he glanced at the sky that was already

turning white.

More than half the night had gone past, and it was already daytime. Yet, the people inside didn’t come out, and they also didn’t dare to randomly disturb them.

"I’s very tiring for Gir—Princess Consort to travel all the way here. Perhaps she directly rested inside…" 36 Respected Elder Ming stroked his beard and appeared to be very understanding. He then saw something from the corner of his eyes and suddenly paused in his actions.

"That’s… the child that previously came with Princess Consort?" he asked as he pointed to a small purple figure sitting on the jade stool far away.

"Yes. He’s been staying here since yesterday until now.

Speaking of this child, Yu Mo and Yan Qing also felt their heads ache. When His Highness and Princess Consort came back yesterday, this child had been following her the entire way. Later on, Princess Consort said that she wanted to talk to His Highness in private, so she left the child behind. Originally,

we specifically arranged a room for him to rest in. But no matter how much we tried to convince him, he was apathetic and directly sat there.

We thought that it was nothing much for the child to have a slightly more stubborn temper. At most, we would just send him to the room when he couldn’t hold himself back and fell asleep. Who would’ve known that he could maintain that posture for the entire time until now!?

"I’s weird…" 36 Respected Elder Ming squinted his eyes slightly.

That child doesn’t seem like an ordinary child. Besides, although he doesn’t have many force waves around him, he has an aura that makes the people around him fear and respect him for some reason. This child… is probably extraordinary.

36 Respected Elder Ming thought for a while before saying, "Just let him do whatever he wants."


He looked back at the tightly shut door. "Forget it. I’ll come back later then!"

He turned around and planned to leave. But the moment he took a few steps out, he heard the door opening.


"36 Respected Elder Ming, why are you looking for me?" Rong Xiu’s soft and slightly hoarse voice sounded.

"Greetings, Your Highness!" Yan Qing and Yu Mo hurriedly bowed.

36 Respected Elder Ming turned around to take a look.

Rong Xiu was still wearing the same black robe as the day before, and there was a faint patch of black beneath his eyes as if he didn’t sleep the entire night.

36 Respected Elder Ming glanced in, but it was a pity he didn’t see anything. "How is Princess Consort?"

"She’s asleep now." Rong Xiu smiled nonchalantly. During this period, she has been constantly traveling around. With her memory gradually returning as well, she does need to rest properly.

"That’s good…" 36 Respected Elder Ming nodded in comfort.. His gaze then turned more serious as he asked lowly, "Your Highness, did you hear of what happened to the academy?"

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