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Chapter: 1094


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Rong Xiu nodded. "Jiang Zhiyuan told me a little about it yesterday."

36 Respected Elder Ming knitted his brows. "Then… Do you have any plans, Your Highness?"

Rong Xiu thought for a while before saying, "Let’s settle the matters here first. The other matters aren’t that urgent."

36 Respected Elder Ming knew that he was talking about Chu Liuyue. "The princess consort is already set, then… Your Highness, do you think we should immediately—"

Rong Xiu shook his head. "We probably need to do it slightly later. I know what to do, 36 Respected Elder Ming. You don’t have to worry about it."

"Hm… Okay!"

36 Respected Elder Ming wanted to advise Rong Xiu further, but upon seeing the latter’s determined and nonchalant expression, he didn’t continue. "I’ll deal with it for now. When you’re done choosing the date, it’s not too late to go over:

Rong Xiu cupped his fists and said seriously, "Sorry for the trouble."

"Hey, you’ve troubled me so much. This is nothing!" 36 Respected Elder Ming chuckled. "You should let her rest properly during these few days or bring her around the Sky-Cloud Empire to let her familiarize herself with

He finally waited until she came. They need to have some alone time.

Then, 36 Respected Elder Ming waved his hands, turned around, and left.

But the moment he took two steps, he suddenly stopped and walked back to Rong Xiu. He lowered his voice curiously and mysteriously as he asked, "Oh right! When Girlie tested her bloodline talent, did you see the totem on it clearly?"

Rong Xiu’s eyes flickered, and he shook his head. "Nope."

36 Respected Elder Ming instantly looked regretful. "That’s a pity… I didn’t see it clearly then, and I thought you could…"

He was very clear about Chu Liuyue’s background. That was also the reason why he was so curious about her shocking bloodline talent!

Perhaps there is some secret inside that she herself doesn’t even know. If we had seen the totem clearly, perhaps we could’ve followed the lead to find more clues, eventually the result. It’s a pity.

"Then, I’ll go first!" 36 Respected Elder Ming gazed into the room again. "Though she has legitimately become the princess consort, there might be further troubles later on. You… must really take care of her."

Rong Xiu nodded. His tone was light but very determined. "Don’t worry. With me around, I won’t let her suffer."

After the contest and Chu Liuyue was selected to be the princess consort, quite a few girls were very envious and jealous of her. However, they knew that even if Rong Xiu had specifically prepared the contest for Chu Liuyue, she did win her position using her own abilities.

Even if it happened again, she was probably the one who would win.

Hence, after everything ended, most girls felt regretful and disappointed but quickly got over it.

Amongst them, there were naturally people who split hairs and couldn’t think it through—Jiang Zhiyuan was such a person.

After seeing that Chu Liuyue long had the holy ring, she finally couldn’t continue pretending and directly left.

From that moment, she understood that everything was unrelated to her from start to end. All these years, she was just thinking too much!

At the end of the day, she gained nothing and became the crowd’s laughingstock instead!

Her becoming the princess consort had long become a tacit understanding in everyone’s hearts.

Without thinking, she also knew how those people would see her!

After rushing back to Fairy Water Mound overnight, Jiang Zhiyuan lay in bed and didn’t get up as she had a fever.

This made Jiang Hetian’s heart ache increasingly. He really wanted to kill those two people to appease his anger.

Jiang Hetian sat by the bed and kept comforting his daughter. "Zhiyuan, it’s really not worth it to be so hurt because of them! In the future, there will be better men for you! Not to mention others, there are already many people who like you in the academy! They might not be weaker than Rong Xiu!"

Jiang Zhiyuan laughed bitterly. Even so, I didn’t like Rong Xiu for a day or two only. Besides, all these years, I always thought that I would be together with him and become his princess consort. I even imagined how our wedding ceremony would be held countless times. But now… How should I recover

from suddenly losing everything in such a short amount of time?

However, she still forcefully nodded. "I know. After I get better, I’ll directly return to the academy,

Jiang Hetian patted her hands, and harshness flashed across his eyes. "Don’t worry. This time, Rong Xiu humiliated my Fairy Water Mound, and I will definitely remember this! In the future… I’ll definitely make him repay this hundred-fold!"

After giving some instructions, 36 Respected Elder Ming left very quickly.

After his figure completely disappeared, Rong Xiu’s gaze then averted and saw Dugu Mobao sitting on the jade chair not far away.

He walked over with large strides and directly sat opposite him. "You’ve already sat here for a whole night. You should go in and rest."

Rong Xiu didn’t move his lips and used his thoughts to communicate with Dugu Mobao.

Reaching this cultivation level, it was much more convenient to do many things.

Dugu Mobao then turned his head and glanced at him coldly. "You’re done talking?"

Rong Xiu softly laughed. "I’ve said all that I have to."

A faint light quickly flashed across Dugu Mobao’s sinister-like purple eyes, and he scoffed. "That means you only mentioned a portion of it. What’s the difference between that and not saying anything?"

According to Rong Xiu’s personality, if he really wanted to explain everything, he would’ve done so long ago and would not drag it until now. Without thinking, I also know that he only spoke selectively. As for how much that girl can remember now and when she can remember everything… That is all


Rong Xiu didn’t deny it. "After all, I did answer some of her doubts and let her heave a sigh of relief. If not, she wouldn’t be able to sleep here peacefully."

It’s not that I don’t want to tell her the whole truth, but now isn’t the right time.

"You also know that even if I tell her everything now, it’ll only add to her troubles."

Dugu Mobao didn’t continue.

Of course, he knew what Rong Xiu meant. If he also didn’t think so, he wouldn’t have come to find Rong Xiu and would’ve already told Chu Liuyue everything on the way here.

Rong Xiu paused for a moment and then said, "Everything will naturally be clear when she breaks through to the Apotheosis Realm.."

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