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Chapter: 1234


Elder Bo Yan laughed silently. Shang Yulin has been thinking about the Yuan instrument in Ancient Feather Abyss for years. Every day, he just hopes that it will be brought back to the academy one day and that he can properly study it. 

But Shang Yulin didn’t expect that when he came out after being in seclusion for a few months, that Yuan instrument had already recognized someone as its owner! One had to know that a Yuan instrument with an owner was no longer easy to get close to.

Shang Yulin’s previous plan was entirely thwarted! How could he not be angry?

"But you don’t have to put Chu Yue in a difficult spot because of this. In actual fact, this incident is just a coincidence." Then, Elder Bo Yan explained the entire incident to Shang Yulin clearly.

During this explanation, Shang Yulin’s expression kept changing. He wanted to interrupt Elder Bo Yan on several occasions, but he still held it in.

However, it was obvious that such an explanation couldn’t directly cause him to let it go. After all, he had thought about that item for years. Yet, once it appeared in the world, it was taken in by a kid in the blink of an eye. It would be a wonder if he could be at peace with it!

"Actually, as an Armory Refinement Master, you should also understand that this matter is more related to fate than capabilities." Elder Bo Yan sighed. "That Yuan instrument didn’t have a weapon soul, and Chu Yue coincidentally flung out his advanced Yuan instrument. The sword soul then forcefully barged in, allowing the item to become his… The key is that the sword soul couldn’t possibly suppress the weapon soul, yet it still succeeded in the end. This could only prove that the item had also chosen him…"

Others really could not be envious of such incidents.

"Hmph." Shang Yulin coldly snorted. "I will go to see that kid sooner or later and see what he has up his sleeves!"

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Currently, Chu Liuyue didn’t know that someone had already had his eyes on her.

Seeing the two words ‘Chu Yue’ on the heavenly doctor board, she instantly felt much better. She stared at that name calmly before turning around to return to Elder Wan Zheng’s side. "Mentor, do the things you said before still count?"

Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t help but laugh out loud. "I knew you’d remember this! Don’t worry! Since I’ve said it, I’ll definitely do it! I will fulfill everything I promised you!"

Isn’t it just some points and herbs? I’m more than elated to develop such an outstanding disciple. Why would I care about anything else? 

"For you!" As he spoke, Elder Wan Zheng waved his hand.

A bright ray of light flashed across!

Chu Liuyue captured that item. She then looked at it, and her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. This is Elder Wan Zheng’s green jade plaque! He directly threw it to me? 

Just as this thought surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s mind, she heard Elder Wan Zheng generously shouting, "As your reward, I’ll give you 200,000 points this time! Additionally, for the next three months, all the herbs you collect at Medicinal Valley will be recorded under my name!"

Once he said this, not only Chu Liuyue but even the surrounding crowd was stunned. 200,000 points?! We might not even have so much after accumulating in the academy for a few years! Chu Yue actually got it in one shot?! 

For many of the heavenly doctor students present, this wasn’t what they were most envious of. They were most envious of Chu Yue being able to take any herbs he wanted at Medicinal Valley for the next three months!

As heavenly doctors, herbs were something they had to have. As they got stronger, the herbs required when producing pills became increasingly precious. This also caused their cultivation costs to increase continuously, and some of them might not even be able to bear it.

Even though they could also accumulate points by selling pills, one had to know that they didn’t succeed in every pill production. Sometimes, it was normal to fail ten times or even a hundred times. This entire process even exhausted them.

Sometimes, even if they were very frugal with their spending, they would still be unable to make ends meet.

As soon as he spoke, Elder Wan Zheng allowed his disciple to use the herbs as much as he wanted for the next three months. How could others not envy the latter!?

"Thank you, Mentor!" Chu Liuyue smiled happily, and her eyes curved up.

She was truly elated. Originally, I thought one month would be the maximum. I didn’t expect that Elder Wan Zheng would be so supportive and give me three months of free herbs in one go! With these three months, I can definitely break through to become a peak ninth-grade heavenly doctor! 

Elder Wan Zheng laughed out loud. I saw the great hidden potential in Chu Yue through today’s competition. In such a situation… As a mentor, I can only patiently guide him and try my best to solve all the unnecessary worries. I can’t wait to see Chu Yue’s capabilities in three months! 

Chu Liuyue placed the two jade plaques together, and a ray of light flashed across. Her black jade plaque instantly had a series of zeroes.

She raised her brows, and a large smile was plastered on her face. Luckily, I didn’t reject competing with Tang Rui. If not, I would’ve missed out on too much. 

She put away her own plaque and returned the green jade plaque respectfully.

Tang Rui cupped his fists toward her. "Junior Brother Chu Yue, let’s duel again if there’s a chance in the future!"

Chu Liuyue smiled and bowed in return. "Sure. I’ll wait for you eagerly, Senior Brother Tang Rui."

Tang Rui then turned around to leave. He didn’t find anyone else to challenge and directly left the area.

It seemed like he planned on competing again next month.

Chu Liuyue thought and looked at Elder Wan Zheng. "Mentor, since the competition here has already ended, I would like to go back and cultivate too."

Elder Wan Zheng stroked his beard. He originally wanted to ask about the formula in detail, but seeing that his disciple really had no intentions of staying here, he swallowed his words.

"Okay, you’ve worked very hard today. Go back and rest!" Elder Wan Zheng patted her shoulders. It also seems rather inappropriate to ask about the formula in front of so many people. I can ask another day when we have the time. 

Receiving Elder Wan Zheng’s approval, Chu Liuyue bowed and quickly left. Different from when she came, her steps were now much lighter.

The crowd just thought that she behaved in this manner because she won the match and didn’t think much about it. Now, they were only envious and jealous that Chu Yue had such a generous elder as his mentor.

Of course, they also knew that Elder Wan Zheng did this because Chu Yue was worth it.

Who didn’t want such a talented disciple?

They could only watch and be envious.

After Chu Liuyue left the venue, Luo Shishi and the rest rapidly went up to congratulate her. Amongst their congratulations were naturally all sorts of praises and gasps.

Chu Liuyue knew that the few of them also performed very well, especially Luo Shishi. Without long, Luo Shishi should be able to enter the warrior list successfully.

After the few of them congratulated each other, Zhuo Sheng chuckled and asked, "Chu Yue, you’re the first amongst all of us to get onto the Qing Yun Ranking. We must celebrate this properly! Why don’t we gather at Million Wine Mountain tonight?"

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