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Chapter: 1239

Weapon Soul

As time gradually passed, people slowly started leaving Million Wine Mountain.

Luo Yanming looked up at the sky. "I have to go. Master gave a few Xuan formations today and said that there would be a test coming up in a few days. I don’t have much time until then."

Luo Shishi and the others expressed their understanding. Even though Elder Hua Feng was amiable, he was very strict when it came to learning. Besides, Luo Yanming was inevitably under more pressure since he had an outstanding older brother, Luo Yanlin, to be compared with.

"Oh right! Chu Yue, let’s exchange pointers with each other when you’re free," Luo Yanming said earnestly to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows in surprise, but she later realized that this request had probably come about because Elder Hua Feng had said something about her to him. She laughed and nodded. "Sure."

Actually, there had been all sorts of rumors about how Chu Yue had managed to pass through the academy’s barrier. Even though they weren’t confirmed, one thing for sure was that Chu Yue was also a Xuan master.

Luo Yanming had heard Elder Hua Feng talk a lot about this matter in the past few days. Although the latter didn’t go into details, it wasn’t hard to tell that Chu Yue had to be extraordinarily talented in the Xuan master path. It was out of curiosity that he had proposed to exchange pointers with Chu Yue.

A wide grin appeared on Luo Yanming’s face when he saw how readily Chu Yue had agreed to it. "That’s a promise!"

He soon left after that.

Zhuo Sheng—who couldn’t resist looking back and studying Chu Liuyue—laughed in surprise. "Chu Yue, you must be pretty talented for Yanming to be so competitive! You must be quite well-versed in the Xuan master path, right?"

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Chu Liuyue stroked her chin. "Not exactly, but… I’m good enough because I have a good master."

Zhuo Sheng and Luo Shishi thought that she was referring to Rong Xiu, so they didn’t ask further questions.

After some time, there were fewer people left on the mountain.

"Should we get going now?" Luo Shishi specifically looked at Chu Liuyue when she asked this question. She didn’t want history to repeat itself. There was no telling what punishment they—Chu Yue, in particular—would receive this time if the same thing happened again.

Knowing what she was worried about, Chu Liuyue let out a helpless laugh as she raised her hands. "Okay, okay. Let’s get going."

Luo Shishi couldn’t help chuckling, and she felt her heart thump hard when she saw Chu Yue’s black eyes. Her face flushed, and she quickly looked down.


Chu Liuyue didn’t notice this, for she was turning back to call out to her fiend. "Let’s go, Tuan Zi!"

Tuan Zi wobbly lifted its head from the water. Despite its reluctance, it forced itself to fly back to the group. Sigh… When can I enjoy myself again?

It then closed its eyes and started digesting the power it had absorbed today.

Just as the group was planning to leave, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a strange and unfamiliar fluctuation within her body. She stopped to feel it carefully.

Sure enough, she felt another fluctuation again.

"The Long Yuan Sword’s sword soul has almost completely fused with this sword. There’s only one last step before it awakens!" Shangguan Jing suddenly rang in her ears.

Chu Liuyue was confused. "What do you mean by that, Ancestor?"

Shangguan Jing explained, "This is a very strong Yuan instrument. Although it has acknowledged you as its owner, it’s not completely yours yet. It’ll only be truly under your control once it’s undergone the lightning tribulation, merged with the sword soul, and forged the sword soul into a weapon soul!"

"So you’re saying that if I want to use this sword, I have to… call out the lightning and refine it?" Chu Liuyue was flabbergasted. But I can’t possibly do that at my current level!

Shangguan Jing, who seemed to know what she was thinking, assured her, "Don’t worry. Just like the last time, I’ll help you to draw the lightning bolts out. You’ll just need to control the sword and refine the weapon soul! As the Long Yuan Sword’s owner, the sword soul only listens to you, so this is something… that only you can do!"

"But…" Chu Liuyue felt a little hesitant. Drawing the lightning bolts out will definitely attract the elders’ attention, and this sword used to belong to an ancestor of the school…

"Once the sword soul becomes a weapon soul, I’ll be able to come out," said Shangguan Jing heavily.

"What? Are you saying that you can come out of it?" Chu Liuyue was shocked. Isn’t this just a remnant of his consciousness? By right, he should’ve dissipated when the Long Yuan Sword acknowledged me as its owner, but he didn’t. After that, he’s been staying inside the Long Yuan Sword, almost becoming one with it. It has never crossed my mind that there’d be a chance for him to come out!

Shangguan Jing sighed. "I never thought this day would come, but the Long Yuan Sword’s sword soul has been getting stronger by the day ever since it acknowledged you as its owner. Its growth is even more astonishing now that it’s fused with the supreme Yuan instrument. Perhaps the moment it becomes a weapon soul is also the moment I become free!"

A thought suddenly struck Chu Liuyue’s mind just then, making her heart race in excitement. With much disbelief and difficulty, she asked, "Ancestor… Are you… still alive?!"

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