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Chapter: 1087

The Initial Show of the Great Hand of Formlessness

"Great, great…"

At the headquarters of the Gospel Division, a hunchbacked old man narrowed his eyes immediately when he heard the news that he had been deceived. His face was extremely gloomy, and he said through gritted teeth, "Even the old man from the Truth Division failed to fool me. I didn’t expect that John Doe from Huaxia tricked me this time!"

The angry Lord asked, "John Doe?"

"Among the special envoys of the five countries, only four are in the McKen Mountain Range. John Doe, the special envoy of Huaxia, hasn’t shown up yet. I’m afraid that the special envoys of the other four countries are used as bait by him to lure us. This is all his trap!"

The military counselor held the cane in his hand tightly and added unwillingly, "Huaxia, such a big country, is shameless enough to play tricks on us. It’s really hateful!"

"Military counselor, do you mean that everything is arranged by Huaxia?"

The Lord was shocked.


The military counselor shook his head and explained, "All this must have been arranged by John Doe, and Huaxia merely offered him some support. I didn’t expect that the Black Mamba Mercenary Group, the world’s fifth mercenary group, would cooperate with the five countries!"

The military counselor’s eyes flickered as he mentioned this, and he hurriedly added, "Let everyone go and stop them immediately. Maybe there is still hope!"

At the same time, the Truth Division and the Gospel Division each sent out a large force to rush to the Greenwich Mountain Range.

The other mercenary groups and major forces that received the news later also sent their men to stop Fang Qiu and the others.

Despite their efforts, Fang Qiu had already escorted the transport trucks out of the Greenwich Mountain Range and was heading for the McKen Mountain Range from another remote road that he had selected earlier.

He had done the calculation.

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Now, the troops of Murica and Rashk stationed in Zhongdong should arrive at the McKen Mountain Range in less than an hour. If he took a roundabout approach and moved from the Greenwich Mountain Range to the McKen Mountain Range, he might be able to buy some more time. As long as he reached the McKen Mountain Range and was protected by the troops of Murica and Rashk, the three tons of plutonium materials would be safe!

There were many trucks.

Although Fang Qiu took a remote road, he could easily leave a trail.

Therefore, he did not ride in any truck. Instead, he stood on the roof of the second truck and vigilantly observed the surroundings, lest the fleet should be attacked.

The journey went on smoothly for half an hour.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Just as Fang Qiu was halfway there, ear-piercing whooshing sounds suddenly assaulted his ears.

In fact, Fang Qiu, who had been monitoring his surroundings with his Divine Consciousness, had long discovered that these people were catching up with them, but he didn’t order the fleet of trucks to stop. It was not a long journey, after all, so it would be nice if they could go a little further.

Accompanied by the whooshing sounds, a group of young men in black suddenly rushed out of the mountain forest on the side and directly stopped the first truck in the middle of the road!

In the first truck, the bearded man’s face changed. He immediately opened the door, got out of the truck, and looked at Fang Qiu!


Fang Qiu jumped from the roof of the second truck to the front of the first truck. He stared coldly at the three people in front of him and said, "Your organization really went all out. Of the five people here, two of you are Half-step Gurus, one is at the peak of the ninth class, and two are at the ninth class with one opened meridian!"

He could tell at a glance that these people were from Nirvana because Zhang Ying was one of them.

The five people didn’t seem to be surprised by John Doe’s accurate guess of their strength at all.

After all, it was well-known that John Doe could kill Half-step Gurus.

It was because of this that the Nirvana Organization immediately sent reinforcements and directly transferred two Half-step Gurus and one ninth-class Martial Superior with one opened meridian over after hearing Zhang Ying’s report.

In their opinion, no matter how powerful John Doe was, there was absolutely no way he would survive a fight with these five!

They had to get the plutonium materials back!

On the other hand, every Black Mamba Mercenary was terrified at Fang Qiu’s words.

The bearded man’s face instantly darkened.

He wasn’t weak either.

Thus, he knew exactly how powerful those five people were.

"You all can continue the journey."

Sensing the bearded man’s intention to participate in the fight, Fang Qiu turned around and said to him, "Leave this place to me. Go according to the original route."

The bearded man asked with a frown, "Are you sure you can handle it?"

He knew John Doe was very powerful, but he couldn’t fight against five people alone, could he?

"Don’t worry!"

Fang Qiu nodded with certainty and then waved his hand, saying, "I’ll stop them. You go first."


"Stop talking big!"

The two Half-step Gurus laughed grimly at the same time and said, "Let’s see how you will stop us!"


Before they could make a move, Fang Qiu moved, held the sword in his right hand, and rushed to the five people at an extremely fast speed. In an instant, he engaged the enemy.

"Hmph, Black Mamba Mercenaries, go to hell, all of you!"

Zhang Ying’s face was gloomy. He avoided a direct confrontation with John Doe. Instead, when John Doe engaged the two Half-step Gurus, he flew straight toward the fleet, trying to kill the Black Mamba Mercenaries first.

Seeing that, the bearded man immediately jumped out of the truck and got ready to take action.

But right at this moment, a cold snort was heard all of a sudden.

"Get lost!"

Zhang Ying was less than two meters from his original position when John Doe, who was fighting the two Half-step Gurus, suddenly flashed and rushed straight in front of him, blocking his way.

The two Half-step Gurus looked embarrassed at this sight.

Zhang Ying was shocked.

"Two Half-step Gurus failed to stop John Doe?

"How could this guy be so much more powerful than I thought?"

When Fang Qiu stopped Zhang Ying, the others from Nirvana immediately rushed to the Black Mamba Mercenaries from different directions, but they were all stopped by Fang Qiu.

Not to mention rushing into the fleet, it would be very difficult for them to go even one meter forward with Fang Qiu’s obstruction!

This caused the five experts from Nirvana to look terrible.

"So powerful!"

Seeing that John Doe was able to stop five experts by himself, the Black Mamba Mercenaries couldn’t help but exclaim. Even the bearded man was stunned by John Doe’s might.

"Hurry and leave!" Fang Qiu shouted.

The bearded man no longer hesitated. He immediately got into the truck and led the fleet forward.

He remained unmoved no matter how those people tried to attack the fleet because he knew that with John Doe’s presence, these people could never deal any harm to the fleet!

As expected, the five members of the Nirvana Organization were all forced to fight Fang Qiu, and not a single one of them could escape.

None of them expected such a situation before they came here!

A Half-step Guru shouted angrily, "Don’t hold back. Let’s kill him first, and then chase after the fleet!"

At his words, the others no longer hesitated. All their attention was now focused on John Doe instead of on the fleet.

"Humph." Fang Qiu snorted.

He withdrew his guru’s power soon after he came out of the mine. Therefore, he had always shown the strength he gained after his recultivation.

It was precisely because of this that the five members of Nirvana were shocked by his combat strength.

However, it was not easy for him to deal with these five people with only his strength after recultivation, and it was even challenging for him to resist them.

As a result, he didn’t hesitate at all when he made sure that the five people were going to launch an all-out attack. He immediately dispersed the divine sword in his hand, clenched his right hand into a fist, and swung it in the air!

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…"

The Qi of Heaven and Earth in all directions immediately gathered quickly. Within 500 meters of Fang Qiu, it began to move restlessly.

The faces of the five people changed instantly when they sensed the restlessness of the Qi of Heaven and Earth, and they all turned their heads to look around.

The restlessness of the Qi of Heaven and Earth made them feel a sense of crisis, as if there would be horrible attacks coming from all directions at any time.

Fang Qiu, on the other hand, didn’t care whether they were afraid or not.

"Great Hand of Formlessness!"

Panic-stricken, the five people didn’t know what John Doe was going to do. Fang Qiu waved his right hand. The turbulent Qi of Heaven and Earth within a 500-meter radius suddenly contracted and grew. Without giving them any time to react, Fang Qiu punched one of the Half-step Gurus.


No one could see what exactly had happened. With a loud bang, a Half-step Guru suddenly flew backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"What’s going on?"

The other Half-step Guru suddenly grew anxious.

"Be careful!"

The injured Half-step Guru finally stabilized his body and said, "I’m not injured, but half of my internal Qi has been dispersed by him!"


When the other four heard this, they were instantly stricken dumb.

"His internal Qi was dispersed?

"How could this be possible?"

The internal Qi was something invisible and untouchable inside the human body. Even if one mobilized his internal Qi, it would only be like hitting the air if he were to punch it. The attack would have no effect on it at all.

"How could John Doe disperse the internal Qi inside the human body?"

The five of them were extremely startled!

This kind of attack was really terrifying.

It couldn’t do much physical damage to the human body, but who could withstand his internal Qi being dispersed totally by two punches?

Without internal Qi, wouldn’t he be tortured and killed?

"Damn it!"

The uninjured Half-step Guru was a little scared. He thought it was John Doe’s unique skill to kill other Half-step Gurus. Before he could come up with a way to deal with this move, he was unwilling to fight with John Doe. As such, he immediately yelled angrily, "Ignore him. Chase after the fleet with all your might!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the lead in chasing after the fleet.

"Since all of you are digging your own grave, I’ll show you my true strength!"

Fang Qiu gave a cold snort and no longer hid his strength. He directly burst out all his strength in the Guru Realm. His speed and strength had increased several times in an instant. With a flash, he rushed straight to the front of the Half Step Guru and then struck him without hesitation.


An enormous energy palm descended from the sky.

Fang Qiu didn’t give his opponent any chance to react. Under his control, the palm hit the Half Step Guru who was the first to rush out.

The huge force smashed the man straight into the ground.

To everyone else’s surprise, the Half-step Guru, who was on his way to chase the fleet just now, lost his vitality in an instant.

This sight left the four people who were still alive dumbfounded!

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