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Chapter: 1088

You re a Guru

On the relatively hard mountain road, a palm print about two meters wide and half a meter deep appeared.

In the palm print, the eyes of the middle-aged Half-step Guru bulged out, and the whites of his eyes around his black pupils were even covered with dense web-like blood vessels.

This person lay parallel to the palm print, and his whole body was embedded in the ground.

"Pfft, pfft…"

Blood kept oozing out of his slightly opened mouth like a small spring.

Apparently, this person was no longer breathing.

That sort of appearance was something that would only appear when one died in panic and fear.

The remaining Half-step Guru, who had lost half of his internal Qi, Zhang Ying, and two other ninth-class young men with one opened meridian were all petrified with fear at this scene!

The four of them had planned to follow the man’s command and quit the fight directly, aiming for the plutonium materials.

Little did they expect to see this happen!

"How is this possible?"

Looking at the dead body lying in the palm print on the ground, Zhang Ying’s eyes widened, as if he had seen something terrifying and unbelievable. When he turned to look at Fang Qiu, his face instantly turned pale and he said in horror, "How is this possible? How is this even possible?"

Zhang Ying was not alone. The Half-step Guru with only half of his internal Qi left and the other two young men seemed to have lost their souls, completely rooted to the spot.

The person in front of them had killed a Half-step Guru with one palm strike?!

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A Half-step Guru could never be an ordinary person!

They all believed that there must be someone in this world who was able to kill a Half-step Guru, but they didn’t believe someone could kill a Half-step Guru with a single stroke of the hand.

Even a guru couldn’t do this, could he?

How could John Doe possibly do that?

They were engulfed by panic and thrown into emotional turmoil.

The face of the Half-step Guru, who had been hit by the Great Hand of Formlessness and had had half of his internal Qi dissipated, especially, changed greatly. He no longer had the word "enemy" in his mind and also forgot that he was here for a mission. There was only one thought in his mind, which was to escape for his life!

John Doe was a terror!

Fang Qiu was likewise astonished.

This time, in order to keep the plutonium materials, he did not hold back at all. After the outbreak of his strength in the Guru Realm, he focused most of his power on this move, the Great Hand of Destruction.

Before, he could knock down a thirty-centimeter thick iron door with a little strength.

Now, with eighty percent of his strength, he killed a Half-step Guru with a stroke of the hand.

Only then did he deeply experience the horror of the Great Hand of Destruction.

From the day he learned this technique, he knew very well that its power was closely related to his own strength. The stronger he was, the more power he could bring out of it.

He had experienced it before.

However, the power of the Great Hand of Destruction that broke out this time had completely exceeded his expectations.

"Sure enough, there is a huge gap between the Guru Realm and other realms."

Fang Qiu sighed with emotion in his heart.

He knew that the reason why the Great Hand of Destruction could burst out so much power was because of his strength in the Guru Realm!

Compared with others, a guru was much closer to the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Being able to sense, attract, and control the Qi of Heaven and Earth in his hand made a guru even more terrifying!

Under these circumstances, how could the Great Hand of Destruction not be powerful?

Of course, it was the same for the Great Hand of Formlessness!

"Revenge, we must take revenge!"

While everyone was in a state of shock, the Half-step Guru with only half of his internal Qi left suddenly shouted, "Attack together! He can’t do anything to us!"

Hearing that, Zhang Ying and the other two ninth-class young men with one opened meridian were ready to take action at once.


But right at this moment, the Half-step Guru moved his body and ran away!

He was afraid.

The Half-step Guru who came here with him was slightly stronger than he was, but even so, he was struck dead by John Doe with a single move. As such, his fate could easily be predicted.

He didn’t want to die.

However, he knew that he had no way to escape.

The only way he could think of was for Zhang Ying and the others to stop John Doe.

He was a Half-step Guru, and the three young men led by Zhang Ying were not as strong as him. It was necessary to exchange their lives for his!

The three young men, who were about to attack, noticed the escape of the Half-step Guru immediately.

At this moment, all three of them had ashen faces!

They knew that they had been betrayed.

If even a Half-step Guru couldn’t survive, how could the three of them survive Fang Qiu’s attacks?

"Trying to run?"

Fang Qiu snorted.

How could he let these people escape now that he had shown his power in the Guru Realm?

Obviously, these people were the main force of Nirvana. It would be a good thing for the whole world if one more of them died!


With a movement of his body, Fang Qiu directly caught up with the Half-step Guru in the blink of an eye with his strength in the Guru Realm. Before his opponent could run far, Fang Qiu rushed straight in front of him, blocked his way, and struck him straight.

"Ah… Fuck off."

A furious roar sounded.

The Half-step Guru shouted in panic. He burst out all his strength without the slightest hesitation and threw a fierce punch at John Doe.

He had wanted to use this punch to force John Doe to retreat so as to give himself a chance to continue his escape.


Unexpectedly, John Doe didn’t dodge the punch. Instead, he struck the Half-step Guru with his palm but didn’t kill him this time.

After all, it took a lot of energy to use the Great Hand of Destruction, so Fang Qiu didn’t use it again.

His palm met the other party’s fist.

Unexpectedly, Fang Qiu ended up grabbing his fist!

The fist that carried all the power of the Half-step Guru was caught by Fang Qiu just like that.

It was as if an adult had grabbed the fist of a child, and everything was within his control.


Fang Qiu gave a cold snort.

Holding his opponent’s fist, he moved and pulled him straight back.

Zhang Ying and the other two young men had run away separately.


Fang Qiu waved his hand in mid-air.

He directly threw the Half-step Guru, who had been scared out of his wits, on the other Half-step Guru, who had been killed.

The moment Fang Qiu threw the man, an extremely powerful hidden force burst out from his palm and rushed straight into the man’s body, wreaking havoc and instantly crushing his internal organs.

Another Half-step Guru was killed!

While smashing that man, Fang Qiu moved and first caught the two ninth-class young men with one opened meridian before throwing them together with the bodies of the two Half-step Gurus.

At last, he caught up with Zhang Ying.

"You, you…"

Zhang Ying was scared. He had just run a kilometer, but John Doe had already caught up with him.

"Why don’t you chase after the others?"

In incomparable panic and fear, Zhang Ying shouted such a sentence.

"The others?"

Fang Qiu sneered and said, "I’ll take you to see them now."


Without giving Zhang Ying any time to react, Fang Qiu grabbed his collar and dragged him back to his previous position.

Then, he threw Zhang Ying to the ground.

"Ah, ah…"

The moment he landed, Zhang Ying bounced up and retreated in panic.

In front of him were four corpses!

The two Half-step Gurus and the two ninth-class young men with one opened meridian, who had just been sent by the organization, were all dead.

At this moment, with his empty eyes on John Doe, Zhang Ying’s mind went blank and he knelt on the ground, as if he had a nervous breakdown.

"H-how is this possible?"

He murmured, "How could you have killed them? How could this have happened?"

Fang Qiu stepped forward, ready to take action.


Zhang Ying suddenly raised his head and stared at John Doe, saying, "Only a guru could do such a thing. You are a guru, a guru!"

"You are the second person to know my secret. The first one is dead."

Fang Qiu stepped forward and waved his right hand.


The sound of a sword sounded.

Not even the shadow of the sword could be seen, but there was a very thin blood wound on Zhang Ying’s neck.

"You are a guru. You really are…"

Even as he rolled his eyes, Zhang Ying remained in a state of indescribable shock.


He didn’t expect that.

If he had known that John Doe was a guru, and if he had known that John Doe was so powerful, how could he have dared to make trouble for John Doe?

Now he knew that, but it was already too late!

He was the only person in the Nirvana Organization who knew John Doe’s real strength. If he was allowed to go back alive, maybe the next purpose of the Nirvana Organization was to kill John Doe instead of starting a world war.

However, how could Fang Qiu let such a thing happen?


After killing all of them, Fang Qiu heaved a sigh of relief, dispersed the power of the Guru Realm, and then looked at the five corpses with a frown.

"The body is the clue. As long as there’s no body, there’s no way they can trace it back to me, much less know that I killed the envoy of L’hexagone.

"This time, I have to destroy all the clues."

With a stir of his mind, Fang Qiu immediately thought of Abel’s ability.

To turn the internal Qi into the fire.

He had also used it before, but he didn’t turn his internal Qi into flames. Instead, he directly used his internal Qi to burn some small things, such as a secret letter containing important news.

But this time, if he wanted to incinerate these five corpses directly, he would have to use Abel’s ability.

Fortunately, Fang Qiu’s spiritual force was strong enough, making it very easy for him to separate the fire-attribute energy between heaven and earth and use the control technique of the Great Hand of Destruction to control it.

This was also the main reason why he disdained learning from Abel.

With a stir of his mind, Fang Qiu immediately gathered all the fire-attribute energy between heaven and earth before using his internal Qi as the catalyst to ignite this energy.

Then, with a wave of his hand, the energy flames instantly spread to all five bodies, burning fiercely.

Unlike ordinary flames, these flames reduced the five bodies to ashes that scattered with the wind in less than a minute!

"Not bad. It’s a must-have skill to kill and rob."

Clapping his hands, Fang Qiu smiled and closed his eyes.

He used Insight to check his meridians.

He found that it seemed impossible for him to stabilize his realm as he had promised the old master in his current situation. After the battle just now, there was a faint sense of breakthrough again.

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