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Chapter: 1091

John Doe I Want to Have a Friendly Competition with You

Hearing what the representative of the United Countries had uttered, Will grew even more excited.

"No problem. Absolutely no problem." Laughing, Will said, "We are all men. Everyone in the group has a wife and children, so they have been looking forward to living a normal life. Since we got such an opportunity, we will cherish it. We will never go out of line!"

The representative of the United Countries then nodded with satisfaction.

"Good." Fang Qiu could not help clapping his hands, and he said while applauding, "As long as you stop doing evil things, I can assure you that the army of Huaxia will look after you when meeting you in the future."

"Thank you." Will immediately turned around and held Fang Qiu’s hand, obviously more elated than ever.

Huaxia was a place feared by all the underground forces of the world.

Even if the Black Mamba Mercenaries were the world’s fifth-best mercenary group, they would not dare enter Huaxia, although they had great strength and had ventured to come to the turbulent Zhongdong at will.

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They were an underground force, and Huaxia was extremely famous all over the world for its public security.

It did not tolerate any threats that could invade the country or harm its citizens.

Therefore, not only the Black Mamba Mercenaries but also the other large-scale underground forces had never entered Huaxia. They neither could nor dared to, for fear that they would not be able to get out alive.

That was why Will was so excited that he was struck speechless.

Now Huaxia was the number one economic power in the world. So, John Doe’s words had undoubtedly given them the best chance to clear their name and conduct serious business in the future.

As such, how could he not be thrilled?

The others did not look astonished in the slightest, seeming to have predicted this result since the beginning.

"The same goes for Rashk." Yakov was the first to speak.

"The same goes for Anglan, too," Isabel chuckled. "Welcome."

"People of L’hexagone will also be friendly. If our troops can help you, I believe they won’t hesitate," Bernard, the special envoy of L’hexagone, said with a gentlemanly smile.

"Murican troops will also come to your aid. After all, you are affiliated with Murica!" Lester nodded in agreement.

When Murica could get some benefits, he was no longer as gloomy and cunning as before.

Hearing the promises of the five major countries, Will was over the moon.

This was an enormous benefit.

With the armies of the five countries looking out for them, the Black Mamba Mercenaries would have a promising and safe future.

This time, he could give his members a satisfactory result.

"Thank you." Will quickly turned around, bowing to everyone at the conference table to express his gratitude.

He was a rough man.

For decades, he had never bowed to anyone.

But today, he bowed. He bowed to these people whom he had once regarded as enemies because they had given him a guarantee, one that was enough to reassure him completely.

"Well." At this time, the Murican special envoy, Lester, stood up, pointed to the two empty chairs in front of the conference table to motion for them to sit down, and said, "Now that rewards have been given, it’s our turn to ask some questions."

Fang Qiu nodded knowingly as he sat down with Will.

As soon as he sat down, Lester’s voice rang.

"The plan was excellent this time, and we cooperated very well." Lester scanned the room before finally fixing his eyes on Fang Qiu, and then added, "But I heard that someone intercepted you on your way back from Greenwich Mountain Range when you delivered the plutonium materials, and you killed all of them."

Fang Qiu was stunned. He looked at Will, and Will quickly shook his head, indicating that he was not the one who had blown the whistle.

Then Fang Qiu smiled, not intending to blame him.

Will had been by his side all this time, so he knew that Will was not that snitcher. Apparently, Lester knew about it because he had overheard the members of the Black Mamba Mercenaries.

"That’s right." Fang Qiu nodded.

Lester had no idea how strong those people who had intercepted him were or who they were, so Fang Qiu did not need to hide anything.

"They were not ordinary people, were they?" Lester squinted and asked.

"Would ordinary people dare to intercept the Black Mamba Mercenaries?" asked Fang Qiu with a smile.

"How many people were there in total, and how strong were they?" Lester questioned closely.

It seemed like he wanted to get some information from Fang Qiu.

"They’re all dead. What’s the point of asking this?" Fang Qiu asked in reply.

Stunned, Lester frowned, apparently not expecting such an answer.

But when he thought about it, he realized it was impossible to elicit useful information from John Doe. As such, there was only one way to get what he wanted to know most.

As he thought of this, Lester looked straight at Fang Qiu and said, "I want to have a friendly competition with you."

Hearing that, all the people present were shocked.

Everyone was surprised, for they had not expected that Lester would make such a request to John Doe.

"A friendly competition?" they thought in stupefaction.

John Doe was undoubtedly more powerful than Lester. Although the latter had been hiding his strength, he could not be stronger than a Half-step Guru.

John Doe had even killed a Half-step Guru, so how could Lester compete with him?

Of course, Lester’s demand sounded so crazy to the others.

But to Lester, it was something he had to do.

This time, John Doe had shown unexpected strength in Zhongdong, which implicitly proved that the information given by Murica was not accurate.

After several consecutive great victories, John Doe became the strongest among the five special envoys of the countries. Also, he became the one that could not be ignored among all the underground forces.

Now, Huaxia’s reputation had soared.

Of the five major countries, only Rashk and Murica could compete with it.

Hence, as the Murican special envoy, he had to verify John Doe’s strength, be it for obeying his superior’s orders or for his own thoughts.

Hearing Lester’s request and seeing his expression, Fang Qiu immediately guessed that the latter wanted to test his strength.

And the reason behind asking about the number and strength of the people intercepting him was to gather useful information that would allow him to analyze his power.

"It seems that Murica thinks very highly of me," Fang Qiu muttered to himself.

Over the years, there had been many people who wanted to test Fang Qiu’s strength, but none of them had succeeded.

Lester could not succeed either.

Fang Qiu was well aware that Lester would always underestimate his strength no matter how hard he tried because no one knew that he was a guru except for the old master.

"Well…" Fang Qiu hesitated.

In fact, he was not going to refuse.

After all, the other party was obviously trying to sound him out. If he refused, it would lead to a crazy investigation by Murica.

Since they wanted to know about him so badly, why not give it to them?

While thinking, Fang Qiu secretly checked the condition of his meridians.

It turned out that though most of the internal Qi had been suppressed in his Dantian and only a small amount existed in his meridians, its flow was still particularly fast, and the faint sense of breakthrough was still there.

"According to the current situation, it should not be a problem to continue suppressing it for three days. After three days, my Dantian will be full, and the internal Qi suppressed in it will overflow. Then, it will be very difficult to suppress it. Three days is enough!" Fang Qiu thought.

As he pondered about this, he stood up and said, "Okay."

As soon as he said that, everyone, including Lester, stood up offhand, surprised that John Doe had agreed.

"I hope you know that what I want is a fair competition, not a deliberate show of weakness," Lester raised his eyebrows and stated.

It was obvious that he was afraid John Doe would play weak, which would prevent him from estimating John Doe’s real strength.

"Of course." Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and added, "We, martial arts practitioners of Huaxia, respect our opponents!"

"I hope so." Lester did not believe Fang Qiu. But since the latter had already agreed and began to walk out, as the initiator of the competition, he could not add anything. He only took a step forward, rushed to Fang Qiu’s front, and walked out of the tent.

In no time, they were both out of the military base and in a flat area on the top of the mountain, separated from the military base by a forest.

The special envoys, the representative of the United Countries, and Will followed them. Everyone wanted to see just how powerful John Doe was.

"Come on." Standing in the field, Fang Qiu waved to Lester.

Lester’s eyes narrowed as a soft hum immediately rang out, and traces of blood-colored aura visible to the naked eye began to emerge from his body and swirl around him.

At the same time, his eyes turned scarlet in an instant.

"What a powerful aura of blood!" Fang Qiu thought, stunned. He felt that the smell of blood in the aura was so strong that it could make his heart beat faster and blood flow quicker.

This was the first time he had encountered such an ability.

"Make your move." When he was ready, Lester stared at Fang Qiu cautiously.

He knew that John Doe was very powerful, so he could not slack off. As soon as the competition commenced, he pulled with all his strength.

Since his opponent had gone all out, it would not be good if Fang Qiu did not show anything. So, he channeled his internal Qi, making a kind of Qi power burst out of his body, which was even stronger than when he had fought against the four people in the pub.

Although Lester was a little shocked while feeling the aura, his eyes could not help lighting up.

"Is this John Doe’s real strength?" he wondered.

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