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Chapter: 3858

"Qin Zu?"

The goblin's ruddy mouth was stunned.

She has heard some legends about Qin Zu, but she never thought that the so-called Qin Zu was him!

She clearly remembers that when he left Dongzhou, he seemed to have just entered the peak of Yang God. How come a few years later, he has become the realm of ancestral God, and has also become the world of Megatron God, which makes the ancestral God afraid?


She looked at Tang Hao and couldn't speak.

"You didn't ask me!"

Tanghao smiled at her and smiled.

"Who is this?"

The eyes of Tianxing Shenzu and others suddenly fell on the goblin.

"Old friend of Dongzhou!"

Tang Hao said, "a few years ago, she came to your Huangzhou. I just met her by chance."

The ancestors of the gods said, and their eyes became hot.

I came to Huangzhou a few years ago, that is to say, now this is working in his Huangzhou, which gives them the opportunity to win over her and close the relationship with the Qin brothers.

"Brother Qin, I'm really sorry. This boy has offended you so much just now. I'll make amends for him!"

The dragon's ancestor stood up and bowed.

When he got up, he gouged it out to one side.

This boy is so blind!

It's not good to offend anyone. I have to offend this one!

Even his old ancestor was chased everywhere in the ruins of his ancestor. A small young half ancestor dared to offend him. Didn't he want to die!

"Excuse me, elder!"

The Dragon demon knelt down honestly and kowtowed several heads.

The Cangwu God son stood not far away. His face was green and white for a while. After hesitating for a long time, he knelt down and made amends.

Tang Hao glanced at them, gently shook his hand and shouted, "get up!"

He is also too lazy to care about these people.

Besides, this is the territory of Tianxing Shenzu. He still wants to give some face.

"Brother Qin, let's go up and say, you rarely come to our Huangzhou. I have to treat you well."

Tianxing Shenzu laughed and greeted warmly.

Then he led Tang Hao up.

"That's Qin Zu!"

"No wonder!"

When the gods left, the pot exploded in the square, and everyone was a little excited and shocked.

"It's dangerous! It's dangerous!"

The Dragon demon patted his chest and looked happy.

Then he showed an excited look and swept up.

And the Cangwu God son looked up at the top, and there was an angry hum and a look of shame.


He greeted several Old Royal monsters and plundered them out.

"It's for the ancestor Shenjing!"

The party fell to the top of the mountain, entered the palace, sat down and chatted.

Tang Hao didn't hide his purpose of this trip.

"I also know that many people in Huangzhou have gone to look for this tall old monster, Qianshan sect, but they haven't found it, and I don't know where to hide."

"I think the old monster may be dead!"

The ancestors discussed the Tao.

As the native ancestor god of Huangzhou, they all know this man.


Tang Hao's face moved when he heard the speech.

He also considered this possibility.

After all, so many people have been searching for more than 1700 years, and all kinds of tracking and divination techniques have been used all over, but no trace has been found. It's really strange.

"It's hard to say! It's just possible!"

The heavenly star God said, "in short, it's hard to do. Let's stop talking today and drink!"

With that, he laughed, took out a jar of wine, and ordered people to send all kinds of divine fruit dishes.

After drinking for a while, Tang Hao looked a little moved and said, "I heard that the Cangwu country is going to marry the white bone God Dynasty recently?"

Tianxing Shenzu frowned and put down his glass.

"There's this!"

He nodded, slightly dignified.

He also knew that the Qin brothers were at odds with the old man Bai Gu and had a big fight in the ruins of their ancestors.

The object of marriage before the white bone Dynasty was the crown prince of the Holy Spirit and the opponent of the Qin brothers.

Other gods also stopped and looked at it. They looked a little different.

Tang Hao gave a cry, looked around and said with a smile, "why didn't you see the one in Cangwu Kingdom at today's grand meeting?"

"Hey! That old man is really hateful! He stood me up. A few days ago, he personally promised me to come here for a drink. As a result, a little guy came instead of coming."

The heavenly star God ancestor was angry.


Tang Hao raised his eyebrows.

"Something must be wrong! I heard that a few days ago, many people came to the white bone Dynasty. The old man white bone came and didn't know what to do."

A god ancestor.

"Old man Bai Gu is here too? Why don't I know?"

The other gods were surprised.

They only know about the marriage between the two countries, but they don't know that old man Bai Gu came to Huangzhou himself.

"I also found it by chance. I saw that there was an abnormal ancestral spirit in the Cangwu country. After a little inquiry, I found that it was from the white bone Dynasty. Who else could there be except the old man with white bones?"

The God ancestor smiled.

"Hey! What's the old man doing here?"

All the gods have some doubts.

It's Tang Hao, and he moves again.

The marriage between the two countries will not allow the God ancestor to go out in person, nor will he condescend to the kingdom of Cangwu as the God ancestor of white bones.

I'm afraid it's a little unusual!

"Come on, drink!"

He laughed, picked up his glass and continued to drink.

But in my heart, I've made a total. How can I go to Cangwu country to explore the situation later and see what the white bone old man's idea is.

"You guys, you've had enough. I should go."

Half a day later, Tang Hao got up and arched his hands at the ancestors.

"Brother Qin, why are you in such a hurry!" Tianxing Shenzu hurriedly got up and asked Tang Hao to stay, but when he saw that Tang Hao was determined, he didn't insist anymore. At that time, he took the people and sent Tang Hao out of the mountain.

"Qin Zu --! How majestic!"

Skimming a distance, the goblin suddenly turned around, and a pair of wonderful eyes looked up and down and joked.

Tang Hao glanced at her and shook his head with a lost smile: "what's majestic or not?"

"The name of Qin Zu is so powerful that even the ancestors are afraid of it. Isn't it majestic?"

The goblin chuckled.

Looking at the handsome man in front of her, her mood fluctuated and agitated.

"Hey! I knew that I should have pushed you down without compromising my means and perseverance." She suddenly sighed and regretted.

There were many opportunities in front of her, but she didn't grasp them. Every time when it came to the critical moment, something would go wrong. It was an evil door!

"Cough! Go!"

Tang Hao coughed softly and said with a straight face.

He has business to do.

After another distance, his mind moved and he explored in all directions.

"Found it!"

Soon after, in the distant void, he saw a speeding Shenzhou carrying Cangwu Shenzi and his party to Cangwu country.

He immediately fled into the void and followed up.

(end of this chapter)

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