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Chapter: 3859

"This old monster is shameless!"

On the big ship, Cangwu Shenzi stood at the bow and scolded angrily.

"Ming Ming is an old monster. He pretends to be young and has the face to fight against the half ancestor. I'm not afraid to lose the face of the ancestor god!"

The more he thought, the more angry he became, and his face turned red.

Behind him, several half ancestors of the royal family all looked unhappy and dared not answer.

Naturally, they were also angry with the Qin ancestor. Obviously, they were an old monster of the ancestor god, but they had to hide their accomplishments and have the same experience with their half ancestors.

But they also have no choice. Who calls others ancestral gods? They also hold an ancestral artifact in their hand and threaten the whole divine world.

"I heard that he fought with the crown prince of the Holy Spirit very hard before."

Suddenly, Cangwu Shenzi thought of something and frowned.

Several half ancestors stared at each other and lowered their heads together.

They naturally knew about the crown prince of the Holy Spirit that the Qin Zu was promoted to the ancestral realm only after defeating the crown prince of the Holy Spirit. The news spread all over the divine world at the beginning.

The prince of the Holy Spirit once had an engagement with the white bone Dynasty and was an ally.

However, now the white bone Dynasty has kicked the crown prince of the Holy Spirit and allied with his Cangwu country.

Perhaps the reason why Qin Zu was so cruel to them before was because of the relationship of the white bone Dynasty

"Crown prince of the Holy Spirit, crown prince of the Holy Spirit, how majestic, the first demon in the divine world and the first person in the ancestral territory, they were defeated so miserably. Now they are almost disappearing. I'm afraid they hide and have no face to see people!"

Cangwu Shenzi shrieked and sneered.

He was already unhappy with the prince of the Holy Spirit.

"I don't know if the lady of the white bone Dynasty has tried. If he hasn't tried, he won't lose!"

He smiled again with some vulgarity, and his heart was even more proud.

Although the women of the white bone Dynasty have a bad reputation, after all, they were also the women who were the crown prince of the Holy Spirit. If they can occupy them and play with them casually, they can bring him a strong sense of superiority.

"Shenzi, I heard that the Qin Zu had a lot of resentment with the white bone Dynasty, and now he has come to Huangzhou again. Maybe we are in trouble."

A half ancestor of the royal family whispered.

"Hum! What are you afraid of!" Cangwu turned around and disdained to say, "isn't it just an ancestor god? At most, there is an ancestor artifact, which is a little more powerful than ordinary ancestors. Our Cangwu country is still afraid of him?"

"Besides, the old ancestor of the white bone Dynasty has also come recently. If that guy really dares to come to our Cangwu country to make trouble, let's see if we don't beat him up."

As he spoke, he burst out laughing.

The half ancestor was silent.

This is also reasonable. No matter how strong the Qin Zu is, he can't resist his Cangwu country. With the power of the kingdom of God array, they can resist easily.

If you want to come to that Qin Zu, you won't be so arrogant that you dare to kill him in Cangwu country.

During the discussion, the Shenzhou galloped and soon reached the kingdom of Cangwu.

Soon, it landed in Cangwu palace.

"I don't know what happened to the ancestors."

Cangwu Shenzi stepped into the Shenzhou and went to the depths of the palace.

The arrival of Bai Gu Chao and his entourage is obviously purposeful. They have always been in the deep palace. They don't know what they are doing with their ancestors.

It was because of this that my ancestors didn't go to the Tianxing event.

"I'm the first son of God. I'm not qualified to go in?"

When he reached a palace in the deep palace, he was stopped.

He was so angry that he brushed his sleeve and drank angrily.

"Let him in!"

Just about to break through, I heard a woman's light drink in the hall.

"Wan Jing!"

When he entered the hall, Cangwu's eyes lit up.

The woman in the temple is his fiancee in name.

Scanning back and forth on the graceful, convex, hot and enchanting carcass, his eyes couldn't help bursting out a hot color.

Although the woman has a dissolute reputation, she is the best in both beauty and figure.

In particular, the debauchery and coquettish temperament is itchy.

Aware of his eyes, blood Wan Jing turned her eyes slightly.

These goods are much more unbearable than the wood of the crown prince of the Holy Spirit.

"Why did you come back? Shouldn't you be back in a few days?"

She stepped forward with her slender and symmetrical jade legs.

The graceful body sways with charming rhythms and enchants the soul.

Cangwu Shenzi saw his eyes hot and felt a burst of dry mouth.

Squinting and glancing greedily, he said, "Hey! Stop it, what bad luck! I met a damn old monster at the Star Festival that day. It was very unpleasant, so I came back early."

"Old monster?"

Xuewan Jing was stunned.

There are naturally many ancestral gods and old monsters at the Star Festival on this day, but which ancestral gods and old monsters will make trouble for the God son of Cangwu country?

"This person, you should know, is the Qin Zu!"

Cangwu Shenzi road.


Xuewan Jingjiao's body was shocked, and a pair of Phoenix eyes suddenly widened, some of them couldn't believe it.

"Why is he in Huangzhou?"

She took a deep breath, and the fullness of her chest fluctuated sharply.

"Who knows!"

Cangwu Shenzi shook his head. "Maybe he was full and had nothing to do. He wandered to Huangzhou. He also hid his strength and pretended to be a young demon. You said he was boring. Isn't he too shameless?"

"Playing the young devil?"

Blood Wan Jing's pupil suddenly shrinks.

Then he shook his head again.

With that guy's magic power, it can't be a young demon at all!

It should be true.

"Did you suffer from him?"

She asked.

"I didn't. several royal predecessors suffered a lot." Cangwu Shenzi road.

"What about him now?"

"I'm still in Tianxing mountain, meeting with a group of ancestral gods. The old monsters of ancestral gods are also cheap. They all look flattering. Everyone wants to please him."

"Ho! That's not surprising!"

Blood Wan Jing hummed.

After getting the ancestor artifact, the Qin old monster's strength has surpassed all the ancestor gods. Who dares to offend easily.

"That old monster, what's good?"

Cangwu Shenzi swears again.

"That guy came to Huangzhou?"

At this time, in the hall, a figure came out from the ripples of emptiness. It was the ancestor of the white bone God.


Blood Wan Jing looked and said respectfully.

The white bone God ancestor frowned and his face became dignified.

He was worried that the guy's sudden arrival would affect his plan.

"Ha ha! Brother Bai Gu, don't worry. It's just a coincidence. I think that guy came to Huangzhou just for the fragment of the ancestor Shenjing. It has nothing to do with us. He won't know our plan here."

A laugh came from the ripples.

The next moment, another figure stepped out, a pale man.

It's the ancestor of the corpse.

"Also, he is not omniscient and omnipotent. How can he count our affairs? I'm worried too much!"

The white bone God nodded and said.

"Brother Bai Gu, don't worry. Even if he finds out, he can't help us. Don't forget that he has disappeared in the past three years. It must be Qi Zu's rebellion. He's busy suppressing it."

"Think about how much power he can spare to trouble us when there is an ancestral God on his body."

The corpse ancestor smiled.

Hearing the speech, the white bone God nodded again.

Suppressing an ancestral God must pay a high price. Now that guy really doesn't have much threat.

"When we finish refining the blood and flesh of the first ancestor, we don't have to be afraid of him. We'll rest easy from now on."

The corpse ancestor laughed and looked at the empty ripples.

Among the ripples, there is a faint breath of the ancestor, which is refreshing.

(end of this chapter)

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