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Chapter: 3860

The white bone God looked at the ripples and burst out a hot color in his eyes.

There are a lot of blood and flesh of the ancestors here. Just the amount he can share can make his strength soar.

The ancestral flesh and blood is different from the flesh and blood of ordinary creatures. It has many miracles and has an extremely obvious effect on the promotion of the divine body.

"I didn't expect that there was such a big treasure under the Cangwu kingdom!"

He sighed.

This treasure land was discovered by the corpse ancestor. The people of Cangwu didn't know it at first.

It is also for this treasure land that he chose to cooperate with Cangwu country and develop it together.

However, this treasure land is quite dangerous. Even if the power of the three ancestors is gathered, it has not yet succeeded in obtaining the blood and flesh of the ancestors.

"At this rate, it will take another month or two!"

His eyebrows wrinkled slightly, slightly distressed.


The corpse ancestor nodded, "we have set up dozens of heavy divine arrays. As long as we keep refining, we can refine the remnant soul to death. When the remnant soul dies, we can get blood and flesh. Therefore, we can't hurry."

"Brother Baigu, we should go in and let brother Cangwu have a rest."

After a while, he turned and returned to the ripples.

The white bone God followed and entered the ripples.

"Ancestral flesh and blood?"

Cangwu Shenzi stood in place and was shocked.

It turned out that the ancestor of the white bone Dynasty was working with his ancestor of Cangwu state to make an idea about the flesh and blood of the ancestor.

"What a pity!"

He looked at the ripples and sighed.

Although his eyes are hot, he also knows that he can't get any blood and flesh from his ancestors.

Only the ancestral gods can enjoy these supreme gods.

"Blood and flesh of the ancestors!"

At the moment, outside Cangwu palace, in the ripples of emptiness, Tang Hao stood with his hands down, squinting and looking into the depths of the palace.

He didn't see it with his own eyes, but he heard it.

He also distinguished the voice of corpse ancestor, white bone God ancestor and blood Wan Jing.

"No wonder, I said that in the white bone Dynasty, why did I come to Huangzhou and choose the Cangwu kingdom?"

"Unexpectedly, the corpse ancestor was also there, which surprised me."

"What is the origin of the underground treasure of Cangwu country?"

After pondering for a moment, he left here, changed his appearance, entered the imperial capital and inquired a little.

Soon, he had a harvest.

There are many forbidden lands, but there are not many gods at the bottom of the vast land.

In fact, the degree of danger is not high. It is an ordinary dangerous place. Many people go in every year, and most of them can come back alive.

But there has always been a legend that in the depths of the forbidden God abyss, there is a terrible creature who wakes up every few hundred years. Once it meets, even the half ancestor will fall.

However, for thousands of years, this has been just a legend.

"It's right. The so-called terrible creatures are the souls of the ancestors, which are attached to the flesh and blood, and thus born. It may be a little similar to the birth of the corpse ancestors, but the two forms are different."

Tang Hao pondered for a long time and roughly determined that the so-called forbidden God abyss was the place where the blood and flesh of his ancestors were located.

"Next, it's time to have a look."

After finding out the location, he hurried to.

As for the goblins, they had long been included in his cave.

The strength of goblins is no more than the nine star Yang God. Not only can they not help, they will also become a burden.

Half a day later, he went to the forbidden deep, hid his breath and dived in.

Unlike the dead abyss, it is full of underground caves. The terrain is extremely complex. It took a lot of effort before he found the way, went deep and came to the deepest part of the abyss.

Sneaking for another moment, he stopped.

There are array fluctuations ahead.

If you rush in, it may cause the vigilance of corpse ancestors and others.

After all, they are also the ancestral realm, and their magical power can not be underestimated.

"Wait! If they do, there will be movement."

He simply sat down and waited.

This is nearly a month.

In the front array, there will be news from time to time, but the screening doesn't seem to be a sign of the success of Shi Zu and others, so he restrained himself and waited all the time.

On this day, there was another movement in the front array.

This time it seems a little different, especially strong.

"The creature is dying!"

Tang Hao's eyes brightened.

This level of movement shows that there is fierce fighting inside, far more than ever before.

It's only a dying struggle.

He made a quick decision, stood up and swept forward.

Along the way, the movement became louder and louder, and the rumbling sound kept coming from the ground.

Fortunately, the divine array was blocked and suppressed layer by layer, otherwise the underground would have collapsed and turned into nothingness.

"Here we are!"

A moment later, he vaguely saw the bright light coming from the other end of the channel.

"Nine colors!"

Then he saw a figure shrouded in nine colors and brilliance, fighting fiercely with two bright figures.

Look again, one is the ancestor of corpse, and the other is the ancestor of white bone God.

Not far away, there was a figure sitting in front of him, surrounded by many array flags and array plates, which showed that he was manipulating the large array.

This man must be the ancestor god of Cangwu kingdom.

"Although it is nine colors, it is somewhat different from the nine colors of the divine crystal."

Tang Hao looked carefully and said to himself.

"It seems that it's almost the same. It's time to decide the winner or loser in two or three hours at most."

Wait and see for a moment, and he comes to a conclusion.

The three great ancestors have been refining with the divine array for more than a month. They have already worn the strength of the living creature almost. Even if they are dying, they can't last long.

He hid aside and tried his best to restrain his breath. At the same time, he also began to prepare. When the time was ripe, he burst into action.

After an hour, the living spirit was a little out of support, and its strength was greatly weakened, which was firmly suppressed by the corpse ancestors.

In another hour, I was basically beaten under pressure and had no strength to fight back.

"Good chance!"

After the two joined hands and hit their opponents again, Shi Zu laughed and raised his hand to fly out of a golden chain.

At the same time, the white bone God ancestor shot, which is also a chain.

Two divine locks were tied at the same time to bind the creature firmly.


Seeing this, they both laughed and were delighted.

Finally succeeded!

Next, it's time to divide up the blood and flesh of our ancestors.

"Ha ha! You two have worked hard!"

The Cangwu God also got up and laughed.

"Ah! Brother Cangwu, you've worked hard wherever you are!" The white bone God smiled.

"Divide it into three parts according to our agreement."

The corpse ancestor raised his hand and said.


With a laugh, the white bone God ancestor would go forward and kill the creature and divide the flesh and blood.

However, at this time, the change suddenly occurred.

The void on the side of the body suddenly cracked, and a dark divine awn suddenly appeared. With a cold killing opportunity, it exploded.

(end of this chapter)

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