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Chapter: 144

Creak. Vivian gulped as she started approaching his face, making sounds from the bed that was supporting the mattress in itself.

"…I’m really going upwards, okay?"


Vivian slowly lifted her skirt up. As the red veiled had been raised and her white legs were exposed, Knox’s eyes naturally headed toward that place. When her underwear that was only damp in the middle had also been revealed, Vivian’s thighs immediately spread a little bit wider in response.

One of her knees slowly settled near his ear. When her other knee, which she had been slightly hesitant about, was spread wide with his face buried in between, his hand straight away grabbed her waist.

"Please lean down a bit more."

As her waist slowly slid down following his touch, Knox’s breath had touched her underwear. Surprised by the hot breath, she tried to hoist herself up, but his hand that was clasping on her tightly had blocked her movements.

"Wait, Knox……gasp!"

His hot tongue which couldn’t be compared to the finger before had pressed against her underwear. The tongue moved while completely soaking the already dampened underwear, making Vivian’s voice sounded even more moist.

The more wrinkled the skirt became in her grasp, the faster his tongue had moved. He poked his tongue up through the thin cloth that was already completely wet and could no longer function properly.

"Ah, aaaah!"

Then, he used his fingers to push the panties sideways before intensively nudging at her hole. Every time something hot and soft had roamed all around her, albeit being unable to reach in just like the fingers did, her waist flinched and arched in response.

"Nhhh, please……"

"What is it that you’re asking for? I haven’t even started yet."

He smacked his lips as if he was devouring them greedily.

No matter how much he gulped down, her spring still wouldn’t dry up and still kept on oozing out those love juices. Especially when had swallowed a piece of her sensitive flesh in his mouth and rolled it with his tongue, the fluid immediately trickled all over his face.

When he realized that she had gotten thoroughly drenched, he strengthened his hands and ripped her panties apart. As the piece of cloth that had been barely there finally disappeared, there was nothing else to stop him.

He soaked his fingers in the moisture, which he didn’t even know whether it was his own saliva or her love juices, before he slowly penetrated them inside.


They went in much easier than before, but it was still tight. He slid his fingers slowly in the sense that he would be the one to suffer quite a lot if he didn’t loosen her up well. A painful cry could be heard as he moved slowly as if he was scraping down her walls.

"I thought that only your lips were sweet, but this place is sweet as well."

"Haah, don’t say things like that……"

"Are you feeling shy?"

He smiled faintly before adding another finger. It was tight, but her lower part was still sucking onto his fingers quite nicely.

The two fingers were working back and forth while pressing firmly as if they were stretching out her vaginal walls. When his lips began roaming around at the base of his finger joints while still moving his fingers inside, her walls immediately squished upon his fingers.

"Is this good?"

"Eunggh, ah. N—no……"

When he pushed his tongue a little bit more inside, her high pitched cry had gotten even higher—ah!—and along with it she writhed. Her sensitive body tightened itself to the point that it was hard for him to bear upon his fingers.

As she reached her climax with those few thrusts, he then stopped moving his fingers and pulled them out. He couldn’t hold it in any longer as he watched her twitching and flexing in front of his own eyes.


His faint voice eventually went up to the throat.

Realizing what Knox had wanted, her body slid downwards. As she unbuckled his belt, his thing sprang out liberatingly. When she saw that his erect member was stiffer than ever, Vivian’s hands became hesitant.

As she carefully grabbed his length, Knox let out a short breath. While holding up her skirt with her mouth, Vivian slowly lowered her hips after spreading her own entrance. She held his shaft right at the root and after a few trials and errors, only then did she push his member straight inside her hole.


A moan was held back in her mouth, where she was still biting her skirt, unable to part them completely. The more she had lowered her hips slowly, the more merciless her narrow space had tightened up on him.

When she had finally embraced his manhood right up  to its root, beads of sweat immediately trickled down her cheeks.

His own member that she had embraced after such a long time was still enormous. A painful sound flowed out from her mouth at that huge, foreign thing that was seemingly carving its shape into her flat belly.

Then, it was all of a sudden. He, who had already declared that he would be staying still, pushed his own hips up while the surprised Vivian immediately let go of the skirt she had been biting. The red skirt fluttered down before enveloping his body.

At a single glance, Vivian looked like she was just being on top of him, but all the way inside, she was still sucking him whole.

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