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Chapter: 145

"Wa—wait. Didn’t you say… that you won’t move?"

"I said that I’ll try."

As he mumbled that faintly, he thrusted up once again. The strength had gotten even stronger than before which made her hand swarm up onto his stomach.

Before she could even move her own hips, his thrustings had pierced into her stomach.

"Ah, eunnghh, Knox……!"

While grabbing her waist with both hands, Knox shoved upwards with much more powerful thrusts. His thing that had already penetrated through her thin waist, which seemed to be fully grasped in both of his hands, turned his head blank.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh had filled the whole room without any reserve. Every time her breasts jiggled, his hips strongly thrusted her insides.

Whenever he entered and left her grip, it was blended with faint moans. Vivian, who first was conscious of the bright outside while still suppressing her own voice as much as she could, ultimately forgot about it and now was busy moaning all the way.

When his tip had pierced right on her sensitive spot, she arched her back to the utmost while lifting her head. At the same time, he was already ejaculating into Vivian’s insides.

As she felt the heat that was filling up her insides for the first time in such a long time, she collapsed forward before they finally stopped. After she managed to pull out his member with her trembling hands, Vivian lay down on his side.

That small inn’s bed was only large enough for one person to lie down, but Knox’s hand was holding her securely by her back.

"I love you."

He softly kissed the forehead of the one in his embrace. He pulled the one, who was slowly blinking their eyes, tightly and kept on whispering until Vivian had completely fallen asleep—words saying, I love you.


In the end, due to such an excessive activity, Knox had to remain in the inn for a few days more. And Vivian, who couldn’t just ignore her duties completely, had entrusted Ashley to him.

His face when she had introduced Knox as ‘daddy’ to Ashley—whenever she thought about that, a smile would always bloom brightly.

At first, Ashley would whine at the unfamiliar face, but perhaps due to the reason being she intuitively knew it was her father, she gradually adapted. He did a good job as well, by filling in the role that was left by Vivian as he remained by Ashley’s side for 24 hours.

When he was finally able to move rather easily, he quickly proceeded with the work that had been put off so far. His actions were faster than ever while dealing with the duties that he could only think about in bed.

Vivian, who couldn’t run the inn anymore, eventually gave the inn management authority to Ez. The building was no longer needed by her, but since it was a place that had been left with many memories, she just didn’t want to give it up to others.

At first, Ez had refused, but when Knox himself had even asked along with Vivian, he ended up taking over the inn. When they looked at Ez’s eyes sparkled since the inn had become his, she laughed alongside Knox.

As they went back to the Grand Duchy by carriage, the butler, who was already waiting for them, greeted them gently. The butler happily welcomed Vivian and Ashley more so than others as if he had heard of the news already.

The butler who had always been haunted with Vivian’s final appearance from before eventually drew a proud smile as he peered upon Vivian’s bright face.

The butler did not make any single comment about her origins. It was due to the fact that no matter who Vivian was, Knox’s expression by her side seemed apparently much happier than ever.

He was a butler who had lived with only one single determination that everything would be okay as long as his master was happy. As the wrinkles of wisdom slowly folded over time, he then smiled brightly. He had already prepared a room for three people, but he still thought that he needed some more extensive work in order to serve them even more earnestly.

When Knox had gently proposed to Vivian once again, she was absolutely flabbergasted.

Living with him was more than enough happiness for her. She thought that it was just enough for Ashley to be acknowledged as his child, but she, herself, as the Grand Duchess?

She shook her head, rejecting the undeserving position. Nevertheless, despite Vivian’s refusal, Knox was utterly adamant.

"If you don’t accept it, who will be taking that seat then?"

With that reason, he persuaded her persistently. By marrying her, who wasn’t even a noble like him, but just a mere commoner, wouldn’t be good for his reputation. When Vivian told her concerns with a troubled expression, he grabbed her hand as if it was nothing at all.

"You don’t need to worry about that."

"I don’t have to get worried?"

"Yeah, of course."

She looked puzzled when he said that everything had already been dealt with. Soon after that, the reason for Knox’s seemingly unfounded confidence had finally come to light.

Vivian’s head turned right away when she heard that a guest had appeared at the Grand Duchy that was rarely visited by others. It was the right timing when Ashley had just been learning to concentrate by using her toys.

"Did someone arrive?"

"It is the Young Countess of Britton."

Badump. At that moment, she felt that her heart was already rolling under her feet. She had predicted that person would come someday, but the visit that was much earlier than she had ever expected eventually made her hand tremble slightly.

Out of all occasions, this transpired when Knox had just left for work in the capital city. As she realized that there was no one else who could greet the guest except Vivian, herself, her complexion immediately grew pale.

"I’ll go out soon, so please guide her to the living room."

"Understood, ma’am."

The butler then bowed to her.

"Wait, please."

Vivian stopped the butler who was just about leaving to welcome Alexia.

"That… does the Young Countess look furious?"

Her carefully asked words were ultimately full of worries.

It was as if a servant, as she previously was, had dared to take over her master’s fiancé before brazenly usurping her own place.

It wasn’t actually an affair per se, but the love between the two of them had never mattered in this case. Everyone in the world would undoubtedly see Alexia as a victim and perceived Vivian as the ungrateful temptress who had stolen her fiancé.

The butler, who had noticed her worries and concerns just at a single glance, proceeded to shake his head in response.

"No, ma’am. She appeared rather peaceful."


Peaceful? It was a word that never suited Alexia at all. She, who had always treated her temperamentally in the past, was now peaceful?

For a moment, she stared intently at the butler while wondering if he was actually teasing her, but there was no sign of playfulness painted anywhere in the butler’s expression.

Vivian then entrusted Ashley to the nanny before moving to the living room.

When she saw that Alexia was gracefully drinking tea, her body was instantly filled with anxiety.

"You’re here?"

"……It’s been quite a long time."

"You don’t seem to be doing very well despite having stolen my fiancé."

Vivian’s lips instantly interlocked themselves at her bloody words. While looking at her, Alexia then took a sip of the tea.

"How about sitting here instead of just standing over there? We don’t really know how long this conversation will carry on, right?"

Vivian widened her eyes at Alexia’s gentle words, which contrasted with her initial expectation that she would act violent as soon as she saw herself.

As Vivian carefully took a seat across from her, Alexia’s gaze then turned to her. As the past memories were awoken, Vivian unknowingly lowered her eyes in response.


Is it finally the time? It was the moment when her faltered body had tensed up.

"How could you keep on looking at that kind of person?"


Vivian—stunned by the sudden question—eventually forgot that she was right in front of Alexia as she left her mouth gaped open.

"I can’t even look at him for a second. I just can’t believe that you’re thinking of getting married to a guy with such a filthy personality. And are you planning on enjoying the wealth and honor despite all of that? You’re just foolish, aren’t you?"

She was talking down on her ex-fiancé without any sort of moderation at all.

"Thanks to you, I’m actually grateful. I’m too terrified of getting married to him anyway."

She took a sip of her tea again. While remarking that the brewed tea from the Grand Duchy was delicious, she then drew a happy expression on her face.

"Of course, I still don’t accept you as my stepsister—completely."

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