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Chapter: 148

Side Story (2)

After having been washed and cleaned with the help of her nanny, the child began walking around the room. It had already been a long time since the soft carpets were set on the floor solely for the child, who had just been able to run around.

"Nanny, where’s Daddy?"

"It seems like His Highness has gone to his study for work."


As curiosity gathered around the child’s lips, the nanny chuckled quietly.

"Yes, work. He’s working a lot harder than My Lady, who is still learning to read books and letters with me."


A shock flashed across the child’s face when the nanny nodded lightly. The child, who had first thought that learning letters was the hardest thing to do, began moving her hands busily.

"Thennn, flowers for Daddy, I want to give some!"

"That’s good. If My Lady prepares some flowers, I’m sure His Highness will feel incredibly happy."



The gentle words of the nanny caused a blooming smile on Ashley’s face.

"But first, you have to eat, okay? If His Highness hears that My Lady doesn’t eat, he will be utterly disappointed."

"Cakeyyy as well!"

Ashley quickly added before the nanny could say anything more.

"Dada said that I can eat it!"

"Is that true, My Lady?"


Ashley nodded excitedly. She was sure that it had been the truth since her daddy wasn’t someone who would tell such lies. The nanny gazed upon Ashley’s big eyes before nodding as well.

"But only after finishing your breakfast, okay?"

"Yes yes!"

Her hand then gently held the small child’s hand. A smooth line formed on the nanny’s mouth as the chubby little hand slid down between her fingers.


The butler’s head turned at the still poor pronunciation of hers. The appearance of her descending the stairs one by one was no doubt like that of a little angel’s. While looking at his little master, the butler’s face was completely painted with a kind smile.

"You’ve woken up, My Lady?"

"I swep well!"

"I’ve already prepared breakfast in the dining room—along with the cake that Master had mentioned."

Ashley’s eyes sparkled at the word ‘cake.’ She had been eating sweet food every day since she had fallen in love with the sweet taste. She energetically swayed her hand that was held within the nanny’s out of the uncontrollable happiness.

"My Lady, you can’t forget what you’ve promised me, okay?"

"I’ll eat it after breakfast."

The child who answered quickly had appeared to be very bright. The nanny’s hand gently stroked Ashley’s head because of the child’s clever act.

Cute dishes were placed on the dinner table that was too big for the child’s small body. It was a place that could be occupied by ten people, but at least, there were chairs specifically for those three being huddled together. As if she was all too familiar, Ashley instantly headed to one of the chairs and took her seat.


As she tilted her head, the nanny slowly stood next to her and held the fork.

"His Highness is rather busy with work, so he will have it in his study."

"Then, me too!"

The nanny let out a firm expression at the child’s pester.

"But you can’t eat the cake outside here tho, My Lady?"


"How about hastening a bit to eat, taste the cake deliciously as well—nyam nyam—and then only take the flowers over there?"

The nanny was secretly inducing Ashley to do the right thing. It was never polite to carry food around. Although she was merely three years old, behavioral acts that could be learned by her body were one of the most important things. Ashley frowned slightly at the nanny’s words, but soon, the child was already nodding resolutely.

"Then, uh—I have to eat quickly."

"If My Lady isn’t being picky at all, you’ll be able to eat swiftly."

Ashley glanced down her plate. It was a simple meal in the morning, but the problem was her hated beans were in place as well.

Picking up the slippery beans was already troubling enough, but popping them in her mouth was even more terrible. But if it is for Daddy— Ashley immediately stabbed into the food with the fork in her hand. She filled her mouth with those beans while recalling her mother’s words that it would be much better to do the thing that she didn’t want to do in the first place.

"Whoa, My Lady!"

The nanny’s eyes were filled with joy at the admirable impression from Ashley. As she shrugged off the sounds of admiration, Ashley once again shoved a mouthful of vegetables right into her own mouth.

Ashley placed down the fork only after she had eaten all of her breakfast and the slice of cake. Thanks to the delicious things that followed right after she had finished those tasteless things, as if it was just like a reward, the child’s face looked utterly satisfied. In addition, there was that soft texture of the cake. Ashley scrupulously licked the whipped cream that was all over her lips with her small tongue.

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