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Chapter: 150

Side Story (4)

When Vivian had informed him the things that she experienced without any ounce of lie, Knox was about to kill him straight. Nevertheless, Vivian had managed to stop him. She tried very hard to calm Knox down by saying that Cedric had only been worried about him.

The result was that Cedric eventually managed to retain his life. It was also thanks to the fact that he possessed the medical skills that had been assisting the Grand Ducal family for many generations. However, he was not allowed to visit the Grand Duchy except for the regular checkups. Although he was just like a childhood friend, who had grown up along with Knox, the Grand Duke was still relentless to those who treated Vivian thoughtlessly.


Her eyes blinked. Looking back on it, there was something that her father, Knox, had adamantly told Ashley all the time. It was to watch out for people who looked just like blue snakes. When she asked; what is a snake? Knox immediately explained Cedric’s appearance down to the very last detail to Ashley.

When she remembered that Knox had explained it even through his rather poor drawing, Ashley instantly turned her head back without mercy.

"My-My Lady?"

His face was fraught with despair since he never imagined that Ashley would blatantly ignore him. Feeling quite flustered, he quickly approached Ashley in response.

"Young Lady Ashley. It’s me, the doctor."

As Cedric seemed to almost shove his face in front of her, Ashley pulled the flowers close into her arms.

"I know."

"Oh, oh! You do remember me, don’t you?"

Despite Cedric’s emotional appearance, Ashley still didn’t loosen her apathetic expression. The child held onto the flowers even more precious and took up a defensive attitude.

"Daddy said don’t gwo near you."


Perhaps he was shocked by Ashley’s firm words, Cedric was utterly appalled. As if he had just heard some inconceivable words, he kept on repeating the word, what—under his breath—before turning back to Ashley.

"Did His Highness really say that?"


Ashley was still donning a firm expression, then she boldly pointed to him.

"He said that you tormented Mommy!"


Cedric poured out his fake tears along with a sad expression.

"I just can’t believe he is still being mindful of the past mistakes. His Highness is really stingy."

"What is stingy?"

"It is nothing, My Lady."

Cedric quickly beamed and ended the topic at once. He then smiled gently at Ashley who had already grown much bigger before he finally took a step back.

"My Lady, do you always eat well?"

"Of course."

"Brush your teeth, too?"

Badump. Ashley’s answer vanished abruptly. It was because she had been reminded of the fact that she was half forced by the nanny to do so since she always delayed it as she didn’t like doing it. When the answer could be seen through Ashley’s behavior, Cedric then giggled.

"If your teeth start to get hurt, you might have to meet me again."


The child quickly covered her mouth with one of her small hands.

"No-not hurt!"

"I’m very glad then, My Lady."

As laughter didn’t stop exuding from Cedric at all, Ashley quickly turned her body. The feeling that she might be devoured by that snake-like man if she remained any longer eventually made Ashley’s steps act with great haste.

Surprised that Ashley suddenly turned herself away, the nanny followed her. When she glanced back carefully at Cedric, he was only waving his hand quietly.

After a few mistakes, Ashley had finally arrived in front of Knox’s study safe and sound. With the help of her nanny, who wasn’t hiding herself anymore, she slowly opened the study’s door.



Knox raised his head from the mountainous pile of documents at the lovely voice of a child that could be heard out of nowhere. As the child clung to his lap right after dashing straight towards him, a smile spread across his face. He set down the quill before lifting Ashley up.

"This gift, for you."

As her eye level gradually became similar to her father’s, the first thing which Ashley handed over was the flowers that she had plucked. Although the bouquet was all trimmed and prepared by the gardener, Knox appeared touched by his own daughter’s behavior.

"Are you giving this to me?"

"Yesh. Gift for work!"

"Really? Thank you, Ashley."


He was handed the flowers from Ashley’s cute little hands while she had been smiling widely with pride. Knox didn’t mind even if the stem was a little bit crushed due to the tight grip. After receiving a small vase from the maid, he quickly placed the flowers there.

"What did you do today?"

"Erm. I ate breakfast and ……"

Ashley’s small fingers began to fold by themselves one by one. The child told everything about meeting the butler, eating the cake, and even bumping into the gardeners before furrowing her brows as if she suddenly recalled something.

"And I met the docwor."


Knox’s brows frowned upon the unwelcoming news as well. Although Vivian was the one who asked to forgive him, he still had a grudge against him. If Cedric hadn’t done such a thing, it might have been a little easier to find Vivian. That feeling still remained inside Knox and he refused to be friendly with Cedric at all costs.

"I did just as you said, Daddy!"

As soon as he saw that Ashley was speaking proudly in regards to rejecting Cedric, Knox’s forehead finally relaxed. A lovely child of mine and hers. Vivian always said that she resembled Knox, but he had another different kind of opinion. Her big eyes along with her cute little nose and mouth looked just like Vivian.

"You did a good job. In the future as well, you should keep on doing just that."


Ashley’s expression hardened in response to Knox’s praise. Perhaps Ashley was already thinking that she had to run away the moment she would see Cedric next time.


"What is it?"

"Why don’t I have a brother?"


Knox’s hand, which had been idle on his lap, immediately flinched at the child’s sudden question.

"Where did you hear about that?"

"Nanny read it to me."

After saying that, Ashley straight away described the picture book. It seemed like one of the famous picture books was about brotherhood. Ashley, who had never seen it before, peered at Knox with a pretty earnest look.

"I also want a brother."

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