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Chapter: 279


Chapter 279 DINNER AT LAPILLUS (I)  ASTRID and Reas got out of the taxi and entered the tall commercial building in front of them. Their destination was the piano lounge – Lapillus. The place where Kiran currently worked part-time. The place was located near the top of the building.

"How about your friend?" Astrid asked as they walked towards the elevator.

Reas, who was busy protecting his brother from the unwanted gaze of the people they passed by, answered, "He's having dinner with his brother. So, he'll be a bit late."

"His brother is Wulf's lieutenant, right?" Astrid asked. He remembered Reas mentioning it one time. 

He had already met three captains of the Fenris Squad, which he thought should be renamed to Fenris Army at this point. But he had never met their lieutenant. So, when Reas mentioned this information about his roommate, it just kind of stuck to him.

Reas felt a little uncomfortable hearing his brother refer to the general in such an intimate manner. But he had already told himself not to be too nosy in this matter, so he could only answer, "Yeah."

The two entered the elevator and told the AI robot which floor they're going to. Some of the people inside the elevator kept glancing at Astrid. Reas tactically moved in a position that shielded his brother from other people's prying eyes. 

Astrid smiled when he saw this. Although these people who glanced at him didn't really have bad intention, their gaze was more of curious or just amazed by his appearance, he still appreciate his brother's protective gesture.

Getting off at their floor, Reas finally couldn't help but say;

"Won't you and Lauren be mobbed by your fans in such a public place?" 

Astrid chuckled in amusement when he heard that. "First of, I'm not really that popular yet to be mobbed. Second, this place is pretty high-end. I doubt people who go here would actually have a mentality of mobbing celebrities."

Reas seemed to be relieved by that. "Well, that's good."

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the piano lounge. The place looked pretty sophisticated. With simple decorations yet with classy and luxurious feeling, that's the best way he could describe the lounge. 

After entering, a male waiter quickly attended to them. 

"Good evening, do you have a reservation?" the other asked.

"Yes, a reservation for Astrid Townsend," Astrid responded.

The waiter checked the virtual notepad he's holding. "Please, follow me."

The two followed the waiter. The other led them to a table for six near the stage where the slick black piano was. Astrid purposely chose this so they could clearly watch Kiran perform. 

"Will you be ordering now?" the waiter asked after both Astrid and Reas sat down.

"No, we still have companions that are coming," Astrid said with a gentle smile.

The waiter nodded and told them to call him or any of the waiters around if they were ready to order. After that, he left.

"Good place. The waiters are pretty professional. If that was any other person, once they saw you smile, they would definitely be a puddle of hot mess," Reas commented.

Astrid didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "What do you think of me, some kind of walking temptress? Not everyone will go gaga over me just because of my appearance, you know?"

"Yeah, not everyone. But most of them definitely will."

Before Astrid could contradict what his brother just said, they heard a familiar voice calling them from behind. Astrid glanced back while Reas simply raised his head. Both saw Lauren walking to their table after being led by the same waiter. 

To Astrid's surprise, the other actually sat beside Reas. And Lauren did it so naturally. As if he had done this on instinct. Astrid suppressed a smile. He resisted the urge to tease the two. He was sure that if he did, these two would definitely feel shy. It's better to just let the two develop naturally.

"I'm not late, am I?" Lauren asked.

"No, we're still waiting for some people," Astrid said.

"Congratulations on your debut last night!" Lauren said. "You did amazing! Of course, I knew you would. Still, it's always a pleasure seeing you act. It kind of makes me want to guess star at that show as well. I could be the villain of the week, what do you think?"

"If you're really up for it, then you should do it. The whole crew is pretty good. I think you'll enjoy working with them," Astrid said.

Lauren looked like he was really considering it. 

It was then that Snow arrived. The other looked surprised seeing Lauren there. But his expression quickly returned to normal. 

"This is Snow Campbell. He's also attending Redwood and also at the same year as me," Astrid introduced. "Snow, I think you already know Lauren. The one sitting beside him is my brother Reas."

Snow said hello. Although he was indeed surprised seeing Lauren Watts here, it was probably more surprising meeting Astrid's brother. Not for any other reason but for the fact that the other didn't look like Astrid at all. Of course, none of that showed on his face. 

"Wow. You look so pretty. Your face is so small and your skin look so soft. It's like seeing a fairy in real life," Lauren said, not holding back with his compliment.

Snow had an awkward expression, unsure what he should respond to that. While Reas' expression darkened. 

"Can you behave?" Reas said in a scolding tone. "This is why you're being branded as a 'playboy'."

Lauren pouted. "What? I'm just telling the truth! Is that so wrong?"

"Don't mind what Lauren said. He didn't really mean anything by it," Astrid whispered to Snow. He didn't want the other to have a wrong impression of Lauren. 

Snow only nodded. He actually found it more interesting, watching Lauren and Astrid's brother bicker. Seeing how close the two were, the awkwardness he felt because of Lauren's straightforward compliment already disappeared. 

While the two were bickering, someone finally walked onto the stage and stood behind the piano – it's Kiran.

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