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Chapter: 280


Chapter 280 DINNER AT LAPILLUS (II)  THE young man was wearing a white suit that fit his slim figure perfectly. His reddish-brown hair was styled in a perm, making it look fluffier. His sunset-colored eyes were full of brilliance. 

Astrid couldn't believe that this was the same young man he met almost two weeks ago. Although he was still too thin for his age, at least his skin was no longer wan and there were no dark circles under his eyes. Probably the effect of being able to eat proper food and having enough rest as well. 

The styling he had now definitely helped as well. It seemed that the owner of this piano lounge really took care of his employees. Astrid noticed as well earlier that the waiters were all wearing stylish uniforms. 

"Is that the other friend you wanted to introduce to us?" Reas asked. 

"Yes. His name is Kiran," Astrid said.

"Wow. He has very pretty eyes," Lauren commented. 

Reas gave the other a side-glance. In which Lauren raised his hands as if in surrender.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm only praising him. It's very rare to see eyes of that color," Lauren added.

As if hearing knowing that he was the topic of the conversation, Kiran turned to their table. When he saw Astrid and Snow, a bright smile immediately flashed on his face. There were two more people on the table. One was a handsome guy with dark blond hair and chocolate brown eyes. He must be the celebrity from the same entertainment company. The guy just had that aura that celebrities had. 

The other one had ice-blue hair and a pair of indifferent teal-gray eyes. Since the one sitting next to this guy was the actor, then this one should be the brother. It's kind of surprising at one glance. Because the other didn't look like Astrid at all. From facial features to build of the body, nothing was remotely similar. Well, not that it's important. If Astrid said that they were brothers, then there's no doubt on that.

Since his friends were already here, as well as some of their acquaintance, he better gave them a good performance. Thinking of the episode of [Blind Justice] where Astrid appeared as a guest, he felt energized. The other was working so hard for his dreams, he couldn't be left out. 

Kiran sat down on the seat behind the piano. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, he had already decided on what to play. It's his recent composition. The one he made after meeting Astrid. 

This would be the first time that he'd be playing it here or any public place in that matter. He simply felt that the occasion called for it. He put his fingers on top of the piano keys and let them glide like butterfly wings. 

A soft and beautiful melody then filled the piano lounge.

Astrid was quite surprised hearing such a beautiful composition. He wasn't that familiar with the music of this era. No, to be exact, he wasn't that well verse when it came to music. Any kind of music for that matter. But despite that, he knew that the music Kiran was playing definitely wasn't just simple music. 

Forget the technical part, if he would just base it on how beautiful, not to mention how moving, the sound was, then Astrid could say with confidence that Kiran's talent was definitely out of the ordinary. 

He closed his eyes and let himself be surrounded by this wonderful music. Just by listening, he felt like he was transported back to their farm. To the peaceful days of him and Reas helping out during harvest season. With all the loving and caring people surrounding them. The warmth and nostalgia made him want to listen to it for a very long time.

"What is this song called?" Lauren asked. 

"I believe it's an original," Snow answered.

Astrid was truly surprised hearing that. Not only him but Lauren and Reas as well.

"Then, I believe this little friend is a genius," Lauren exclaimed. 

Astrid felt the same. He looked at the young man playing the piano. The other was full of smiles, showing just how much he was enjoying performing. Thinking of Kiran's background, he couldn't imagine how much more talented the other would become if he was just given to learn everything about the piano right from the very start. Maybe Kiran would have already conquered the music industry at this age.

But the one thing that people in this era didn't lack was time. Kiran was still young. Even if he wasn't given the same opportunities as those rich young masters, he would still reach the height that he should as long as he was given enough time and the right support. 

Astrid was more than willing to be one of those supports. And he believed that as time went by, the number of people supporting Kiran would only increase.

He opened his Terminal and recorded Kiran's performance. He was planning to send it to his agent. Although he wasn't familiar with Polaris' music department, maybe Ellis could show it some of the higher-ups there. Maybe one of them could hire Kiran as a composer.

Unbeknownst to Astrid, Lauren was also doing the same thing. But what he thought was getting his agent to sign Kiran as an artist. If this guy could sing, then he could easily be Polaris' next pop star. Maybe he could even dethrone the current 'god of music' – Shir Atkins.

Snow noticed the little movements of the two. He also recorded the music, but only the piano sound. He was thinking of advising Kiran to apply for a copyright for this. Not only this but also all the original songs that he might have composed. This could help Kiran in legal battles just in case some shameless person plagiarized what he had composed. 

While the three was thinking how to help Kiran, Reas simply called the waiter so the four of them could finally order dinner and eat.

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