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Chapter: 281


Chapter 281 SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR  WHILE eating dinner and listening to wonderful music, the four – well, actually, the three, since Reas was busy eating – were talking about a bunch of random stuffs. From Astrid and Snow's school life at Redwood to the show Lauren was currently filming. They even talked about some gossips in the entertainment industry. Although Snow didn't participate much on that.

"You should participate in the next round of Polaris' audition," Lauren said to Snow. "With your looks alone, you will definitely pass. Honestly, if my agent is still looking to sign another actor, I would definitely tell him to sign you."

"I was actually also thinking of suggesting the same thing to my agent," Astrid seconded. Although Ellis would probably not personally take in Snow. Since the other had already made it clear to him that she wouldn't sign another artist besides him. 

"Thank you, but it's fine," Snow said. "If I ever plan to join Polaris, I want to do it with my own abilities."

He already had so many advantages. If he asked his father, the other would probably directly put him in Kaleido, under the supervision of one of its gold agents. But Snow didn't want that. It's probably something small and insignificant. But he wanted to do his best and be recognized because of his skills.

Look at Astrid. He was sure that the other didn't have any backstage. But he still managed to get scouted by Polaris as soon as he arrived in the capital star. And because of his talent, he already started his journey as an actor. He wished that he could also do the same. It's probably the only way he would be satisfied.

Lauren didn't say much. He could probably understand this kid's mentality. The thought of wanting to make it on his own just by relying on his talent. And there's nothing wrong with that. If he could keep that drive, then that ambition would definitely bear fruit.

"But if you need help, don't hesitate to ask," Astrid said. 

The corner of Snow's lips turned up, showing a small smile. "Okay."

When they finished their dinner, it was also time for Kiran to take a break. Of course, the other didn't hesitate to go to their table. 

Astrid introduced Reas and Lauren to Kiran then.

"You were amazing at the piano just now. Were the pieces you played all originals?" Lauren asked.

"Yes," Kiran answered after taking a seat beside Snow.

"That's amazing! Have you ever thought of adapting the music you composed into a pop or ballad song? I think it will definitely be a hit," Lauren added. "If you ever planned to in the future, please consider Polaris first. Although Polaris is not the biggest company when it came to music, our singers are doing pretty well on the charts. If they're given songs made by you, I'm sure they would immediately climb to stardom."

Astrid looked at Lauren amusedly. The way the other was speaking, it felt like he's one of the company's agents instead of its artist. He turned to Kiran, the other had a tangled expression on his face, all the while blushing with red cheeks. 

Kiran probably felt shy hearing Lauren's unabashed compliments. But still didn't know how to react to the rest of what the other said. Thus, the tangled expression. He was probably thinking on how to respond to what Lauren said.

"The first song you played, what was it called?" Astrid asked, changing the subject to help Kiran out from his little predicament.

"Over the Greenfields," Kiran answered, thankful to Astrid for changing the topic.

He composed this piano piece while thinking of a place that could be a sanctuary from all the negative things in the world. A sanctuary not just for him for everyone else as well. He really liked how it turned out. It's probably one of his favorite piece right now.

It was then that Snow received a message from his Terminal. It was from one of his bodyguards. Telling him that his second brother just entered the building. He didn't think that the other was here for him. This commercial building had one or two bars in it. It's highly probable that one of those was that jerk's destination. But he couldn't risk it.

If that guy saw him here together with the others, that bastard would definitely harass his friends. Especially Astrid. The other was just that guy's type. Add to the fact that Astrid was his friend, it would just give that jerk more incentive to harass the other.

So, before any of that could happen, he decided that it's better to leave.

"Excuse me, I have to leave," he said to the others. "There's an emergency at home. I'm sorry I can't stay for longer."

"Hey, there's no need to say sorry. It's not like it's your fault that you have to leave," Kiran said.

"The kid is right," Lauren seconded.

"Is everything okay?" Astrid asked referring to the emergency.

"Yes," Snow said, feeling warm. "I had fun today," he added with a small smile.

He bid goodbye to the others and walked out of the piano lounge. The moment he did, two of his bodyguards immediately stood on each of his sides. 

They walked forward and stood in front of the elevator. When it opened, a young man who's inside walked out. Snow was frozen in place when he saw the other's face. Gray hair and light-green eyes – it was a face would probably never forget in his life.

Every step the young man took, he felt like his heart would jump out of his chest. And when the other passed by him without even giving him a glance, that heart simply took a dive and sank. 

"What's wrong, young master?" one of the bodyguards asked when Snow didn't enter the elevator.

Snow took a deep breath, forcing himself to be as normal as he could. 

"Nothing," he said and walked inside.

Ash looked back and only saw a closed elevator. He wondered why he thought that guy was familiar when he had never seen him before. He shrugged and just continued on his way towards the piano lounge.

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