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Chapter: 62

Qin Xue You Really Know How to Act

"I… I’m afraid that Dad and Mom will be worried about Sis." Qin Xue looked at Mrs. Qin for help as she spoke.

"Are you doubting your younger sister?" Mrs. Qin walked around the sofa and directly walked in front of Qin Yang. She couldn’t bear to see Qin Xue suffer the most.

Qin Yang completely ignored his mother. His eyes were still on Qin Xue and didn’t move for a moment. He continued, "Also, the bag with your blue chain. I happened to be in the shopping mall that day and saw you throw the bag into the rubbish bin with my own eyes. Why did you lie and say that it was Qin Ran who stole it and sold it for money? You’re too good at acting!"

As soon as he said that, Qin Xue instantly slumped onto the sofa.

"Qin Xue, say something!" At that time, Qin Yang only felt that there was an ulterior motive. Now that he saw Qin Xue’s reaction, he could roughly guess that the framing incident that day was real.

"Why are you so loud? You scared your younger sister!" Mrs. Qin hammered Qin Yang’s back ruthlessly with one hand. Qin Xue was her beloved daughter. She would never allow anyone to scold her like this.

"I… I don’t understand what Big Brother is saying." Qin Xue replied with a trembling voice.

"Do you not understand? Or are you afraid to answer?"

"I… really don’t understand." Qin Xue kept her head lowered and avoided her brother’s gaze.

"Qin Yang! Don’t scare your younger sister!" When Mr. Qin, who had just entered the house, saw this scene, he also subconsciously protected Qin Xue. In the past twenty years, as the only girl in the Qin family, the care Qin Xue received was always unique.


When Qin Yang saw this, he turned around and left. It wasn’t good to continue asking in front of his parents. However, he couldn’t let this matter rest in his heart. This younger sister that had been gentle and obedient for more than twenty years was definitely not as simple as she looked. Should he also investigate her?

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Qin Xue slumped onto the sofa and prayed in her heart that her parents wouldn’t ask her about the matter just now. She was already clear about Qin Yang’s attitude towards her. It wasn’t her misperception before. It seemed like this elder brother of hers really favored Qin Ran more.

"Alright, Xiao Xue, don’t be angry at your brother. He’s just an anxious person." Mrs. Qin sat on the sofa and patted Qin Xue’s back gently to comfort her.

"I don’t know what I did wrong. Or did I offend him in some way?" Her delicate voice coupled with the teardrops on her face made Mrs. Qin’s heart ache even more.

"Alright, your eldest brother is also anxious about Qin Ran’s matter. Tomorrow, I’ll give Qin Ran, that ingrate, a call and get her to quickly come home before I settle things with the Zhang family."

Let Qin Ran come home? How could that be possible? Back then, Qin Xue and her biological mother had spent a tremendous amount of effort for Qin Ran to be chased out of the house and forced her to announce in public that she had severed ties with her family. How could she let Qin Ran return just like that?

"Mom, Sis is in a fit of anger. Let’s not disturb her." Qin Xue did not care about her tears and hurriedly persuaded Mrs. Qin.

"No matter how angry she is, she can’t ignore her biological mother! Besides, the summer break is almost over, and she should go to school. We can’t let her continue to be wild outside!" She felt frustrated when Qin Ran appeared in front of her every day. However, when she really left the Qin family and didn’t come back at all, Mrs. Qin felt empty in her heart.

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"But Sis might not be willing? Besides, she has a child in her stomach. It’s better not to anger her, Mom. It’s not good for the child either." No matter how unpopular Qin Ran was in the family, she was still the true daughter of the Qin family. With her around, Qin Xue could only be an adopted daughter forever.

"It’s precisely because she has a bastard child in her stomach that we have to bring her back as soon as possible. After all, she’s a girl. She can’t really lose her lifetime of happiness." She didn’t like her biological daughter, but in the end, blood was thicker than water. As long as Qin Ran was willing to be obedient, she wouldn’t deliberately push her into a fire pit.

Qin Xue gritted her teeth fiercely. In the end, this woman’s heart still ached for Qin Ran. At this moment, no matter how much she said, it would probably be difficult for her to change her mind. After all, Qin Ran was her biological daughter. She usually looked at her with extreme disgust, but in the end, she still couldn’t bear to do it. This matter seemed to have reminded her that she had to bring her biological mother back as soon as possible and replace her with this crazy adoptive mother.

Seeing that Qin Xue’s eyes were filled with tears, Mrs. Qin’s heart ached. She sent her back to her room with concern and comforted her about many things.

Qin Xue only felt that this old woman was annoying. She wished that she could leave quickly so that she could video call her biological mother.

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