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Chapter: 64

She Is Her Biological Child

"You have to help me deliver lunch at noon." The more Qin Ran didn’t look at him, the more Mo Chi deliberately poked his head out to look for her almond-shaped eyes.

"What’s wrong? Haven’t Mo Qing always been the one delivering the food?" She suddenly raised her head, her big eyes filled with doubt.


"This morning, he called me and said he had to take a day off today to deal with some personal things." Mo Chi shrugged, pretending to look helpless.

"Then you…" Before she could finish speaking, Qin Ran shut her mouth. Thinking that since she was living in the big boss’s house, it wasn’t appropriate for her to decline something as small as sending him a meal.

However, couldn’t President Mo order takeout by himself? Or he could bring some food to the company in the morning. Qin Ran complained in her heart as she couldn’t voice out. She realized that the boss was indeed the boss. He definitely wouldn’t raise idle people. He had to find her a task to be satisfied.

Seeing that the lass was being obedient, Mo Chi couldn’t help but tease her a little more. He waited for her to wash up and wear her clothes before going to work after breakfast.

After the meal, Qin Ran came to the garden and sat at the swing.

The familiar phone rang, and the contact name made Qin Ran feel annoyed.

It was Mrs. Qin.

Thinking that she still had the gold beads in her hands and that she still had two wishes that hadn’t been fulfilled, Qin Ran could only answer the call.


"What is it?" Without any greetings, Qin Ran went straight to the point with her cold tone.

"Is this your attitude towards your elders?" This wretched girl had always been so stubborn and refused to say anything soft.

"If you’re here to educate me today, then I’m sorry, I don’t have time!" Unless she wanted to exchange the gold beads for her wish, she didn’t want to bother with the Qin family.

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"You…" Forget it. Mrs. Qin gritted her teeth. After all, today’s goal was to let her return to the Qin family. She had to tolerate it for now. "Hurry up and come home. Don’t wander around outside."

"Go home? I’m at home right now!"

"Your home is the Qin Residence. You’re also a member of the Qin family! Hurry up and come back. Your father and I won’t take issue with you about the past!" Mrs. Qin’s tone was extremely impatient. She felt that she had already given her a way out by calling Qin Ran.

"If there’s nothing serious, I’m hanging up." Now she felt that it was a waste of breath to even retort.

"Alright, alright. Qin Ran, I’ve raised you for a while. Even without any contributions, I have worked hard. For my sake, come back quickly. I promise you that as long as you’re willing to come back, you can choose from the rooms in the entire villa. You can move from the nannies’ room on the first floor to the large bedroom on the third floor. In the future, you can enter and leave the piano and dance rooms as you please. You can learn whatever you want to learn, we’ll spend money to hire a teacher for you."

If Qin Ran had heard these words when she first entered the Qin family, she would definitely be extremely touched. However, she had already seen Mrs. Qin’s most detestable face.

"There’s no need for that!" Qin Ran said coldly.

"If you think this isn’t enough, I’ll buy you those brand bags that you like. You can choose from any of the new products in each series. There’s also Japanese cuisine. I’ll bring you to eat your favorite Japanese food until you’re happy. I’ll buy you all kinds of beautiful clothes too. Every season, I’ll update your entire cloakroom according to the seasons. How about that?"

"The one who likes to change into new clothes is Qin Xue, the one who likes to buy bags is also Qin Xue, and the one who likes to eat all kinds of Japanese food is Qin Xue. All the preferences you think you remember about me belong to your adopted daughter, and you are only the mother of your adopted daughter. Other than those two gold beads, I have no other connection with you!"

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Qin Ran had a stubborn temper. She hated being used as a substitute the most in her life. Every word Mrs. Qin said just now had touched her reverse scale.

"Okay, I’m busy. I have to go."

"Don’t you dare!" Before Mrs. Qin could finish speaking, she heard the beeping sound from her phone. Qin Ran had really hung up.

"This wretched girl!" Mrs. Qin threw her phone on the coffee table. "I was pregnant for ten months and suffered a lot to give birth to her. I had a difficult labor when I gave birth to her, and I was in pain for an entire day and night. When she was lost at three years old, I couldn’t eat or sleep, and I cried until my eyes were almost blind. In the end, I got such an ingrate."

When Qin Xue heard these words, she became even more convinced that Mrs. Qin would never abandon her biological daughter. Just based on the fact that she had suffered so much for her, she would not just abandon her.

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