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Chapter: 66

What a Great Relief

"Sister Lili, Xiao Xue should be here soon." It was Mrs. Zhang who spoke, and the Sister Lili she was talking about was Mrs. Qin. It had been so long that Qin Ran had almost forgotten that her full name was Xing Li.

"She’s almost here. Let’s wait a little longer," the two of them said as they sat down at the dining table.

"I don’t have that much time to wait for Xiao Xue. I’ll be leaving in half an hour." Qin Ran took out her phone and set the thirty-minute countdown.

"You… How did you learn so many tricks at such a young age?!" Mrs. Qin, who had just sat down, stood up in anger when she saw Qin Ran’s actions.

"Of course I learned it from your precious adopted daughter. Alright, stop talking nonsense. Can’t you see that time is passing minute by minute?" Qin Ran couldn’t even be bothered to raise her eyelids as she kept staring at the countdown on her phone.

"Sorry, I’m late." Qin Xue appeared in the private room two seconds later.

Why did Qin Xue come late? Xing Li treasured her daughter so much that she brought her wherever she went. Why didn’t she come with her today?

"Alright, everyone is here. Ranran, no matter what, this is our Zhang Lan’s fault. I apologize to you on her behalf!" Mrs. Zhang looked apologetic.

Qin Ran remained silent and quietly watched how this group of people acted.

"Zhang Lan, Ranran is your classmate. How can you treat her like this? How did your father and I usually teach you? We asked you to unite your classmates and help each other. Is this how you do it?" As Mrs. Zhang spoke, she pretended to be angry and poked Zhang Lan’s shoulder.


Qin Ran remained silent.

"Apologize to Ranran in front of your Auntie Xing and Xiao Xue and promise that there won’t be a next time."

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Zhang Lan bit her lip tightly, her eyes filled with reluctance. After hesitating for a few seconds, she squeezed out the words from between her teeth as Mrs. Zhang had instructed. "I’m sorry."

Seeing that Qin Ran had no intention of speaking, Mrs. Zhang continued to reprimand her daughter, "You have to show your sincerity and apologize properly. Don’t just apologize, you also have to explain clearly what you did wrong. Hurry!"

After a while, Qin Ran finally spoke. "Auntie Zhang, if you want to educate women, please go home and educate them. There’s no need to act this drama in front of me." After saying that, she retracted her gaze from Zhang Lan and picked up her phone to watch the video.

Mrs. Zhang winked at Xing Li after seeing that the first move did not work.

"Qin Ran, you and Zhang Lan are classmates. Our Qin family and the Zhang family are also old friends. Your Auntie Zhang and I have been good friends for many years. For the sake of so many people, don’t continue to pursue the matter. Let those people withdraw the lawsuit."

In Xing Li’s eyes, Qin Ran’s actions were too arrogant. However, she had no choice but to suppress her anger and persuade her nicely.

"First of all, don’t keep saying that it’s our Qin family. I’m me, and the Qin family is the Qin family. These two have nothing to do with each other. If you don’t admit this, I’ll leave immediately!" Qin Ran’s words were clear and powerful as she continued, "Why do you mean by ‘for the sake of so many people’? Why don’t you think about this when Zhang Lan and Qin Xue make things difficult for me?"

Xing Li was rendered speechless by Qin Ran.

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"Qin Ran, just take it that we did something wrong previously. Let Zhang Lan off this time. We’ll definitely make it up to you in the future. We’ll buy you all kinds of clothes and bags. We’ll even vacate Xiao Xue’s room for you, okay?"

Ever since Qin Ran was brought back to the Qin family, this was the first time Xing Li spoke to her so amiably. However, she was not interested in anything she said. She did not care about Qin Xue’s room either. Just the thought of it made her feel dirty.

"That’s right, Sister. As long as you’re willing to let Zhang Lan off, I’ll do anything. I’ll definitely clean the room and let you live comfortably inside." Qin Xue, who was at the side, was generous and proper. After saying these words, her reputation of being modest became even stronger.

"I don’t want to waste my breath on you anymore. It’s not impossible for me to let Zhang Lan off. Just use the gold beads in your hand to exchange for it." At that time, the three gold beads that she had promised Xing Li represented three wishes. This was also the reason why she was willing to come here today.

"I’m your biological mother after all. Must you calculate everything so clearly? It’s as easy as lifting a finger for you not to pursue Zhang Lan’s responsibility. Why do you want me to exchange the gold beads for such a small matter?" Mrs. Qin’s eyes were burning with anger, but the disappointment in her heart was even more intense.

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