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Chapter: 67

Begging Attitude

However, the words "a piece of cake" and "a small matter" were extremely ear-piercing to Qin Ran. Mrs. Qin had never cared if she was used to the school after transferring schools and had placed all her attention on her adopted daughter. This was her biological mother. She had been bullied on campus and the various videos of her tough life since she was young had been exposed on the Internet. Many strangers who didn’t know her had to comment: "My heart aches." But In the eyes of this biological mother, these were all small matters.

However, Qin Ran stubbornly didn’t say a word about this. She only nodded slightly. "Yes, I want to exchange!"

In any case, this was what the other party’s impression of her was. She could not be bothered to explain herself to this group of people.

Xing Li suddenly realized that her daughter had already grown up when she saw Qin Ran’s indifferent attitude. The words she said before about severing ties were not said in a fit of anger. She was serious.

"Qin Ran, do you have to do this?"

Qin Ran looked up. To her surprise, other than anger, there was also a trace of doubt and heartache in Mrs. Qin’s eyes. She could not understand Xing Li. Didn’t she hate her? Why did her heart ache?

There was the sound of shuffling footsteps outside the door. Qin Ran, who had been trained for a long time, knew that someone had come outside in a hurry. It was not just one person.

The footsteps came closer.

A few seconds later, a large group of reporters holding cameras appeared at the entrance of the private room.

It turned out that Qin Xue had gone to look for the media.


"Sister, the media is already here. Must it be so embarrassing?" Qin Xue’s eyes were filled with pride.

Qin Ran’s disdainful gaze landed on Qin Xue. "I’m sorry, this method doesn’t work for me."

She had long been worried that the Qin family would play the emotional card again or use the media to talk about it. Qin Ran had already thought of a solution.

Therefore, under the gaze of the Zhang family’s mother, daughter, and Mrs. Qin and Qin Xue, Qin Ran calmly walked to the door and said, "We all know the reason why everyone is here. It’s just that I can’t make the decision on this matter. Now, it’s Tian Mo Corporation who wants to help me seek justice. In front of such a heavyweight corporation, I, a high school student who has just graduated, have no right to speak."

It was really useful to directly use the Tian Mo Corporation as a shield.

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"Why don’t you guys interview the Tian Mo Corporation and see if their president can give you an explanation?" Qin Ran continued to add fuel to the fire.

Which media company present would dare to go to the office of the president of Tian Mo Corporation? When they heard this, they could only look at each other. The little girl in front of them had made it clear that no matter how many questions they asked, they would not get any meaningful answers.

It seemed like this trip today was for nothing.

Qin Xue, who was behind her, really did not expect that Qin Ran’s few words would make the media that she had gone through so much trouble to invite return back. The Qin family’s escape route was completely cut off.

"I advise you not to waste your time on these little tricks. It’s really useless. After what happened just now, what good does it do you other than wasting ten minutes?"

Upon hearing this, the four women present lowered their heads to look at Qin Ran’s phone. There were only nine minutes left. Qin Ran’s words were final. They had already seen it for themselves. They were afraid that when the time came, she would definitely turn around and leave. It would be difficult to ask her out again in the future.

Just now, Qin Ran still felt that Xing Li had a trace of conscience, but now, it seemed like it was really laughable. Hence, she lowered her head and continued, "Right now, you only have one path, and that is to use the gold beads to exchange."

Did she really have to use a gold bead? Xing Li hesitated. It was worth it to use a gold bead to deal with that troublesome Young Master Fu last time. But this time, was she going to waste a bead on Zhang Lan?

However, Mrs. Zhang and Qin Xue kept speaking. "Sister Lili, you have to help Lanlan. You watched her grow up. You can’t ignore her!"

"Mom, please beg Sister."

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Mrs. Qin had already agreed to the Zhang family’s request, so it was impossible for her to back down now. She looked down at the countdown on Qin Ran’s phone. There were only a few minutes left.

"Alright, let’s exchange!" Mrs. Qin threw a golden bead that she had been holding in her hand onto the table. As she used too much force, the golden bead bounced on the table a few times and rolled all the way to the corner.

"Alright, but the gold bead has to be handed over to me." Qin Ran felt that her request wasn’t too much. Did she have to squat down and pick them up in a sorry state?

If she asked for help, she had to have the attitude of asking for help.

"Go and pick it up yourself!" Mrs. Qin said angrily.

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