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Chapter: 68

Bribing President Mo

Qin Ran was unmoved. Her eyes never left the timer. In any case, she would leave when the time was up.

"I’ll pick it up, I’ll pick it up. I’ll pick it up for you." When Mrs. Zhang saw that Qin Ran had already agreed, she was willing to kneel down and wipe Qin Ran’s shoes, let alone pick up things for her daughter and the company.

"Qin Ran! Just you wait. One day, I, Zhang Lan, will definitely make you bow down to me."

If it was said that the initial hostility towards Qin Ran was to please Qin Xue, then after this incident, Zhang Lan had already completely regarded Qin Ran as a thorn in her side.

Qin Ran didn’t care about this kind of harmless provocation at all. She only let out a soft snort before taking the golden bead and putting it into her bag. She turned around and left.

The four women in the private room had different expressions.

Qin Ran walked out of the hotel, planning to buy something and look for Mo Chi.

Although she hated this group of people very much, she would definitely do what she said after taking the golden bead.

The media didn’t dare to look for President Mo. But she dared and had a way to make Tian Mo Corporation let Zhang Lan off.

Turning right in front of the hotel was a bakery. Eating more desserts should reduce his anger, right? Qin Ran thought as she pushed open the door and entered the shop.


Qin Ran’s taste was different from ordinary girls. She didn’t like sweetness and sourness, but she liked salty and spicy food. However, even so, when she entered the dessert shop and saw the dazzling array of small cakes, she couldn’t help but be tempted.

Because it was too beautiful.

One after another, she unknowingly spent hundreds of yuan. After she went out, she saw a milk tea shop beside her. Of course, the cake had to be accompanied by milk tea, so she ordered two cups of milk tea.

She carried her bags and took a taxi to Tian Mo Corporation.

"I’m looking for your President Mo." Qin Ran, who was stopped by the front desk, explained the reason for her visit.

"Have you made an appointment? You have to make an appointment in advance to meet our President Mo." The receptionist looked at the extremely beautiful young lady in front of her and then at the various food in her hand. She guessed that her intentions were not simple.

"There’s no appointment, but I’m looking for him for something important."

Qin Ran felt helpless. As expected of the president of a corporation, she had to make an appointment to meet him.

"No matter what it is, you have to make an appointment. President Mo is very busy and doesn’t have time to meet random people."

Random people? When did she become a random person of Mo Chi? Qin Ran rolled her eyes and took out her phone to call Mo Chi.

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"I’m in the lobby of your company, but the front desk won’t let me in. They said I don’t have an appointment." It was really tiring to carry so many things so Qin Ran’s tone was a little impatient.

"You came to the company?" The man’s voice was low, but it could not hide the trace of joy in it.

"Yes, but I can’t go up."

"I’ll go down and pick you up."

"Why don’t you just—"

Before Qin Ran could finish speaking, the other party had already hung up. She wanted to say that there was no need to go through so much trouble. Couldn’t he just get the front desk to let her go up?

When the front desk saw that Qin Ran’s call had been hung up, she couldn’t help but snicker as she thought that this young lady had really hit a wall. However, this wasn’t surprising. It could be said that President Mo wasn’t close to women. There was no lack of young, pretty, mature, and charming women in the company. President Mo didn’t even look at them.

Two minutes later, Mo Chi came downstairs and walked straight to Qin Ran’s side. He gently took the various bags from her hand.

"Why didn’t you let the chauffeur send you?" Mo Chi asked.

"I was outside. I took a taxi over for convenience’s sake. I completely forgot about the front desk."

"She can come to my office anytime in the future." Mo Chi turned around and instructed the receptionist at the front desk. Then, he held Qin Ran’s hand and walked towards the president’s private elevator.

The receptionist behind him was so surprised that she could not close her mouth. This… Who exactly was this girl?

The two of them went all the way to Mo Chi’s office. Qin Ran, who was like a small boss setting up a stall, took out the things in the bag and placed them on Mo Chi’s desk.

"These are croissants. They should be delicious."

"This is a meat pine shell. It’s also very delicious."

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"This is durian layer cake. Try it."

"I even bought you milk tea. It’s only comfortable when there’s food and drinks."

Qin Ran kept talking, but Mo Chi was suspicious. This was the first time this lass was so enthusiastic about him. There must be a reason behind it, but he couldn’t ruin such a rare scene.

Mo Chi took a closer look and took a bite of the meat pine. His expression changed instantly.

This was too sweet.

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