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Chapter: 77

Meeting Old Friends

She wanted to lie and say that she had picked it up from the roadside, but this excuse seemed to be exposed easily. Hence, Qin Ran smiled foolishly and said, "Then our family has really profited. It’s like this. My parents’ medical skills are very good. A few years ago, they coincidentally saved an uncle. That uncle was especially grateful and happened to be a rich person, so he sent us a lot of thank-you gifts. These peony flowers are among them."

Mo Chi nodded and asked in confusion, "But this breed of peony is very difficult to raise. It almost needs to be taken care of every day. Your parents have already passed away, and you’ve been outside all this time. Why…"

"My parents had a friend when they were alive. He doesn’t live too far from here. He and my father were sworn friends for life. He couldn’t bear to let the place they used to live in be in ruins, so he often came to clean and take care of the flowers and plants."

Qin Ran would not tell him that she had specially found someone to pay them five to six thousand yuan a month to clean up every day. Because she was coming back these few days, she had informed him in advance to rest for a few days.

When Mo Chi heard Qin Ran’s explanation, he looked up and saw that the entire courtyard was indeed very clean and tidy. It didn’t look like it was uninhabited at all.

"Qingqing, you’re back!" The girl at the door cheered.

"Su Nan," Qin Ran replied with equal joy.

Su Nan was Qin Ran’s best friend in the countryside. Of course, this friend only knew that her name was Ning Qing. Five years ago, her parents had earned quick money from doing business and moved to a big city to live. However, she didn’t expect that there would be wins and losses in the business world. Their business’s success and failure were both due to the same person. Three years later, because her father’s investment failed, her entire family moved back to the countryside.

"When did you come back? That’s great! I missed you so much!" Su Nan ran to Qin Ran and hugged her.

"You came just as I entered," Qin Ran replied as she hugged Su Nan tightly.

"Qingqing, I miss you too much."

Su Nan still did not let go. She hugged her so tightly that Qin Ran started to cough.

"Are you alright? Are you alright?" Su Nan let go of Qin Ran and said with concern, "Qingqing, why do I feel that you’ve become thinner than before after going to a big city for nearly a year?!" Su Nan sized up Qin Ran from head to toe. She was sure that she wasn’t wrong. Her friend was indeed thinner than before.

Qin Ran only smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Su Nan continued to ask, "Qingqing, how are your biological parents? Are they good to you? Do they look down on you for growing up in the countryside?"

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Su Nan was straightforward and said whatever she wanted in front of her best friend, Qin Ran, who had been her best friend since she was young. She did not envy Qin Ran’s parents for being rich. After living with her parents in the big city for three years, most of the rich people she saw had bad attitudes. Therefore, it was inevitable that she would have preconceived notions about Qin Ran’s biological parents.

However, her preconceived notions this time were very correct.

The series of questions stunned Qin Ran. None of these questions were what she wanted to answer, so she just smiled and didn’t speak.

Mo Chi stood there like air and was completely ignored by the two sisters. In the end, he could only cough twice before Su Nan shifted his gaze to him.

"This is…?"

This question stumped Qin Ran even more. How should she explain Mo Chi’s identity? The two of them were only a fake couple. Would it be a little inappropriate to directly introduce him as her husband? Just as she was feeling conflicted, Su Nan directly said, "Is he your biological uncle? He specially sent you back to pay respects to your parents, right?"


Indeed, no matter how handsome Mo Chi was, he was in his thirties after all. In addition, he usually didn’t like to talk or smile and always had an ice-cold expression. No matter what, his identity as an uncle was much more suitable than her husband.

Qin Ran smiled awkwardly and didn’t refute.

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Mo Chi’s face instantly turned green.

"Hello, Uncle. Thank you for taking care of Qingqing. She’s a strong person. Even if she’s unhappy, she rarely shows it. You have to treat her better in the future."

When did it become someone else’s turn to entrust his wife to him? Moreover, not to mention taking care of her, he couldn’t wait to dote on her every day.

"Alright, alright, Nannan. I haven’t seen you for more than a year. Don’t just talk about me. Hurry up and talk to me about your changes." Qin Ran pulled Su Nan’s hand and changed the topic.

"I’m still the same. Nothing new has happened. By the way, Qingqing, do you know? In the past six months that he hasn’t seen you, my brother has been lovesick."

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