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Chapter: 79

Mo Chi s New Skill

"Let’s go home!" Then, he held Qin Ran’s hand and walked back to the old house happily.

Qin Ran realized that Mo Chi was really angry this time. When she ran away from home, no matter how angry he was, he wouldn’t completely ignore her. However, this time, Mo Chi didn’t say a word for a few minutes.

This was very bad.

"Mr. Mo, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have hidden your identity from the beginning. I know that my explanation is useless. It’s my fault for making you suffer so much embarrassment. I’m sorry!" She had to hurry up and admit her mistake. As long as her attitude was right, she might be able to get a lighter punishment.

However, this sentence made Mo Chi’s originally gloomy face even darker.

"Is this something that’s difficult for me? It’s about why you have a childhood sweetheart who still misses you and actually wants to marry you."

"Because this place is remote, the only families who lived here all year round when I was young were my family and Nannan’s family. My parents often treated his family’s illnesses. Therefore, we became closer after interacting with them for a while." The children in the countryside usually had siblings at home. Only Qin Ran was always alone, so she liked to be friends with them when the Su siblings were slightly warmer to her.

"Then there was an engagement?" Mo Chi spread out his hands.

"There was no engagement at all. It was my parents and the parents of the Su family who joked a few times. It was just a joke, but I didn’t expect them to take it seriously and always mention it."

As if she felt that she didn’t explain enough, Qin Ran added, "When I was in junior high school, I even specially asked Dad if I had to marry Brother Su Wang when I grew up. Dad said that there was no need and asked me to marry the person I really liked."

At this point, Mo Chi understood that this so-called marriage was just the other party’s wishful thinking.

However, the other party had good intentions. They probably saw that Qin Ran’s adoptive parents had already passed away, and her life with her biological parents was not very happy, so they wanted their son to marry the daughter of an old friend and take good care of her.

Every time he thought of these things, Mo Chi couldn’t help but feel sorry for Qin Ran. This lass looked like the sun, but in reality, her life wasn’t easy.

This trip took more than an hour. Coupled with the fact that they had been traveling all morning, Qin Ran was already tired and hungry. Her stomach responded unhappily.

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"Hungry?" Mo Chi asked curiously.

Qin Ran nodded obediently. After going to the Su family, she didn’t get to eat and was actually angry.

"Let me get you something to eat," Mo Chi said as he stood up to leave.

"You?" Qin Ran questioned. Mo Chi was the president of the Tian Mo Corporation. Shouldn’t he be aloof? He actually knew how to cook?

"If I’m not the one cooking now, then is there any other way?"

That was true. After all, it would take at least an hour to drive from the countryside to town. In any case, Qin Ran was about to vomit from the bumpy ride. Forget it, she would eat whatever Mo Chi cooked.

However, she didn’t expect that half an hour later, the food brought out from the kitchen was actually very delicious. "You actually know our wild vegetables. Most importantly, you cook so much on your first try. As expected of the president, you’re bold and outstanding in all aspects."

Mo Chi remained silent and thought to himself, This is nothing much.

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In the past, when he was carrying out missions in the General Corps and encountered wilderness survival, he was proficient in digging wild vegetables, distilling water, and drilling wood for fire. Being able to survive in all kinds of difficult and dangerous environments was his basic professionalism.

Qin Ran was really hungry. She lowered her head and wolfed down the food in her bowl.

"Father-in-law and mother-in-law asked you to marry the person you like. Have you found that person now?" Mo Chi pretended to ask casually.

Qin Ran put down her bowl. Actually, this was also a question that she was thinking about. In the past, she only felt that she was young and that it was too early for her to consider marriage. But now, on one hand, she was already married to Mo Chi by chance, and on the other hand, Uncle Su was also worried about the rest of her life. She suddenly felt that she had really become an adult and had to happily respond to the person she liked and wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Seeing that Qin Ran didn’t say anything, Mo Chi added, "We won’t get a divorce in the future. Take it slow. Perhaps you’ll realize that I’m the person you like?"

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