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Chapter: 43

Shed looked out the window. The place where he was staying now also had a garden set up like the parlor in the outer court.

The snow that had been falling has stopped and the world has turned completely white. The timing was right for the diligent work of patronage of the inner palace and repair of the garden to be suspended for a few days due to the snow.

He did not know how Raha ordered the garden to be decorated. However, he could at least get an idea of the scale of the work.


Recently, Shed finally saw Raha sleeping. To be precise, she came here with her eyes open. However, she had already finished taking a bath and walked to the bedroom with a half-asleep face.

How much dancing did she do?

Raha was held in Shed’s arms and he brought his lips to her cheek. That light kiss was all. Raha immediately fell asleep as if fainting. Shed carefully moved the sleeping Princess to the bed in his arms.

Then he lied down and stared at the sleeping Princess and greeted the dawn.

The rumor that that one and only imperial Princess of the Delo empire was always lying around with her bedroom slave in debauchery every time was hilarious.

"After a few days, she’ll be able to relax again."

She was busy all the time.

It was hard to see her face properly.

Knock. Knock. 

It was then that Shed heard a knock on the door. The jeweler who had entered with the attendants looked at Shed and bowed his head lightly.

"Then I will take my leave."

All the attendants went out. The ornate door closed discreetly.

Shed’s expression did not change, but on the other hand, he thought it was a little strange. This was the outer palace, not the inner palace. Of course, it was not good to let outsiders, such as this jeweler, into the inner palace, so he understood that he had to meet them in the outer palace.

But normally the maids would stay around in the outer palace. He didn’t think they would all leave.

"Excuse me. My name is Paris, a jeweler from Panode. Please feel free to call me Paris."

Paris, the jeweler p, was a vibrant young man.

He had a soft impression. Paris opened the large bag he had brought and took out various jewels. They were all blue, but each detail was different. Shed could not understand why Raha told him he looked good with blue jewelry.

Shed sat there quietly.

Paris pulled out a precious diamond the size of a quail egg. And the very moment that the diamond touched Shed’s wrist.


Shed’s face contorted. It had to be so. Because the divine power flowed through the diamond and onto his body.

He said he was a jeweler. Just as Shed was about to warn him, Paris clasped Shed’s hands.

"…… My King."

At that moment, Shed’s face hardened. Tears welled up in both eyes of Paris, the priest dressed as a jeweler.

"I am glad to see you are well. I’ve heard about you from the High Priest…."


"Perhaps you don’t know my face, but I was a priest in the Holy Land assisting in experiments in the laboratory. You may call me Paris."


Shed, who had been glaring at Paris with a stopped gaze, slowly opened his mouth.

"What is your purpose here?"

It was a short, intense question. Paris wiped his teary eyes and said.

"High Priest Amar sent me here to deliver a message."

"High Priest…..?"

"Yes, My King."

It had been two months now since Shed was captured by this huge empire. So far, the Holy Land was half in ruins, but that was already under calculation.

But they continued the experiment. What was created as a result was the gemstone bracelet that Paris now brought.

"Keep this on your arm. It is an interlocking measuring device."

At that moment, Shed couldn’t believe his ears.

"What kind of measuring device is this?"

"My King……"

Paris spoke slowly, prying open his mouth that was difficult to release.

"Please don’t misunderstand me. Actually …… all of this was part of the blueprint."

"The blueprint?"

Paris’eyes sank into melancholy.

The experiment using the blood of the Delo empire’s legitimate Princess had already reached its limits. However, they could not give up on the research that would yield results if they studied another 30 percent or so.

Therefore, the Holy Land deliberately leaked the existence of the laboratory to Karzen, and as expected, Karzen became furious and led his military to trample the Holy Land.

The priests on their knees. Experimental subjects became slaves.

Shed’s face has been expressionless from the beginning.The crack in his icicle-like face came shortly after he heard Paris’s last words.

"It was part of the experiment, the physical relationship with the Princess……. Ka!"

Paris’s face turned pale when he was grabbed by his collar. Shed’s eyes filled with murderous intent.

"Are you crazy?"

"Now, please calm down… Please ……"

Shed knew that there were no maids outside anyway. He could detect that level of human presence even with his eyes closed.

He put down Paris’s collar with a face that shook cold with anger.

"Tell me what the hell you’re talking about right now."

"….. My King."

Paris swallowed dry spit. They deliberately didn’t tell the experimental subjects that they had drained the blood of the Princess. The Holy Land took care of the information that would have any guilt. Because the majority of the experimental subjects were nobles and royalty who willingly depended on their bodies for revenge for being trampled by the Delo Empire.

Therefore, even now, Paris did not talk about having experimented on Raha’s blood. However, it was necessary to say that Shed’s relationship with the imperial Princess would be used as the basis for the experiment. Only then would they be able to determine when it was time for Shed to leave.

"I am truly sorry ……. But I could not tell you in advance."

"Why? What’s so important that you couldn’t tell me in advance?"

Paris turned pale as Shed growled. He said hesitantly.

"The Holy Land didn’t want you to feel guilty about the Princess."


Shed swept his face with both hands.

"They really are a bunch of nuts."

"……I’m sorry."

Kissing Raha, holding her hands, burying his face into her warm body heat. Every act of kissing her neck and digging deep in her wet place was a funny kind of experiment.

He felt like a crossbreed. His mouth was bitter and dirty. No, he knew he was now in this insane state.

What about the Princess?

What about that Princess who had her arms around his neck without knowing what was going on?

In the midst of all this, the blue diamond sparkled from Shed’s wrist. Paris took the bracelet with a somber look on her face. The bracelet should tell them how much more Shed should engage with the Imperial Princess.

And ……

Paris could tell. The Princess cared about the King much more than he thought. 

He wasn’t sure if she cared for Shed’s body, his heart, or for satisfying her sexual desire. In a manner of speaking, that was what the result of this diamond said.

He wouldn’t know for sure until he sent this bracelet to the Holy Land.

"I think the King will get out of here soon…."

Paris omitted the rest of the words ‘After having had enough contact with the Princess’, but Shed understood it well enough. But even at the mention that he could stop living as a slave and move closer to his original goal, Shed’s expression did not lighten up in the slightest.

It was just so cold and impassive that Paris could not even make proper eye contact with him. He depressingly took out the other box of jewels. They were ordinary gems with no sacred power in them. To deceive the attendants, and to the Princess who told him to give them to him as a gift.

"The Holy Land will prepare a way out for you. So spend your time as if you knew nothing….."

There was no reply from Shed. Paris continued with sad eyes.

"King, we are responsible for all your sins. So please don’t feel any guilt, just stay healthy."

Paris decided not to say what the red-haired maid had told the priest. It was the intention of High Priest Amar.

"It seems that the Princess already knew everything and gave the order on purpose. Why is that? Why does she act like she herself is involved in this? If the King finds out later…." (red-haired maid)

"Alright, keep your mouth shut."

"……Yes, High Priest Amar."

* * *

"Is the jeweler gone?"

Raha, who had been in the main palace all day today to clean up after the New Year’s feast, entered the outer palace and asked. The attendant politely replied.

"Yes, Your Imperial Highness. I have decided to order twenty-two pieces of jewelry."

"Fewer than I expected. Your slave said that there is nothing that he likes."

"…… I don’t think he likes or dislikes them that much to begin with."

Raha chuckled.

"Then, call the jeweler a few more times."

"Yes, Your Imperial Highness."

The Kingdom of Panode, the largest gem-producing country on the continent, was very close to the Holy Land both geographically and in terms of friendly distance.

So if she called Panode’s jeweler here, the Holy Land would send them in a hurry.

‘Karzen doesn’t invite priests in the Holy Land anymore.’

Anyway, he was a wild guy. Moreover, it was not just a kingdom, nor did it invite priests from the Holy Land many times in Delo, which already possessed a huge temple in its imperial palace.

‘You can’t just kill the chief chamberlain every time, can you?’

"Where is number 192?"

"He’s at the inner palace."

"Shall we have dinner together…..?"

She thought Shed would be unsettling because he had heard everything from the priest from the Holy Land disguised as a jeweler today. 

Still, she wanted to have dinner together, face to face, for the first time in a long time. That was when Raha stepped out.


A servant from the main palace came to visit.

"The Emperor wants to see you."

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