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Chapter: 1138

The Master Is Busy

Xie Qiao was such a beautiful young lady, yet she had to dress herself up like an old woman. Not to mention Sang You who did not understand, even Jiang Jinlu could not help but dislike this fake face.

However, now, they did not have the right to say anything.

They could only watch as Xie Qiao put on the disguise.

She felt much more comfortable after letting her face breathe a little bit.

"Don’t call me by the wrong name in the future." Xie Qiao did not forget to remind her junior brothers.

Her junior brothers stared at each other, unwilling to cooperate. Seeing this, Xie Qiao felt that these "brats" were insensible. They were men, and their days were too carefree. An ordinary man would not know the hunger of a hungry man. They did not understand how difficult it would be for her to slay demons with her identity as Xie Qiao!

In case they could not remember it, Xie Qiao said seriously, "Teacher knows my identity. If anyone slips up, he… would be angry."

Sang You looked troubled.

The other two nodded helplessly.

What else could they do? The little girl was young, and her seniority was quite high. They had been in the sect for so long, and every year, they said that they had to be filial to their teacher and senior sister. The words that were said were like water that was splashed, so it was inappropriate to be disrespectful to her now…

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However, just thinking about her young appearance made them feel like they were facing a child!

After mentioning their teacher, Xie Qiao had successfully shut them up.

It did not take long for her to change her clothes, so it was a great consolation that no one saw her.

Xie Pinggang still had countless words to say, but the matter of the black-clothed men was more important now, so he had no choice but to leave with his men. Before he left, he did not forget to glare at her to warn her. He probably wanted her to go back. He would report to the Xie family and she would be scolded.

That was impossible.

Xie Qiao had already thought that when she went back, she would definitely be the obedient Princess Consort!

If she could not afford to offend him, could she not hide?

After hiding for a few days, Xie Pinggang, that careless person, would probably forget about such a small matter.

Once Xie Pinggang left, Xie Qiao’s heart felt as if there was a mountain missing. She turned around with an unfathomable expression and continued to be a master. She took a group of people and left this desolate place to a nearby town.

Zhao Xuanjing had many guards behind him. They looked awe-inspiring. There was also a courier station in the small town that could accommodate them.

Xie Qiao was still more concerned about the thoughts of the ghoul, so she brought Ms. Cai to stroll around.

Ms. Cai had seen her change her appearance before.

When Zhao Xuanjing and the others were not around, Ms. Cai finally looked at her, and she asked in a puzzled manner, "Why, as a woman, can you do what you want to do? Even if one’s family is rich and noble, I saw that the madam of the Meng family is busy with trivial matters."

"I’m also very busy." Xie Qiao sat up straight and said.

"It’s not the same." Ms. Cai shook her head.

After seeing this master, she knew how ridiculous her life was.

"They all take you to heart. Even if you lied to them, they were only surprised but did not blame you. They protected you and helped you. Your husband also indulged you. Unlike me, when I was in my mother’s house, I was like a servant who did hard labor. When I came to my in-law’s house, it was the same.

"I used to think that this was what I was supposed to do, but now I suddenly feel like a living animal," Ms. Cai said in confusion.

Her value was to work nonstop.

Just like an animal.

However, if the animal was gone, one could buy another one. It was not important at all.

Was she living her life wrong when she was alive?

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