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Chapter: 1143

She Made His Heart Turn Cold

Meng Jifang initially had some misgivings, but when he heard what his friend said, he was displeased. He also felt that he had indeed been too cautious. Could it be that Mo Chusheng could really predict the future?

"Let’s go!" He replied directly.

This trip had really opened his eyes.

The few beauties that his friend had just hired were indeed top-notch. Some were plump and beautiful, while others had beautiful eyebrows and thin waist. The most outstanding ones were indeed the two beauties from Mount Rong. They had a pair of green eyes and were extremely alluring.

With just one look, he fell in love with them.

This friend knew that he had let him down, so he was very generous and gifted these two beauties to him directly.

The Meng family was actually quite good. Otherwise, they would not have been able to raise a virtuous woman like Imperial Concubine Meng. It was just that Meng Jifang was a little different. He was the son of the first wife, and he had an older brother, but his body was especially weak, so he should not be able to live for long. Furthermore, his older brother had no children. He was like an invisible person at home. It was almost certain that the title of nobility in the Meng family would fall to him in the future.

Meng Jifang was also the best among the Meng family’s children.

From the old lady of the Meng family to the three-year-old child in the family, there was no one who did not like him.

Imperial Concubine Meng doted on this nephew of hers. The Fourth Prince, who had never been interested in worldly things, also had a deep friendship with this cousin.

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Even Meng Jifang himself was a frequent visitor to the imperial palace. The emperor regarded these young fellows with great importance. When he was young, he was praised many times. However, later on, when the Meng family saw that he was playful, they did not dare to send him into the palace. They were afraid that the emperor would be disappointed when he saw him.

Now that he had brought home two great beauties who were foreign women, it would be strange if Marquis Meng was not angry.

He reprimanded him several times.

However, it was useless.

Marquis Meng was quite shrewd. When he was impeaching the Crown Prince, he would not let go of even the tiniest thing. However, when facing his own son, he really could not bear to do it.

He could not bear to hit him, and he could only scold him a few times. In the end, he thought that they were only two singers, and they were not even concubines. It was fine, he would let him be.

Marquis Meng did not say anything, so the other family members did not care much.

Thinking back to the scene of being oppressed by the Crown Prince and the others, Meng Jifang felt that his home was like heaven.

All day long, he called his friends to listen to the singers dance to relieve their boredom.

However, he did not completely indulge himself.

There were not many women in his courtyard. There were two or three of them who were good-looking and obedient. They did not often go inside. He would watch them dance and play the zither mostly. The Meng family only had one request for him, which was not to spend all of the money.

A few days ago, he had been possessed by Ms. Cai. It seemed too much and his family was still very angry. However, now that Ms. Cai had left, he felt much better, so the Meng family did not say anything more.

After Xie Qiao returned, she did not go to the Xie Residence. Instead, she went straight to the Crown Prince’s residence.

Xie Pinggang’s reaction was slow. After he left first that day, he suddenly remembered something big.

That was that the master was a little expert at making money back then!

Now that he found out that the master was his own sister, did that mean that this sister of his had her money hidden in her hands?! Even those treasure chests from before were hers?!

With that said, Xie Pinggang’s anger from being deceived became even greater.

Later on, he found out from Xi’er that there were items from the two treasure chests!

As her biological brother, he was only given 500 taels of silver!

When she got married, he had given her everything he had! This heartless girl did not give him money when she had so much. She made his heart turn cold.

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