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Chapter: 1144

Spend Money

The more Xie Pinggang thought about it, the angrier he got. He went home to sharpen his knife and wait for Xie Qiao to come.

However, after waiting for a few days, Xie Qiao still did not come to his door.

His anger grew.

Although that was the case, Xie Qiao was now the Princess Consort. As a subject, he could not go to her door to look for trouble. His anger was brought to the criminal division. His fierce face scared the men in black so much that they were about to cry.

He did not hold back when interrogating them.

These men in black were all death warriors. They kept their mouths shut. Xie Pinggang tortured them until they were half dead, but he could not get anything out of them. He was going bald from the stress.

Zhao Xuanjing knew that it was not easy to handle this matter, so he did not make things difficult for him. However, Xie Pinggang felt uncomfortable. After thinking about it, he turned his thoughts to Xie Qiao.

The girl was a master. He would be a fool to not use her.

However, he could not see her now, so it was a little troublesome…

The Crown Prince was still indulging his sister, so he probably would not help him…

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After Xie Pinggang returned home, he called his younger siblings to him without hesitation.

The way Xie Pinghuai looked at him was actually not as hostile as before. He was very restrained. However, Xie Pinggang knew that this kid also had bad intentions in his heart, but he did not care. He even said cheerfully, "Your eldest sister has been married for so long. Other than returning home the first time, she has never returned home since then. You must miss her very much, right?"

"No." Xie Pinghuai looked much more composed.

Xie Xi also shook her head.

Eldest sister had only been married for a short period of time!

They did not often see her in the past, so they were used to it and did not miss her much.

"You two have a very comfortable life. You live a carefree life. From now on, I’ll set a few rules for you two." Xie Pinggang was thick-skinned. "From now on, wake up at 5.45 A.M. every day and wait on our father to wash up. Then, go visit Master Yu and wait on her to have breakfast. After that, go to class. When you’re free, we’ll hold a tea party. It’ll be lively."

"Tea party!" Xie Pinghuai frowned. He almost could not help but start shouting again. Fortunately, he had adjusted well recently. He could really endure it. He slowly asked, "What’s the use of having that…?"

Xie Xi also resisted.

"You’re not young anymore. You should learn from that kid from the Meng family and make friends with him. It’ll be easier for you to get married in the future." Xie Pinggang’s words were quite reasonable, "Have a few more banquets every month. You must invite enough people to each banquet. If you can’t invite them, I will punish you severely."

Xie Pinghuai secretly rolled his eyes.

If you want to punish them, just say it. Why do you have to beat around the bush and make excuses?

Although the Xie family was related to the Emperor, there were not many people who were willing to hang out with him and Xie Xi!

"How big is the banquet… And how much money would it cost…" Xie Xi’s heart was beating fast.

"Money is nothing! Your eldest sister has plenty of money!" Xie Pinggang harrumphed. "Go ahead and spend it. If you run out of money, go rob the Fortune Pavilion!"

Xie Xi was so scared that her face turned pale.

Xie Pinghuai was a little confused. "Don’t you admire that Master Mo so much?"

"Nonsense! When have I ever admired her? Never!" Xie Pinggang refused to admit it directly. "In short, the banquet must be held in a dignified manner. Don’t be afraid of spending money!"

Xie Pinggang did not feel that he was thick-skinned at all. Even if the girl was married off, she was still his sister!

When she was married off, he eagerly sold the big golden eagle at home for money. He also sold all the private properties that he had saved all these years on it. He did not forget to borrow some from his colleagues. What happened in the end?!

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