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Chapter: 1145

A Secret

On the day of Xie Qiao’s wedding, there were so many gifts.

Many of the things were prepared by the imperial family. They did not bother Xie Niushan and his son at all. However, Xie Pinggang felt that his sister’s health was already so poor. If she used all the dowry given by others, then she would have even less dignity in the future.

Hence, he put in all his effort, worried that he would not do well enough.

Of course, after doing all that, he did not say anything. In fact, he even thought his father was useless and could not make her more glorious and dignified.

Now that he had been slapped in the face by reality, thinking about how Xie Qiao had gotten two big treasure chests behind his back, he felt terrible.

He had a serious look on his face. After being beaten by him for a long time, Xie Pinghuai could slowly understand his temper. He knew that he could not provoke his brother now. Although he was very reluctant, he still chose to nod his head.

In the following days, the brother and sister were very busy.

Xie Niushan was a rough man, so he did not need to be served, right?

However, now that he was being monitored by his eldest son, he could only get up early in the morning to accept the kindness of his children. It was a torture.

The atmosphere at home was strange.

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Yu Xian felt that she was an outsider after all. It was a little inappropriate for her to be served by the brother and sister like that.

"I’m fine, alright? I’m just a boorish person, and I don’t like to have so many rules. Brother Xie, look at how pitiful they are. They are still growing and haven’t woken up yet. Why bother?" Yu Xian could not help but shake her head.

"I’m doing this for their own good!" Xie Pinggang said seriously.

Yu Xian could tell that he was lying at a glance.

"Your younger brother was a little insensible in the past, but he has been behaving very well recently. He’s much more stable and doesn’t like to joke or cause trouble. How can you treat him like this?" Yu Xian frowned and looked quite angry.

Of these two, one was her true disciple, and the other was her nominal student.

She had to protect them a little, right?

She could understand the banquets, but serving others… What was the point of such unnecessary rules?

"Whether you’re filial or not doesn’t depend on what you do on the surface," Yu Xian said again.

Xie Pinghuai could not help but secretly give the master a thumbs up.

He did not even dare to open his mouth, yet his master did not realize that his eldest brother was furious right now?

"The Princess Consort isn’t coming home recently. If she doesn’t come, I’ll deal with her siblings. Let’s see how long she can hold it in!" Xie Pinggang was very straightforward and did not hide it from his siblings.

Yu Xian’s heart skipped a beat.

"Why is Brother Xie so angry?" Did he discover something?

"She…" Xie Pinggang wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words. "Although we are like brothers, there are some things that I can’t tell you. It’s a secret."

‘Then don’t tell me it’s a secret!’

It was so tempting that it made people feel uncomfortable!

"Young Lady Xie has such a weak body. Don’t try to make her angry. She is so lovely. If I had such a girl, I would praise her everyday!" Yu Xian shook her head.

"This lousy girl, I’ll give her to you!"

The girl should scram and leave the treasure chests behind!

He was not that fond of lying!

Even the Crown Prince knew about it before him! What did she mean?! Could it be that she thought the Crown Prince was closer to her than him?!

She was born from the same mother’s womb. Who the hell was the Crown Prince…?

Xie Pinggang was filled with jealousy.

When Yu Xian saw him like that, she could not help but say, "It’s because you are too fierce that Young Lady Xie doesn’t dare to come back. She is not like us, the unreasonable, boorish people. She is a refined person, and there must be a reason for her decision. Brother Xie, no matter how angry you are, if you really see her, you are not allowed to use violence, right? "If you use violence… Our brotherhood will be lost."

Xie Qiao was a master, and they were close!

Moreover, she had promised to help her!

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