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Chapter: 1148

Beggar Master

Xie Qiao’s face turned slightly red.

"I figured that he hasn’t been doing well recently. After thinking about it, it should have something to do with those people. Eldest brother still wants me to go home and listen to his lecture… Naturally, I can’t go along with his wishes, so I thought that I should go to the criminal division and help him with his errands with you. He would need to thank me. He won’t be able to vent his anger," Xie Qiao added.

Zhao Xuanjing smiled helplessly. "You’re just worried about his job."

How could she make others angry like that?

"That’s not right either. Those men in black were trying to assassinate you." The corner of Xie Qiao’s mouth curled up. "We’re husband and wife. I’m doing this for myself."

"The criminal division is too hostile." Zhao Xuanjing also knew that Xie Qiao did not like that place.

"It’s okay to go there once in a while. My body is much better now, and I’m not as fragile as before. The main thing is that the ghouls there are generally ugly and make people want to throw up. I’ll try not to look at them when the time comes." If it were any other case, Xie Qiao would not take the initiative to intervene, but that group of black-clothed people had almost killed her before. Of course, she had to know who sent them.

After dealing with these people that day, her body was a little weak. She did not have the time to ask them personally. It was not too late to make up for it now.

"Since you want to go, let’s go take a look first thing in the morning." Zhao Xuanjing did not continue to stop her.

He could not stop her.

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However, seeing that Xie Qiao’s attitude toward Xie Pinggang was almost better than her attitude with him, he was jealous. He could not help but want to do something to her. Unfortunately, as he had just started, someone came to pass a message.

"Your Highness, Her Highness, there’s a beggar outside. He insisted that he’s Her Highness’ master… We wanted to chase him away, but that person mentioned the Water Moon Temple. We… could not make the decision, so we came to ask Her Highness’ opinion…" The person outside said.

"Beggar?" Xie Qiao’s eyelids twitched. She had a bad feeling.

Zhao Xuanjing immediately tidied up his clothes and held Xie Qiao’s hand. "Let’s go out and take a look."

It could not be Xie Qiao’s unfathomable master, could it?

He was a master, after all. How could he be described as a beggar?

Thinking of Xie Qiao’s unrestrained and mysterious ways, Zhao Xuanjing naturally felt that Mo Lingzi was also such a person, unless he encountered some difficulties on the road. However, if he really encountered something, Xie Qiao must be anxious, so he had to go and take a look.

The two walked side by side, and someone invited the "beggar" in.

When they reached the hall, Xie Qiao was dumbfounded when she saw.

Xie Qiao wished she could turn around and leave.

However, the beggar pounced on her and grabbed her sleeve directly. "My dear disciple, I’ve missed you so much!"

Zhao Xuanjing almost kicked him away.

Why did he pull her sleeve?!

Xie Qiao looked helpless. "Don’t we have a lot of money in the temple? Master, didn’t you bring it with you when you went out?"

"I did." Mo Lingzi wiped his tears in grievance. "It’s all the fault of those d*mn bandits. I did not walk more than a few miles before I was robbed… Not only was my money robbed, I was also captured as a coolie. After working for two months, I escaped and wanted to go back to the temple, but I didn’t have any money. Since I always offend people, I gritted my teeth and came to the capital…

"My dear disciple, I’ve had a hard time…" Mo Lingzi was really crying.

Needless to say, Xie Qiao knew that he must have had a hard time.

His outfit…

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