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Chapter: 1149

Why Blame Me

Xie Qiao could not help but sigh. She felt both distressed and helpless. She quickly asked someone to prepare some hot water and clothes for her master to wash up.

Her master’s clothes seemed to have been rolled in a mud pit. His entire body was emitting a foul smell. If one looked carefully, there seemed to be some dead insects mixed in the dirt…

His hair was knotted, his boots were broken, his legs were trembling, and his nails were mixed with mud…

She rubbed his head.

"Wait, I even brought a fool into the capital. I thought that it was not easy to enter this high-gated courtyard. If they hit me, it would be difficult to run away with the fool, so I placed him outside…" Mo Lingzi quickly said.

Xie Qiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Master, you’re already like this, but you brought someone else with you? Are you sure you did not make this person a fool?!"

Mo Lingzi felt like he had been shot in the chest, and his voice sounded a little cowardly. "I did, but I didn’t do it on purpose… Who asked this stupid kid to follow me all the way…"

"You really did it?!" Xie Qiao took a deep breath.

It was really the ability for her master to be able to become like this!

When she left the Water Moon Temple, she had left behind some pretty good junior brothers. Of course, they were not direct disciples of the Water Moon Temple, but secular disciples who had entered the sect to cultivate. They were all kind and dutiful people, and with them around, as long as her master did not act foolishly, it would not be difficult for the Water Moon Temple to continue operating.

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Apart from people, she had also left property behind.

After so many years, she had accumulated many talismans and dharmic instruments. She had stored quite a lot into the treasury. There were also tens of thousands of taels of gold, silver, and common goods. She had given him almost all the money she had made from Yun Wei’s paintings in the past.

In addition, the people at the foot of the mountain of the Water Moon Temple also treated him with great respect. If he wanted to enter the capital, all he had to do was to go to the foot of the mountain and look for a convoy. His journey would definitely be smooth!

In the end, he was robbed…

Xie Qiao was sure that he did not take the usual route at all!

On the usual route, there were no bandits that were so bold!

Xie Qiao saw through it with one look. Mo Lingzi did not dare to look at Xie Qiao. He turned his head timidly and muttered in a low voice, "Great-Grandmaster once said that I do not have the fate to amass wealth…"

"Master, you have broken the rule again, haven’t you?" Xie Qiao’s tone was calm.

Mo Lingzi’s heart skipped a beat.

He did not want to tell the truth.

Xie Qiao suddenly clutched her chest and started coughing violently. "Y-You can just piss me off to death…"

Her pale face was so scary that Mo Lingzi’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. If Xie Qiao had not pinched Zhao Xuanjing’s palm before acting, even Zhao Xuanjing would be scared out of his wits right now!

"D-Don’t be angry, don’t be angry! I did make a mistake! When I went down the mountain, I met a-a widow and followed her down that road. I was curious too. I thought why didn’t she take the main road and follow her all the way. Who knew she was there to seduce people."

Xie Qiao was stunned.

Her master had improved?

Mo Lingzi’s face turned red. "I didn’t do anything… I just talked to that woman and… read her fortune…"

Mainly, he read her palm.

Since he read her palm, it was inevitable that he would pinch her hand and take a closer look. After reading her palm, he found that the woman’s life was not good, so his words were a little harsh.

She said she had the life of a prostitute, having unfilial children for three generations, such a vicious person would be reincarnated as a pig or dog in her next life…

In short, he did not know why but he said it out loud at that time.

"That woman didn’t want to rob me initially, seeing that I’m an old master…" Mo Lingzi admitted it himself. "But her life was not good, and she insisted on letting me tell her fortune. So why did she get angry and blame me after that?"

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