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Chapter: 1150

Crippled for Life

When Mo Lingzi brought up that woman, he did not forget to complain to Xie Qiao, "Not paying for fortune-telling is even more immoral! I initially thought that her looks were pretty good, but who knew that her fortune is so bad, with the labor and death patterns on her palms? She’s also an extraordinary person. I haven’t even complained that she has tarnished my eyes, but she actually started to rob me…"

Xie Qiao was helpless and wanted to cover her master’s mouth.

"Master, don’t talk about people’s rights and wrongs." Xie Qiao shook her head. "Now that we’re so far away, it’s impossible for you to bring people to take revenge. Since this matter is over, don’t mention it again. It’s a waste of your own virtue."

Xie Qiao was talking about her master’s attitude.

The more irritable he was, the easier it was for something to happen.

Zhao Xuanjing felt that Xie Qiao was more like a master than a disciple when she was with this old man.

"I know. I’ll just whisper a few words to you. I’ll forget all about that woman later. Send someone to pick up the little fool first. If he’s gone for too long, I’m worried that he’ll be lost… I don’t know if he’ll be obedient now," Mo Lingzi said.

He was quite comfortable with instructing his own disciple.

Xie Qiao was also used to it. After confirming the address, she sent someone to do it.

Mo Lingzi was in no hurry to wash up. He insisted on waiting for the little fool to be brought over before he was willing to go over, so Xie Qiao let him be.

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After a while, Mo Lingzi seemed to notice Zhao Xuanjing next to him.

Then, there was a look of surprise. "Tsk, tsk, tsk… I say, girl, your taste is really good. This Crown Prince is truly a handsome man that is hard to come by in ten thousand miles, and he even has the face of an emperor. His bone structure is even more perfect. There is jade in the mountains, pearls in the sea, and a glorious appearance of heavenly wealth. Not bad, not bad…"

Mo Lingzi circled around Zhao Xuanjing. "In one’s life, wealth, poverty, longevity, fortune, and evil are all in this body. Girl, your husband is really beautiful. His appearance, skin, hair, bones, complexion, and voice are all good. Your father is not that good. His ability to choose your husband is really not bad. If you want to talk about shortcomings…

"Kid, your waist is good, but your hand is a little crippled. I’m afraid you’ll be crippled for life?" Mo Lingzi had already spoken before Xie Qiao could stop him.

Xie Qiao exhaled and did not know whether to laugh or cry as she glanced at Zhao Xuanjing.

If it was anyone else, Zhao Xuanjing would have been angry.

His right hand had always been a taboo, and no one had ever dared to mention it.

Mo Lingzi, whom he had just met, had directly exposed his weakness with one sentence. He was indeed a person who was seeking death.

"Master," Xie Qiao snorted and looked at him quietly. Mo Lingzi immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing. He glanced at Zhao Xuanjing embarrassedly and then stood back silently.

He shook his body and put his hands in front of his body, pretending to be an expert.

He had not seen his precious disciple for a long time. He was so excited that he talked too much.

Of course, in his life… He could not shut his mouth.

It was because of this mouth that he had offended so many people.

It was not that he did not want to change, but… he really could not!

"Master, His Highness’ hand is okay. It doesn’t affect his daily life. It’s just that it’s not good to practice martial arts with his right hand. However, not everyone in this world is required to learn martial arts," Xie Qiao explained.

Mo Lingzi nodded obediently.

"It’s alright. I’ve heard about you before. Master is a straightforward person. If everyone is like Zhou Weizong, being cautious of me all the time, it’d be boring." Zhao Xuanjing raised his right hand and chuckled.

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