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Chapter: 958

Fate Has Come To an End

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The ghoul continued calmly, "When Mother agreed to my grandmother and sold me away, I’m afraid she didn’t have the intention to get rid of me as a burden, right?

"Regardless of whether Father can be saved or not, there would be one less person who needs food at home.

"Now that I’m gone, Mother doesn’t have to be sad. In the end, I’ve already repaid the debt that I owe Father and Mother…"

After saying this, the ghoul did not say anything more.

Xie Qiao told her word by word truthfully.

The woman was stunned when she heard that.

Her entire body trembled.

"Now that your daughter has helped you get this money back, it can also be considered as repaying the debt of your upbringing. You don’t need to be so sad. In the future, you can just take this money and live a good life," Xie Qiao also said very heartlessly.

She could not understand the woman’s thoughts.

The person who lied was Master Ma, but whether they listened to him or not was up to them, right?

No matter what the reason was, selling their own daughter to that kind of place… was something that could only be done by a family member who was extremely heartless, right?

This little ghoul was already kind enough. If she could not think things through, she would probably be reduced to a vengeful spirit, causing the death of her entire family for revenge.

"S-She’s still my daughter, I’m not…" the woman cried as she spoke. When she raised her head and saw the master’s calm face, she stopped.

Perhaps it was because she felt guilty, or perhaps it was because she was afraid of retribution.

She did not dare to continue.

She had many children. Back then, when the incident happened, there were really young and old people at home. Her family did not have much property. In order to treat the man’s illness, she had spent almost all of it. Even the money for fortune-telling was borrowed.

At that time, she was thinking of having less people at home and less pressure.

After that, her man died. Her mother-in-law kept having nightmares and committed suicide. Her eldest daughter also married elsewhere in order to pay off the debts… All of a sudden, the house became empty.

Therefore, every day, she became more and more regretful.

‘The woman’s eyes were red as she fell silent. Her hands were holding the small package that contained 30 taels of silver tightly.

Master Ma felt a great pain in his heart.

After Xie Qiao passed the message on behalf of the ghoul, she turned around and left. Master Ma hurriedly followed her, staggering step by step. When Xie Qiao stopped, he carefully asked, "Sage Mo, is… the calamity solved…"

He was extremely nervous.

"Well…" Xie Qiao laughed. "Master Ma has been around for so many years. Don’t you know that even an expert needs to pay a price to get advice?"

Hearing this, Master Ma was stunned.

The sage meant… money?

Why did she suddenly.

"H-How much?" Master Ma asked carefully.

"A tael of silver," Xie Qiao said frankly.

Master Ma let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was only one tael. Previously, he had taken one tael of silver from Sage Mo, and now it was indeed time to return it!

He took out the money and put it into Xie Qiao’s hand.

Xie Qiao put away the money and said directly, "Half of your tribulation has passed. Nothing will happen to your eyes, and you can keep your life. However, it will still be a little hard for you in your later years."

Master Ma panicked.

It had not changed, had it?

Only his eyes were saved?

"Then what should I do? Master, just tell me how much money you want…"

"Lwas fated to be with you before, but now that fate has come to an end, no amount of money is appropriate." She got into the carriage parked by the side of the road and left casually.

Master Ma stayed where he was and was dumbfounded.

This Sage Mo had just left when a pair of constables walked over and took him down.

Lying to others and harming others’ lives was a crime that naturally had to be penalized by the authorities. The crime was not so serious as to be fatal, but he would have to be caned and imprisoned for a few years at least..

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