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Chapter: 961

Dodged a Disaster

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Oh right, they also gave you a post and a box. They said the box is the deposit. Whether you accept it or not, you don’t have to return the deposit. I didn’t dare to make the decision, so I put the box away and never opened it."

Shopkeeper Chang immediately took the things over.

The post was a little black and red in color.

Xie Qiao frowned slightly and sniffed the post. There was a bloody smell in the post. It must have been smeared with a mixture of fresh blood and cinnabar.

Xie Qiao put it aside in disgust. She wiped her hands and looked at the box again.

Her eyebrows tightened.

She was well-versed in both worlds. It was not just being able to see ghouls. She could also see some evil aura. At this moment, she saw that there was an evil aura on the box.

It was fortunate that she could see that. Otherwise, if she had opened it rashly, she would have more or less been affected.

Xie Qiao asked the shopkeeper to put the things down, then went to get the horsetail whisk to sweep it. She then slowly stuck a few talismans on it and took it to the second floor to clean it.

"Boss, is there something wrong with that thing?" After Xie Qiao came down from the second floor, Shopkeeper Chang asked worriedly.

"A llittle." Xie Qiao nodded. "What does that person look like?"

"He has one eye and is about forty or fifty years old. He looks a little creepy and uncomfortable. However, I saw that he was still polite and respectful that day, so I didn’t ask too many questions. I was also worried that there was something wrong with this thing, so after I took it, I kept it in the box in the

corner and didn’t touch it," Shopkeeper Chang immediately said.

Ever since… he suspected that his boss was doing business with ghouls, he did not dare to touch anything.

"Congratulations, you dodged a disaster." Xie Qiao looked at him seriously. "Shopkeeper Chang, you have to be careful in the future."

"ah?" Shopkeeper Chang was stunned. "Is there really a problem?"

"I don’t know exactly what’s inside. I’ll open the box in a few days to take a look. But Shopkeeper Chang, don’t worry. Since you’re working for me, I can’t let anything happen to you. Everything in my room is good. Even if you don’t carry them with you, being in their presence for a long time gives you

some resistance to those dirty things," Xie Qiao comforted him.

Shopkeeper Chang’s eyes went blank.

"Besides, you still have the talisman I gave you, don’t you? Don’t be afraid," Xie Qiao said slowly.

The corner of the shopkeeper’s mouth stiffened, and he laughed dryly.

"Tve lived for decades. I’m not so timid.

Ring, ring,

As soon as the shopkeeper finished speaking, the bell outside suddenly rang violently. It sounded more intense than ever before, and it made his heart tremble and almost jumped up.

Xie Qiao looked over.

It was a ghoul.

To be more precise, it was an old ghoul that had existed for a very, very long time. The clothes on its body looked a little expensive, and it was of the style of the previous dynasty, but they were all tattered.

The aura on its body was also a little terrifying.

It was different from those ghouls that had been floating around for a long time.

It was not weak, and one could even feel that its soul was still very strong. There was a lot of resentment on its body, but it was well restrained. It was a powerful old monster.

If such a ghoul were to fight

Xie Qiao became more serious.

"Let’s talk upstairs," Xie Qiao said to the ghoul briefly. Then, she lifted her feet and went up the stairs.

shopkeeper Chang was stunned. Then, he shivered and pretended… that he did not hear it.

Teacher Xiao asked him to work here. Firstly, he trusted him and asked him to take care of the boss. Secondly… he also sent him to retire. Such a small shop was not busy. It was carefree

However, now… it was getting more and more exciting.

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