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Chapter: 33

Compared to Huo Xiang’s shock, Bai Zhen Zhen was calm as she asked him: "Do you want to drink tea, or pineapple beer?"

Huo Xiang: "… I’m not thirsty."

Then, he strode forward to Bai Zhen Zhen, asking: "You’re getting along really well with him?"

"Didn’t you always believe that I was innocent? Why? Have you started to doubt me again after seeing me together with CEO Ling?" Bai Zhen Zhen questioned half-jokingly.

"I’m not doubting you; I’m just trying to understand how Jiang Mu Yu brought the two of you together." Huo Xiang replied.

Bai Zhen Zhen didn’t directly answer Huo Xiang, merely turning towards Ling Hao Chen, and speaking warmly: "CEO Ling, you’ve heard everything that just happened in the room next door, then our agreement…"

The two balconies were only separated by a door, and the door between Huo Xiang’s room and the balcony was also open. Even if Bai Zhen Zhen and Ling Hao Chen couldn’t distinctly hear every spoken word, they clearly understood the context behind the earlier argument in Huo Xiang’s room.

Ling Hao Chen’s eyes were gleaming like a hawk who had found its prey. He nodded, replying: "Since the truth is as what Ms Bai has mentioned, I will definitely not let her get away with it."

Standing up, he took a glance at Huo Xiang before fishing out his handphone and making a call as he walked back into the room.

Seeing that Ling Hao Chen had left, Huo Xiang hurriedly asked Bai Zhen Zhen: "What’s going on?! Looking at Jiang Mu Yu’s determined appearance, I thought I would see some R18 scenes after walking through the door!"

"Do you really wish to see such a scene?" Bai Zhen Zhen retorted.

"Of course not!" Huo Xiang replied without hesitation, "Isn’t that why I rushed over? It’s precisely to prevent all possible accidents! Although… I never imagined that you would be leisurely sipping tea."

Bai Zhen Zhen held back a smile, and started to explain what really happened.

"When they drugged me, the handkerchief brushed against my nose and I caught a whiff of a strange smell. I felt that something was wrong with it, and immediately held my breath. Thus, even though I was unconscious for awhile, I immediately woke up after they brought me back to my room."

"Then you heard everything they said afterwards?"

"Yes." Bai Zhen Zhen nodded, "Luckily I responded quickly and held my breath in time. But even if I was unconscious the entire time, Jiang Mu Yu would never have imagined that we didn’t stay in the same room. She still wouldn’t be able to slander me."

"But if you were truly unconscious, you wouldn’t know if that Ling guy would do anything to you." Huo Xiang sneered.

He even glared at Ling Hao Chen, who was in his room.

"Don’t worry, he’s still the first male lead. He still has his boundaries." Bai Zhen Zhen spoke carelessly without thinking.

Fortunately, Huo Xiang was still worried about Bai Zhen Zhen, and didn’t think too much into her words. He continued asking her: "Then how do you feel now?"

Bai Zhen Zhen shook her head: "I’m fine. After all, I’m someone who had just gotten an IV drip not long ago; I have some resistance to it! However…"

She paused, then glanced at Ling Hao Chen.

"Jiang Mu Yu probably won’t have any more good days ahead of her…"

Half an hour ago, Jiang Mu Yu had used her handphone to send a text message to Ling Hao Chen. She had also seen the content of the message just now, and it was exactly what she thought it would be. It claimed that she was having an emotional breakdown due to her unhappy marriage, that she fully regretted not accepting Ling Hao Chen’s affections and that she hoped that he would grant her an opportunity to meet him in private.

Thus, Ling Hao Chen rushed to the Room 1606 indicated in the message without hesitation and walked right into the trap.

At that time, Bai Zhen Zhen was already awake. She told Ling Hao Chen about Jiang Mu Yu’s conspiracy. However, Ling Hao Chen was still skeptical, thus she invited him to sit on the balcony and enjoy the show.

According to their agreement, Ling Hao Chen would immediately contact the police to investigate the matter. Out of consideration for Huo Xiang being unfamiliar with such incidents, Bai Zhen Zhen felt that it would be better and more convenient for Ling Hao Chen to step up.


Ling Hao Chen finished his call and walked back to the balcony.

"I’ve already instructed Michael to retrieve the surveillance records," Ling Hao Chen said, "However, since they dared to do such a thing in broad daylight, they must have come prepared. It will be difficult to obtain any evidence."

Bai Zhen Zhen disagreed.

"Losing my room card was only a coincidence. To have conceived such a conspiracy in such a short time and even putting it into practice, Jiang Mu Yu will definitely have left some traces. As long as we put in the effort to look for it, I’m sure we will find some evidence."

Hearing her words, Huo Xiang sneered at Jiang Mu Yu: "Her methods are too clumsy. Even if everyone saw you together, as long as the text messages are taken out and compared, everything would be exposed."

"Yeah, I can’t figure out why she created such a farce. It’s not like I’m mute and cannot explain myself." Bai Zhen Zhen said.

Ling Hao Chen spoke up at this moment, saying: "If everyone saw me in your room, wouldn’t you be flustered and at a loss? By that time, all explanations would become meaningless."

Bai Zhen Zhen and Huo Xiang exchanged looks.

She sighed in her heart: This was indeed an old novel, even such methods could cause misunderstandings! With such a lousy method, as long as a normal person explains things, and the surrounding people listen seriously, how could Jiang Mu Yu succeed?

"Zhen Zhen," Huo Xiang asked, "Do you need me to do anything? Grandfather told me that if we ran into any trouble during our trip, we can give Uncle Cai a call anytime."

"Let’s not alarm grandpa just yet." Bai Zhen Zhen replied, "However, we can be a paper tiger, using grandpa’s identity to exert pressure."

Bai Zhen Zhen gave Huo Xiang a look, and the two of them stood up and walked into the room together.

Ling Hao Chen also followed them in.

"This is my missing handphone." Bai Zhen Zhen pointed to the handphone on the bed, "When Jiang Mu Yu took it, she didn’t think too much and grabbed it directly. After she sent the message, she left the handphone here. I haven’t touched it since. Other than my prints, the phone also contains hers."

As soon as she finished speaking, Huo Xiang’s frown immediately relaxed.


"I’ll trouble CEO Ling to find someone to extract the evidence from the phone." Bai Zhen Zhen continued.

"Michael has already called the police, and they will be arriving soon." Ling Hao Chen paused, then glanced at Bai Zhen Zhen, "I just hate people who challenges my bottom line, so I have to make her pay for it. However, I’m not doing this for you. I hope you are clear on that."

"This Ling guy, do you have some kind of misunderstanding with my wife? If you continue to be ambiguous with her, then I will handle it myself, we won’t have anything to do with you…"

Huo Xiang’s words were interrupted by Bai Zhen Zhen.

Bai Zhen Zhen was not annoyed at all, saying: "Of course I understand CEO Ling’s intentions! Since CEO Ling is willing to take action, then my husband and I will wait for good news."

She threw a look at Huo Xiang, signaling him not to mind.

"However…" Ling Hao Chen’s gaze fell onto Bai Zhen Zhen, "You haven’t explained why the two of you are living separately."

Bai Zhen Zhen shrugged, and replied without a trace of panic: "You’ll have to ask my dear husband on this."

Bai Zhen Zhen threw this thorny problem straight to Huo Xiang.

Huo Xiang choked on his saliva.

Why was she always testing his ability to improvise the moment something troublesome pops up???

"Why? I’ve suddenly become rich and want to enjoy the feeling of spending money, so I booked two rooms, one for sleeping and the other for admiring. Can’t I?!" Huo Xiang asked with his hands on his hips.

Ling Hao Chen: "…"


When Su Meng and Xi Xixi returned to their rooms, they happened to bump into the police who had come to collect evidence. The two of them immediately contacted Huo Xiang and Bai Zhen Zhen, and went up to the 16th floor to meet them.

When they arrived at the scene, Michael was reporting the current progress to Ling Hao Chen: "Boxx, the man who had kidnapped Ms Bai together with Ms Jiang has been found. He was a friend of Ms Jiang, and also came to attend the wedding. Presently, the police have already taken both him and Ms Jiang to the police station."

Hearing that, Su Meng was stunned, and frantically ran into Bai Zhen Zhen’s room. Seeing Bai Zhen Zhen standing there perfectly alright, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Zhen Zhen, are you alright? I heard them say that you were kidnapped?!" Su Meng asked.

Xi Xixi also looked at Bai Zhen Zhen with worry.

Huo Xiang stepped forward and hugged Bai Zhen Zhen around her shoulders, saying: "Everything is fine. Luckily, I arrived in time."

"Pretending to be cool again." Bai Zhen Zhen rolled her eyes at Huo Xiang.

Michael walked over to Bai Zhen Zhen, saying: "Ms Bai, sorry to interrupt you. The police said that you’ll have to make a trip down to the police station to record your statement."

"It’s so late now, can we go tomorrow instead?" Huo Xiang frowned.

Bai Zhen Zhen replied: "The police aren’t resting in order to help us solve the case, how could I not cooperate with them?"

Huo Xiang pouted: "I’m just caring for you… Then I’ll accompany you down."

While speaking, he had completely forgotten his "plan" with Su Meng.

"Sister Zhen Zhen, do you need us to accompany you?" Xi Xixi asked.

"Let’s not go and make a mountain out of a molehill! It’s good that Zhen Zhen is alright, and the police station is the safest place she could be right now." Su Meng was good at reading the atmosphere.

Bai Zhen Zhen gave Su Meng a knowing smile.

This made Su Meng a little suspicious — Did Bai Zhen Zhen see through her "perfect plan" with Huo Xiang?!

Huo Xiang hugged Bai Zhen Zhen’s shoulders and followed behind the police towards the lift. Ling Hao Chen and Michael walked in front.

"It looks like you can’t do without me. In just a short half an hour after you went off on your own, such a thing happened. In the future, I have to follow you everywhere." Huo Xiang seemed to be discussing with Bai Zhen Zhen, but also seemed to be talking to himself. He was already determined to do so.

Bai Zhen Zhen smiled helplessly.

She asked: "Do you still have the time to control me? Weren’t you happily spending time with Sister Meng?"

"Are you jealous?!" A glint flashed past Huo Xiang’s eyes.

Bai Zhen Zhen chuckled: "Was that your plan?"

Huo Xiang was stunned: "What… do you mean?!"

Laughter was evident in Bai Zhen Zhen’s eyes as she looked at Huo Xiang, saying: "You said during the day that I should not keep pushing you towards Su Meng, yet it only took one afternoon for you to become so close to her, and it was even after she found out about our fake marriage. I don’t believe that you suddenly developed deep feelings for her."

"You.. You knew about it?!"

"You were so obvious in your act, how could I not know?!" Bai Zhen Zhen shrugged helplessly, "Your performance was too exaggerated. Even if I wanted to cooperate with the two of you, it was difficult for me to do so."

Huo Xiang saw that it couldn’t be hidden any longer, and directly confessed: "Su Meng wanted me to follow the plan to deepen the feelings between us."

"Sister Meng does have good intentions, but does our feelings need to be explored? I’ve already said it, you are the person I trust and entrust myself to the most, even if you really have a girlfriend in the future, our relationship will not change." Bai Zhen Zhen said sincerely.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Huo Xiang was utterly confused.

How did the topic change to him getting a girlfriend in the future?! Didn’t Bai Zhen Zhen understand that this whole farce was to make her jealous?!

Bai Zhen Zhen said: "Weren’t you pretending to be close to someone else while being indifferent to me, just to check how much I care about you? Relax, though some jealousy is normal in a friendship, it has nothing to do with possessiveness. If you really found someone you love, I will still wish you all the best!"

Huo Xiang: "… That’s what you understood?"

"If not?" Bai Zhen Zhen frowned, asking curiously.

Huo Xiang sighed deeply, before shaking his head: "It’s nothing. The truth is as you said. I didn’t expect you to be able to see through it. I’m so upset!"

Bai Zhen Zhen patted him on his shoulder: "This kind of routine has long been outdated. You need to learn to be more innovative and keep pace with the time, understand?"


Bai Zhen Zhen turned a blind eye to Huo Xiang’s despondent look. Suddenly, the system’s voice rang out in her mind.

— System: "Host, do you want me to check this gentleman’s feelings for you?"

— Bai Zhen Zhen: "No need."

— System: "Actually, I believe that the other party views you as more than a good friend."

— Bai Zhen Zhen: "You think too much."

Bai Zhen Zhen continued to walk forward without a change in expression.

Something even the system could see, how could she, as a living, breathing human, not be able to tell? However, she must pretend not to know. Only this way would the relationship between her and Huo Xiang not sour.

— System: "Host, don’t you like him? Please rest assured, if you take the initiative to choose, I will not interfere with your love life."

— Bai Zhen Zhen: "I have no interest in NPCs."

Though she said as such, at that very moment, a gloomy feeling suddenly sprouted deep within her heart.


The next day, Jiang Mu Yu was unable to attend her friend’s wedding.

Together with another attendee, they were both detained at the police station.

When Jiang Mu Yang rang the doorbell, it was Huo Xiang who opened the door. Bai Zhen Zhen was still comfortably sleeping, and didn’t hear the doorbell ring next door.

"What is it?" Huo Xiang asked Jiang Mu Yang with a black face.

Jiang Mu Yang responded: "Young Master Huo, is Zhen Zhen there? I wish to speak to her."

Huo Xiang replied coldly: "What do you want to talk about? You can tell me instead."

"I know what happened yesterday. When the police arrested Mu Yu, I was there by her side." At this point, Jiang Mu Yang clearly looked ashamed. He lowered his head and continued, "I’m very sorry. As her brother, I didn’t fulfill my duty to supervise her…"

"My god!" Huo Xiang exclaimed, "Mr Jiang, stop dreaming! Your sister is already in her twenties! Does she still need someone to supervise her? If you want to take the blame, I won’t stop you. But it’s too ridiculous if you want to claim that she still requires supervision!"

Jiang Mu Yang couldn’t retort. After all, it was his sister that was in the wrong. However, as her brother, he needed to protect his sister. No matter what wrong she did, he had to protect her fully.

"Young Master Huo, it was indeed Mu Yu who was wrong in this incident. I promise that I will make her personally apologise to Zhen Zhen. Also, if you require any compensation, our Jiang family is willing to take full responsibility." Jiang Mu Yang said.

"Compensation?!" A faint mocking smile appeared on Huo Xiang’s face, "Can your small Jiang family really undertake full responsibility for the compensation demanded from the world’s richest Huo family?!"

Jiang Mu Yang’s face turned red as he choked on his words, unable to counter Huo Xiang’s words.

"Go back! We won’t let it rest so easily! There’s no difference between Ms Jiang’s actions and kidnapping!" Huo Xiang threw down those words and was about to slam the door shut.

However, Jiang Mu Yang grabbed Huo Xiang’s arm and stopped him.

"Is Zhen Zhen there? I want to see Zhen Zhen… She’s such a kind person, I’m sure she won’t blame Mu Yu…"

Jiang Mu Yang’s words thoroughly infuriated Huo Xiang.

He shouted: "Get lost! I really don’t understand what kind of morals you people have! Have you ever thought about Zhen Zhen?! She is the victim here! Fuck!"

At the end, he couldn’t hold it in and cursed.

Jiang Mu Yang was unmoved, still wanting to push his way into the room: "Please let me see Zhen Zhen — Zhen Zhen, I know you’re inside –"

The argument outside woke Bai Zhen Zhen up.

She quickly changed clothes and opened the door. Jiang Mu Yang’s action came to an inexplicable halt. He stared in surprise at Bai Zhen Zhen, who walked out from the neighboring room.

"Zhen Zhen… you…"

"That’s not important right now." Zhen Zhen ignored Jiang Mu Yang’s surprise, asking him, "What are you looking for me so noisily for?"

Jiang Mu Yang came back to his senses and immediately let go of Huo Xiang, looking at Bai Zhen Zhen.

"Zhen Zhen, the police have already gotten the confession of Mu Yu’s friend. Along with Mu Yu’s fingerprints, I’m afraid… That she has no way out…" Jiang Mu Yang said worriedly.

Bai Zhen Zhen nodded: "That’s good. The police are so efficient, we should praise such hardworking civil servants!"

Huo Xiang bit down on his lips, holding his laughter in.

Jiang Mu Yang swallowed his saliva, and continued: "Zhen Zhen, I know that Mu Yu went overboard this time… I have also asked CEO Ling. He said that he had an agreement with you to arrange for the police investigation. As for whether a settlement can be reached, I only need to ask you. He won’t interfere…"

"Settlement?!" Bai Zhen Zhen was shocked, "Did I hear you correctly? You want to reach a settlement with me?"

"Yes," Jiang Mu Yang pleaded, "This matter can be kept quiet. As long as you agree to settle, we can treat it as a prank. As long as the person involved doesn’t pursue the case, the police also won’t dig into it too much."

"Then if I choose not to settle?" Bai Zhen Zhen frowned, looking towards Huo Xiang, "What did the police uncle say yesterday?"

Huo Xiang responded seriously: "If the victim chooses to prosecute, the two suspects will be convicted on grounds of kidnap, criminal assault and public endangerment. They can be sentenced to a minimum of one year and maximum of three years in jail."

Bai Zhen Zhen sighed: "One to three years…"

Jiang Mu Yang became anxious, quickly speaking: "Zhen Zhen, don’t worry. As long as you are willing to settle, I will make Mu Yu apologise to you personally. Not just her, I will accompany my parents to visit your house and issue a formal apology. I hope you can see our sincerity…"

"Why do you ask your parents to apologise for your sister’s mistake? Besides, she’s not their biological daughter." Bai Zhen Zhen chuckled, before continuing, "Actually, it’s good to let your sister go to jail. She will have the opportunity to learn some common sense in there."

Jiang Mu Yang was utterly dumbstruck by Bai Zhen Zhen’s words.

He blanked out for a few seconds, before saying with a trembling tone: "Zhen Zhen, I never expect you to reply me that way… You didn’t use to be like this, how could you be so cruel…"

"Mr Jiang, I also never expected that after everything that has happened, you have the gall to accuse me of being cruel?!" Bai Zhen Zhen also looked incredulous, "Didn’t you hear what Huo Xiang said just now — I am the true victim here!"

"But Mu Yu knows her wrongs! She’s just a child, only in her early twenties! She can’t go to jail, it will cast a shadow over her for the rest of her life!"

"Don’t be dramatic." Huo Xiang sneered, "Someone like her is already engulfed in shadows. It makes no difference whether she goes to jail or not."

Bai Zhen Zhen added on: "Mr Jiang, you said that you wanted to see me. You’ve seen me, and said your piece. You may go now."

Jiang Mu Yang took a deep breath, as if he had made up his mind, and said slowly: "No matter what, Mu Yu is my sister. If I can protect her, I will not let any harm come to her."

Bai Zhen Zhen said: "The Jiang family does have some reputation. However, you are going against the Huo family now. Don’t blame me for being a downer, when it comes to a family’s reputation and business empire, even your father could choose to give up on this adopted daughter. As a brother, you won’t have a say in it."

"Mr and Mrs Huo won’t have to worry about this…" Jiang Mu Yang changed the way he addressed Bai Zhen Zhen, "From now on, my relationship with you will end here."

Bai Zhen Zhen didn’t care at all, merely gesturing for him to leave, lightly saying: "I won’t see you out."

— System: "Host, according to the system’s detection, the second male lead’s affections for you have completely disappeared."

— Bai Zhen Zhen: "Heh heh, maybe this is what they call a blessing in disguise."

After Jiang Mu Yang left, Huo Xiang gave Bai Zhen Zhen a thumbs up: "Awesome, Sister Zhen! He came looking for you filled with hopes and dreams, yet he left with bloody wounds all over."

Bai Zhen Zhen stretched lazily: "I can’t take it any more, I’m going back to bed! If you’re free, help me find the best lawyer around. We must not let Jiang Mu Yu get away with it this time!"

"No problem!"

At that moment, Huo Xiang’s handphone rang.

Bai Zhen Zhen was just about to close the door when Huo Xiang called out to her: "Zhen Zhen, it’s your sister… your step-sister."

"Bai Meng Ru?!" Bai Zhen Zhen clicked her tongue, "Why is she looking for you?"

She had just solved one supporting female, and another one pops up? Popping up one after another, their spirit sure is commendable!

Huo Xiang followed Bai Zhen Zhen into her room and answered the call on speaker.

"Brother Huo Xiang, sorry to disturb you… I can’t reach my sister’s phone, so I could only turn to you…"

Bai Meng Ru’s anxious voice held a trace of pretense as it sounded from the speaker.

Bai Zhen Zhen pricked up her ears in curiosity.

Her handphone was currently in the police station. Bai Meng Ru didn’t lie about that point.

"What’s wrong?" Huo Xiang asked.

"My father’s condition suddenly deteriorated, and he was just admitted into the ER. The doctor said that his situation is very critical now, I.. I don’t know what to do…"

Huo Xiang looked at Bai Zhen Zhen subconsciously.

At the same time, the system’s notification sounded in his head.

— System: "Congratulations to the host for completing the fourth side mission! Female lead happiness index +10! According to the mission rewards, the total happiness points earned has been doubled to 20!"

— Huo Xiang: "???"


[Small scene]

Huo Xiang: Happiness came so suddenly, leaving me somewhat at a loss.

Bai Zhen Zhen: It’s a good day today, everything I wanted was accomplished~~

Huo Xiang: Erm… Your father is seriously ill…

Bai Zhen Zhen: Come, let’s go for a swim!

Huo Xiang: The doctor said the situation is very critical…

Bai Zhen Zhen: I haven’t worn a bikini in such a long time. I’ll just wear the red set that we bought the other day, ok?

Huo Xiang: Ok!! ^_^

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