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Chapter: 48.2

"Eve, I want you to come with me," He said when he finally reached them. Sid frowned and Iveca mirrored his expression. "What is wrong?" She asked but the man kept a sheltered look in his eyes. "I wish to take this conversation to somewhere private," He finally said and despite the confusion at her beckoning, Iveca felt relieved that she wouldn’t have to face Sid and his words anymore. She nodded and walked after him.

Sid looked at her, expressionless, but Iveca knew he must be disappointed in her, scarred by her rejection. Being rejected by his comrade who he’d dedicated to protecting with his life.

She was sad that she couldn’t figure out his feelings despite knowing him for four years. Sid had hidden his feelings well but she was also surprised at how out of touch she was from her comrade’s emotions.

Her heart broke as she realized how difficult it must’ve been for him to confess his feelings, and she rejected him. She turned her attention back to Kaiden as he walked silently beside her, their direction towards the palace. Iveca’s expression faltered as she realized they were heading for the dance hall that the family used for royal balls. She hurriedly spoke to her junior. "Kaiden, why are you asking for me, where are we going?" She asked and he humphed. "It is my obligation," He spoke and she wrinkled her brow. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"You are His Majesty’s oldest friend" He replied and she shut her mouth momentarily. "Does this mean I don’t have to go?" She asked but heeded no reply.

She couldn’t bear to see Daniel’s face. How could she explain to him that the woman he knew, he loved, was nothing but an illusion? She’d only used the good things about her created personality and enforced them. Everything about her would disappear once she left the Bureau of Investigation.

"I don’t believe it wise to take you to him either but I can’t understand what is going on with him and you’re the only one who can comfort him. It can’t be helped," He explained

Iveca considered his words for a minute before asking what was wrong with him.

"King Daniel does not make acquaintances and drop them so easily. He hates things that bother him more than you know. I’ve never had tea with him," He said and continued walking.

Iveca bit her lower lip as she chased him down the hallway. They reached the gymnasium and Iveca noticed the guards who lined outside. Anriq noticed her, narrowing his eyes.

"Is His Majesty still inside?" Kaiden asked Anriq who nodded. Looking down at Iveca, he lowered his voice, "It’s your choice, do you want to go in?"

Iveca gulped, looking at him. If she crossed those doors, she’d face the man she truly loved and not bear the fact that he was in love with a girl that wasn’t her true self. His love for her might be an illusion, but her love was true.

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"Could you at least tell me what is going on? Is this about Princess Ashe’s child?" She inquired, hoping to delay the time. He nodded grimly. "Who got rid of it?’ She asked and he looked away. "It wasn’t under my jurisdiction so I do not know."

Iveca mulled over it for a moment, watching Kaiden’s behavior, hoping he’d let on more than he told.

"He does not show it but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need comfort," Kaiden said.

Iveca took a step back, clearing her dry throat. "You’d hate it, more than ever, to show yourself broken down in front of the one you love," She said

"Sure, I used to think that way but then I fell in love and got married and my views changed," Kaiden replied.

"It means that I can understand more broadly and deeply in this field than His Majesty," His words ringing out with a certain cold arrogance. Iveca didn’t have the energy to point it out and looked towards the door.

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Kaiden took it as his cue and bowed to her politely. "I should get going," He said while turning his back to the panicked Iveca.


Iveca opened the door to find the King seated in a chair in the corner of the gymnasium, chin on hand, looking as perfect as a picture. However, looking at the scattered arrows and swords thrown haphazardly on the floor of the gym, Iveca’s heart sank.

"I’m sure Kaiden sent you," Daniel smiled as his eyes remained on the floor. Iveca willed herself to speak but couldn’t, choosing to stare at him and feel pathetic.

"I’ve already calmed down, you can tell him to not worry. I’ll go back to normal and start working tomorrow," he said.

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