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Chapter: 49.2

"Is it because you don’t like my world? You don’t want to be a queen?" He insisted but Iveca shook her head.

"Is it me? Am I too complicated and statistical for you?" He asked and Iveca noticed a strange sadness in his life. He wasn’t dejected because of his self-loathing for murdering his nephew, he was simply let down because of her rejection. His eyes held the same expression Sid had a while ago.

Iveca bit her lower lip as she contemplated why the men liked someone like her- a complete facade?

"If I leave, I will be the same as before, I’ll ask you for your report and you’ll give it and I’ll figure out if you like me or not. If you don’t like me, tell me right now, while I’m at my lowest," Daniel beseeched Iveca, his voice desperate.

Iveca stepped back, her face stony. He was putting her in an impossible situation. Kaiden had told her she was privileged to be able to comfort this man, she was the only one who could do it for now. After he left the gymnasium, he’d go back to being the cold-hearted king and his subject.

If she left this gym, she’d no longer be able to return to the Bureau of Investigation. After this, Sid’s confession, and her weakness, she didn’t know if she could handle coming back to the bureau or have normal conversations with her friends again. In the bureau, she was already useless, she couldn’t even defend her people properly.

There were no more reasons for her to have a relationship with the bureau anymore, she would be left alone from the moment she opened the door to the gym. Iveca had to make a decision.

She needed to end it, today was the last day of Eve Jean.

She faced the King, sliding out a dagger into her hand. "Here you go, Your Majesty, my lowest point." Facing the target, she aimed and hesitated. Daniel, who had seen her capabilities on the battlefield, now frowned. He saw her dainty hands tremble until eventually it fell from her hands and the room resonated with a click.

"After failing you at the Empire, I can’t even bring myself to throw a single dagger."


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"I no longer consider myself as a competent officer of the Bureau"

Daniel watched her with disbelief, his eyes widened at her trembling hands and her broken voice. She continued, "Despite knowing it to be a reality, I can’t accept it but I know I have to someday, and I will do that as soon as I leave this gym." Iveca felt all of her strength give out, and despite his presence, she crumpled to her knees and sobbed in her hands.

"I’m not a competent officer anymore and I can’t stay but I’m going to miss it so much," She said in between. Iveca felt pathetic, spilling out her guts in front of the man who was already feeling down in the dumps. She was supposed to be strong, not this quivering mess. He’d be disappointed to see her like this.

"Eve," He said and bowed down to meet her eyes. She met him and he said, "Leave the bureau," He said softly, "Be my Queen, you don’t have to work in the bureau or throw a dagger, you’re my Eve Jean."

"You aren’t useless, you can still be valuable in so many other ways, you can do so much more as my Queen…Love me, Eve," The King said, sweeping his long fingers on her eyes and wrapping them around his cheeks.

"Do not cry, my darling, it breaks my heart," He cooed softly and Iveca felt herself growing more and more comfortable in his embrace.

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But she knew it wasn’t possible, she couldn’t do what he asked of her. If she left the bureau, she wouldn’t be who he knew her to be. Above all else, how could she put away all else and depend on one man?

"How can I make you mine?’ He asked and she felt his breath on her face.

"I, who’s responsible for my nephew’s death, am blinded by and I wish…"

"Why don’t you want me as I do you? Are my words and affection not enough?"

"I’ve spent nights wondering why you didn’t come to me, considering you had so much. What should I do to make you see me?"

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