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Chapter: 344

Song Yixiao said, "There isn’t any. Otherwise, when Aunt was here, I wouldn’t have realized it until she implied it."

As she replied, she understood, "After all, the Crown Prince is only nine years old. And the former emperor died this year. Who would have dared to think about the Crown Prince’s marriage?"

After all, everyone knew that Emperor Duanhua and the former emperor were in a good relationship. It had only been a few months since his own father died, and his grief had not yet subsided. How could he be in the mood to propose a marriage for his son? Additionally, his son was not at the right age to discuss marriage.

Seeking an association with the royal family was common. But it was annoying to do it this way.

"Those who are close haven’t mentioned it, but Aunt is thinking about it. There must be something inside." Jian Xubai said, "The next time Aunt comes over, you can ask about it. If she wants our help, she needs to make it clear."

But after two days, Jian Lizhi had not yet come over to ask for the result. However, Jian Limiao did come over, "I heard that Sister came over two days ago and discussed the matter of Wangzhu with you."

"Exactly." Song Yixiao wasn’t sure of the purpose of this uncle’s visit. As she ordered tea to be served, she asked cautiously, "Uncle, do you have any orders?"

"Sister is really confused. Wangzhu is still so young. Her elder brother and sister have not yet started a family, so how can her affair be taken care of first?" Jian Limiao shook his head and said, "I’ve already persuaded Sister not to mention this in future."

After a pause, he added, "But I would like you to keep an eye on Wanglan’s marriage. Her family has just returned, and she is not very familiar with the noble young men at present."

Song Yixiao agreed.

That day, when Jian Xubai returned, she told him about his uncle’s visit and said, "In this situation, we can’t mention this to Aunt anymore. Otherwise, Aunt would think that we don’t agree with Uncle’s wishes and want to set up Wangzhu with Crown Prince."

When Jian Xubai was about to speak, a subordinate suddenly rushed to report, "Commandery Princess Qingjiang is seriously injured!"

The couple were both shocked and asked for the reason and the condition of the injury.

The subordinate said, "It is said that she was hurt by mistake when she comforted Young Master Zhuo. The imperial physicians are treating her, but we don’t know about her condition yet. There is no one taking charge of the mansion of Commandery Princess. So, the steward can only send messages to the various families first."

It was late and there was not much time left before curfew. But the matter was so important that the couple ordered a carriage to go out and rush to visit her.

When they arrived, Commandery Qingjiang was not yet out of danger. Several doctors were in a mess in front of her bed, with silver needles inserted into her forehead, arms, waist and abdomen. Grand Princess Jinguo and the others who arrived later were shocked when they saw this. But they were requested to go out immediately, in case they interrupted the doctors’ acupuncture.

The crowd gathered in the drawing room to await the result, all with sunken faces and serious expressions.

In the middle of this, Zhuo Ping’an made another scene. As the condition of Commandery Princess Qingjiang was not yet clear, the servants could not coax him and were afraid of hurting him. They were wary of stopping him, and he made a scene all the way to the drawing hall. Then he was held by Grand Princess Jinguo’s guards, but he was still shouting on his own!

"Quiet!" In this situation, when Grand Princess Jinguo didn’t say anything, no one else made a sound, no matter what they were thinking. But in the strange silence, Dou Rouchi, Earl Shouchun, suddenly pounded the table and stood up, saying angrily, "Unfilial thing! Isn’t it enough that you’ve brought your own mother to such a state? You are still making a scene now. If the doctors make a mistake because of this, I’ll see how this bastard will live from now on!"

Then he ordered the guards to bring shackles and chains to escort Zhuo Ping’an down.

Hearing this, Grand Princess Jinguo’s face changed slightly, "Rouchi, that is your nephew!"

Technically speaking, Dou Rouchi was closer to Zhuo Ping’an than Jian Yiyou or Jian Xubai. After all, he and Commandery Princess Qingjiang were from the same father and mother.

But Dou Rouchi couldn’t feel any love for Zhuo Ping’an, "Such a nephew has dragged Sister down for most of her life!"

"Did he do it of his own free will?" Grand Princess Jinguo also felt distress for her eldest daughter. But if she wanted to hold her grandson responsible, how could she blame him in such a situation?

It wasn’t that he was deliberately unfilial, he simply didn’t understand!

Grand Princess Jinguo’s words brought a sad look to everyone’s face.

Dou Rouchi was silent for a while, and then sighed, "I am wrong!"

"Take Ping’an back to his room, so as not to disturb the doctors." Grand Princess Jinguo was extremely exhausted and ordered the guards. Then she looked around at the crowd and said, "Ping’an cannot go on like this. He has no siblings to support him. Even if Roumei survived this time, since she is just a young girl at the age of 14 or 15, how can she bear such toss?"

"Sister has been trying to find a match for Ping’an, but she has been unable to find a suitable one." Lady of Earl Shouchun said gently, "Over the years, we have helped Sister to find a match, but…"

"Ping’an is like this, but Roumei only wants to find a noble girl, compatible from the inside to outside, for his match. Let alone you, even the royal family is probably unable to find one." Grand Princess Jinguo rubbed the corner of her forehead and said, "I know that Roumei only has one child, so she is unwilling to let him down. However, you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink. A girl who has a good sense of propriety and origin should not marry someone who will beat her to death at any time. Even if she is forcibly promised by her family, she will have resentment in her heart. It may not be a good thing for Roumei and her son in the future!"

Only Grand Princess Jinguo could say such things casually and without fear of offending Commandery Princess Qingjiang.

Grand Princess Jinguo also knew this, so she continued to say, "Let’s get a few concubines for him first, so that the Zhuo Family’s bloodline can continue!"

She sighed, "Ping’an was not epileptic. It was because of the difficult birth. Therefore, his children are supposed to be fine. At her current age, Roumei will be able to raise her grandchildren without any problems. When the time comes, she can go beyond Ping’an and hand over the family legacy directly to her grandchildren."

Grand Princess Jinguo herself had given the word, so the matter was almost settled. They only had to wait for Commandery Princess Qingjiang’s medical treatment. Everyone was hoping that Commandery Princess Qingjiang stayed safe and sound. After all, if something happened to her, Zhuo Ping’an’s uncles and aunts had to take care of him.

It was not a matter of being generous. Such a dangerous child was their nephew. If they didn’t take a good care of him, he would definitely be dead. But if they put too strict custody on him, they would be discussed by others that they were too harsh to their nephew.

But who could have the time and patience like Commandery Princess Qingjiang and focus on Zhuo Ping’an all day long?

Commandery Princess Qingjiang was unconscious for the whole night. The crowd couldn’t hold on after midnight, so they could only persuade Grand Princess Jinguo to rest in the guest room and then let Dou Rouchi and other men take a nap, as they had to go to court after all. At last, the sisters-in-law discussed for a while and decided that Lady of Earl Shouchun and Song Yixiao waited for the news in turn.

Of course, this was because Princess Changxing, who should be Grand Princess Changxing at this time, had been weak after her miscarriage. It was obvious that she hadn’t totally recovered. She couldn’t stay up late, in case she would be sick again.

In the end, the two sisters-in-law waited in turn. In the morning when Dou Rouchi and the other two brothers had got up, the exhausted doctors came out to report that Commandery Princess Qingjiang’s life was kept, but since she hit her head when she was thrown out by Zhuo Ping’an, she needed to stay in bed for at least two or three months before she could try to get up.

And it couldn’t be promised that there would be no underlying problem left.

As they ordered their servants to inform the others one by one, Lady of Earl Shouchun and Song Yixiao went in to visit their sister-in-law, who had just woken up.

"I don’t know how long I will live. I’m counting on you to look after Ping’an in the future!" Commandery Princess Qingjiang lay in the veil with her face pale. As soon as they met, she said breathlessly, "He is not good-natured because he is ignorant, not because he means to be. So, I hope you will do whatever you can to feed and clothe him for my sake!"

After that, she burst into tears.

The two sisters-in-law felt compassionate, "Why do you say that, Sister? You are just injured. You will be fine after a few days of recuperation."

"I know my condition well. This time my vitality has really been hurt." Commandery Princess Qingjiang had already planned to entrust her son to her younger brothers and sisters-in-law, but she thought she could still hold on for some years. However, after waking up this time, she felt that her body had never been so weak. Then she thought of the fact that she had been looking after her son for so many years but he didn’t get any better.

She was so despondent that she felt that she would not live long.

Lady of Earl Shouchun and Song Yixiao comforted her for a while. Shortly afterwards, Grand Princess Jinguo and the others arrived. They naturally moved away, so that the mother and the daughter could talk with each other.

The crowd stayed in the mansion of Commandery Princess Qingjiang until after midday. Commandery Princess Qingjiang agreed not to find a wife for Zhuo Ping’an, but only to get him a few maids to continue the bloodline of his family. The crisis in the mansion of Commandery Princess Qingjiang was suppressed at last by saying that Commandery Princess Qingjiang fell off the rockery by accident, so that her life had been risked.

Not many people who knew about Zhuo Ping’an’s situation believed this story, but they didn’t reveal this, as long as it made sense.

Her eldest daughter’s family issue had been settled, and Grand Princess Jinguo was reminded that she had a goddaughter, Pei Yourui, at her side.

Pei Yourui was the same age as Jian Xubai, and was already 19 this year. While Jian Xubai already had a daughter, her marriage had not yet been decided!

"We must not delay any longer!" Grand Princess Jinguo specially summoned Pei Yourui to the water pavilion. They dismissed the servants to talk alone. She said patiently, "It has been almost two years since your father passed away. Mourning for father officially lasts three years, but 27 months actually will be enough. Counting the time, there are only five months left and then you can finish your mourning. It’s definitely not unfilial to mention the matter of your marriage!"

"In fact, I don’t know how I’m going to explain to your father after I die, when your marriage hasn’t been decided yet!"

Grand Princess Jinguo was determined not to give Pei Yourui a chance to prevaricate this time, and said directly, "Either you clarify your requirement, or I will make the decision for you! In short, you must be engaged before New Year!"

Grand Princess Jinguo also had a target for the bride, "Helou Duhan is indeed good. Over the past year or so, he refused so many families’ proposals. It is said that he turned down the girl from the Gu Family. In the end, it was because he heard that you were mourning for your father and were unwilling to discuss your marriage and he didn’t want to give up! I feel that this person is pretty good. If you are not sure, I’ll ask Xubai to imply him tomorrow and make him propose marriage!"

Pei Yourui knew that although Grand Princess Jinguo might not really decide on her marriage to Helou Duhan tomorrow, there would be no chance for her to delay any longer on the pretext of mourning.

Therefore, she mused for a while and said, "Mother, you are so concerned about me. I don’t dare make you worried! But… you also know that I don’t know the people outside well. I have only met Helou Duhan once. I trust Xubai’s judgement, but… he also has only seen me once and hasn’t even spoken to me. He is willing to wait until this year from last year. If we do get married later and he finds out that I’m not what he thinks I am, what are we supposed to do?"

"So that’s what you are worried about?" Grand Princess Jinguo said with a pleasant smile, "What’s so difficult about that? If you don’t know him well after just one meeting, then meet him a few more times! I’m not a pedantic person. It won’t hurt to make things easier for you."

Of course, it was still the responsibility of Jian Xubai and Song Yixiao to carry out this matter.

But after arranging for Pei Yourui and Helou Duhan to have two accidental encounters in the gardens of the mansion of Duke of Yan, Song Yixiao found the problem.

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