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Chapter: 346

Hearing this, Pei Yourui smiled a little embarrassedly and said, "This is unconscionable but I have to admit. You must also know it. On Ping’an’s last birthday, I met Grand Princess Changxing in the eldest sister’s mansion. Grand Princess Changxing even made an apology to me at that time!"

She showed an embarrassed and ashamed expression, "Of course I didn’t dare accept it at that time. You all know what has happened before, so I won’t say more about that. Therefore, when I saw she didn’t live a happy life with Prince Consort, it would be impossible that I didn’t feel gloating at all in my heart!"

Saying this, she stood up and bowed deeply to Great Grand Princess Jinguo, "Mother, I am indebted to you. But I became gloating when Grand Princess Changxing didn’t get along well with her husband. I really don’t deserve your great kindness!"

"This is also a common feeling. It is also the two of them who have wronged you. How could I blame you?" Great Grand Princess Jinguo sighed and waved her hand to indicate that she could continue.

"Although Grand Princess Changxing’s experience makes me feel gloating, I’m also worried about her. Grand Princess Changxing is so noble, but there are still times when she pines away, let alone me." Pei Yourui bowed to Great Grand Princess Jinguo again and then was seated. She slightly frowned and sighed, "Even though I have met with Mr. Helou at the mansion of Duke of Yan a few times during this period of time, with the help of Xubai and Yixiao, how much can we know about each other since we don’t spend time together?"

She pursed her lips and said helplessly, "Yixiao told me that the reason why Mr. Helou liked me was because he thought I was dignified and reserved. To put it bluntly, I didn’t care much for strangers, but in his eyes, I was immaculate! It’s okay to be cold to a stranger, but when we really become families, do I still need to be cold? There may be such people, but I don’t think I am like this."

"So, I also think Mr. Helou is not bad. But he just likes me because I’m cold. Therefore, I can only be cold to him first. As for the reasons why I don’t pry into his situation in private from Yixiao, you may not know it, but Mr. Helou has already reported almost all of his background to me. Additionally, Qingyue is still young. It is already a bother to you to arrange for my meeting with Mr. Helou in the mansion of Duke of Yan. I am ashamed to make you worry more about us!"

Great Grand Princess Jinguo grunted, "If you had been colder to Xubai and Yixiao, they wouldn’t have had the guts to accuse you of wrongdoing! The reason why they did so was just because they thought you were good-natured and would not take it personally even if you were wronged!"

Hearing this, Jian Xubai and Song Yixiao naturally apologized again. Pei Yourui hurriedly said, "Mother, you are scolding me by saying this!"

"How could I scold you?" Great Grand Princess Jinguo sighed and glanced at her son and daughter-in-law who had stood up in fear, "What doubts do you still have? Feel free to ask today in front of me. Let’s be clear. There’s no need for suspicion in a family! What can’t you ask openly? Why do you have to whisper in private?"

Not only Song Yixiao, but Jian Xubai also felt embarrassed at those words. Pei Yourui’s explanation was reasonable. So, the couple had no words to say. They could only accept the criticism.

After leaving Great Grand Princess Jinguo’s mansion, Song Yixiao was ashamed and made amends to her husband, "I was wrong. And I dragged you into such a situation today…"

"Wasn’t it just that I was criticized by Mother, and asked to offer tea to Sister?" Jian Xubai reached out and put his arm around her, saying casually, "Who hasn’t been criticized by parents? As for offering tea to Sister, it’s reasonable! It’s not a big deal. And you didn’t get me in trouble."

He continued to say, "Besides, it was my decision to report this to Mother. I should be the one who got us in trouble… You are not going to revenge on me when we get back, like cooking me another prawn feast, are you?"

Song Yixiao remembered their fight when they just got married, and couldn’t help but giggled. She bumped him with her elbow, scolding him, "You’re dreaming! Do you think I’ve forgotten? You didn’t hate prawns at all. I wasted great efforts cooking a whole table of prawn dishes on purpose! I was so angry at that time that I couldn’t eat or sleep well for days!"

"It was only because you were too naïve!" At the mention of this, Jian Xubai couldn’t help but feel smug, saying, "Think about it. We were tripping over each other at that time! You were in charge of meals. If I really hated prawns, how could I let you know so easily?"

"As if it was hard to find out what you liked at the time!" Song Yixiao didn’t accept this, "Who refused to let me go and forced me to finish the rose water chestnut cakes and crystal plum blossom buns?"

Hearing this, Jian Xubai smiled strangely, "Otherwise, according to how serious the fight was, how long would it take me to get close to you?"

Song Yixiao, "…"

She pursed her lips and thought for a while. Suddenly, she turned her head around and bit him hard on the shoulder, grunting, "You’ve taught me that when I can’t win in the fight or quarrel, I can only bite you to ease my rage!"

Jian Xubai smiled and glanced at her, "I also have said that you will be responsible for the consequences!"

He glanced at her waist with no good intention, making Song Yixiao reach to his waist and pinched him hard several times, until he begged for mercy. Ragging each other made the two of them forget all about their displeasure at being criticized today.

Within three or two days, the message came from Great Grand Princess of Jinguo that after careful consideration, Pei Yourui had decided that Helou Duhan was a good match for her. Although the fact that Grand Princess Changxing didn’t get along well with her husband made Pei Yourui worried, she should get married since she had grown up. She also couldn’t bear the thought of her mother worrying about her marriage all the time. So, she decided to marry Helou Duhan.

These words were brought by Jiayue personally. She also incidentally explained on behalf of Great Grand Princess Jinguo to Song Yixiao, "In fact, Madam, Great Grand Princess Jinguo is aware of your worries! But Jian Yiyou did owe Miss Pei in the past. Great Grand Princess Jinguo also hoped that she could compensate and warm Miss Pei’s heart in this way. The reason why Great Grand Princess asked Duke and you to go and make amends was not because she didn’t trust you, but mainly because she wanted to politely warn Miss Pei. After all, Madam, you also know that Great Grand Princess Jinguo has always been generous. As long as Miss Pei is willing to stop her plans, Great Grand Princess Jinguo absolutely would like to pretend to be confused about many things!"

Saying this, Jiayue sighed, "But Duke and you were wronged!"

"Don’t say that." Because the criticism didn’t cause any rift between the couple, there was certainly no hard feeling left in Song Yixiao’s heart. So, she said generously at this moment, "It was because we were unfilial and failed to share Mother’s worries! We were happy to be able to help Mother. How could we be wronged? Besides, Xubai said on the way back home that day that it was our duty to listen to Mother’s kind criticism and offer tea to Sister."

Jiayue said with emotion, "People say that you can’t put others’ flesh on your body. Duke and you are indeed sympathetic to Great Grand Princess Jinguo!"

Obviously, Great Grand Princess Jinguo could pretend not to figure out Pei Yourui’s little plans, but Jiayue was feeling it was unfair to her master.

But Song Yixiao couldn’t directly agree with her words. Hearing this, she could only smile and say, "Mother is so generous and loving. Why won’t a cold heart be warmed up? Hasn’t Sister agreed to marry Mr. Helou this time?"

After getting married, she wouldn’t be living in the Great Grand Princess Jinguo’s mansion. No matter whether Pei Yourui was willing to let go of her hatred, her threat to Great Grand Princess Jinguo would be greatly diminished.

Actually, Jiayue felt it inappropriate when she had just finished her words. She found Song Yixiao didn’t continue to discuss Pei Yourui’s faults with her, then she was relieved. She said with a smile, "Madam, you are right. I was being nonsensical."

"You are just not treating me like an outsider!" Song Yixiao said modestly, "I understand."

When the news of Pei Yourui’s approval of the marriage reached Helou Duhan, surely he was overjoyed and wanted to ask Gu Shao to propose the marriage immediately.

But he was stopped by Jian Xubai at once, "Firstly, Sister hasn’t finished mourning for her father. You know that Sister is always filial. Even if she has been persuaded by Mother and accepted this marriage, how is it possible that she openly agrees to be engaged with you now? Secondly, Uncle died in June. Mother has to mourn for him for a year. It’s also not finished yet. Won’t it be offensive for you to propose marriage now?"

Only then did Helou Duhan come to his senses. He hurriedly apologized to Jian Xubai.

Jian Xubai said, "It’s nothing. We all know this in our hearts. But don’t spread anything out yet. Release the news until the mourning is over."

He laughed and continued to say, "I am relieved to see you are so nervous about Sister. But let’s be frank. If you dare to wrong Sister in the future, I won’t let you get away with it!"

"I will not fail Miss Pei in my whole life!" Hearing this, Helou Duhan made a solemn vow, "Or I will die without a burial place!"

Jian Xubai was satisfied with his attitude, "If you are good to Sister, I also swear that I will respect you and treat you like a family!"

When he got home, he told Song Yixiao what had happened, so that she could tell Great Grand Princess Jinguo the next day. Song Yixiao was delighted to hear it, "You are so cunning! Helou’s vow would lead him to die without a burial place, but you just casually mentioned treating her good! Isn’t that bullying him?"

"I’m just being cunning. But you have no conscience." Jian Xubai held his daughter, grabbed her little hand and pretended to hit Song Yixiao, "Even if Helou marries Sister, he will just be our brother-in-law! You don’t treasure your married husband but speak up for him instead! Will there be anybody be more partial than you?"

The next day, the matter was told to Great Grand Princess Jinguo. She was relieved of a preoccupation and focused on preparing a dowry for her daughter.

It was November several days after Pei Yourui’s marriage had been settled.

Emperor Xianjia had died, but Great Empress Dowager was still alive.

Therefore, there was no Wanshou Festival this November, but there was still Shengshou Festival.

However, Great Empress Dowager, Empress Dowager Su and Emperor Duanhua hadn’t yet fully recovered from the death of Emperor Xianjia. So, of course the birthday banquet wouldn’t be as lively as before.

In fact, on the eighth day of November, Great Empress Dowager was helped out and looked at all the familiar faces below, except for her own son. She was suddenly reminded that Emperor Xianjia had said that there hadn’t been much time left for him to do his filial duty last year. She saw such a scene, and her emotions were triggered. She hadn’t been seated yet, but had already burst into tears!

Then, Empress Dowager, Emperor, Empress and other juniors all got up in fear and asked Great Empress Dowager for the reason.

After Great Empress Dowager told the reason as she cried, Empress Dowager Su was also remembered that at her own birthday on the beginning of this year, Emperor Xianjia had held a big banquet despite her own request for simplicity. He must have felt that his days were numbered and that it was the last time he would celebrate her birthday, so he insisted on being extravagant.

He was thinking of Shengshou Festival and Qianqiu Festival, but he was unable to celebrate his own Wanshou Festival…

Thinking of this, Empress Dowager also cried.

In this way, it was obvious how the atmosphere of Shengshou Festival this year would be.

The people at present spent efforts persuading Great Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager, but the two of them weren’t in the mood for the banquet anymore. Each of them encouraged Emperor and Empress, and said a few words of apology to the people. Then they both left with the help of the servants in the palace. The main characters had left. Empresses were worried about the elders, so they both followed up to console Great Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager. The banquet at this time had no music or dance, no meat or wine. What was the point of staying?

Therefore, once Great Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager had left, all the people left in no time in order of status.

As Song Yixiao was talking to Xie Yiren and stepping out of the hall, she came across an unexpected person, "Dowager Concubine Nuan?"

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