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Chapter: 34

Chapter 34: Let her Kneel and Call Me Her Daddy!

Ni Huang, the Queen of Ten thousand demons, had the body of an immortal phoenix, making her the natural-born demon emperor.

Her cultivation realm had already reached the pinnacle of immortals.

Just a little bit, she could also break through to the realm of immortality.

Even when compared to Lin Feng, she was not much inferior.

As the Queen of the Demon Race, she was Lin Feng's most trustworthy ally in his rebellion against the Heavenly Emperor.

She was also one of the top ten female leads in the novel.


As the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons appeared, several figures of Demon Great Saints also appeared in the surroundings.

"Kill the Heavenly Emperor."

A roaring voice came out of their mouths, and the entire Nine Heavens Palace was surrounded.

Though the demon race was also considered one of the leading forces, their opponent was difficult to deal with, so they got here now.

"Xiao Yanran, the Heavenly Emperor killed many people from my demon clan. If we don't kill the Heavenly Emperor today, wouldn't that mean the death of my demon clansmen has gone in vain?"

Ni Huang, the Queen of The Demon Clan, smiled coldly and stared at Xiao Yanran from above.

The entire demon race wanted to rebel against the Heavenly Emperor because, over the past ten thousand years, the Heavenly Emperor had killed thousands of people from the demon race.

How could this bloody hatred be so forgotten easily?

That's why she was very dissatisfied with Xiao Yanran's decision to save the Heavenly Emperor.

Not waiting for Xiao Yanran to speak, Xiao Mei was standing at the side, suddenly opened her mouth.

"Sister Yanran, although I have always treated you as my own sister, the Heavenly Emperor, he killed my father. I must avenge my father."

Saying that, an amazing aura erupted from Xiao Mei's body.

The Ten female leads, all of them had extremely profound cultivation.

Thus, Xiao Mei was also in the Immortal


Xiao Yanran's expression turned cold as she looked at Xiao Mei and the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons who stood up to stop her.

"Then let's fight, unless you defeat me, you can't take his life."

A powerful aura surged out from Xiao Yanran's body.

As she was an immortal-level powerhouse, the pressure made the demons tremble in fear

Seeing this, the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons, who was in the air, sneered at her.

Her strength was enough to suppress Xiao Yanran.

But before she could make a move, Xiao Mei's body erupted with similar power and clashed with the power of Xiao Yanran.

The surrounding hall began to tremble as it was the battle between the two immortal-level powerhouses.

Although the Ninth Heavenly Palace had many protection arrays, it couldn’t withstand the battle between two immortals.

Seeing Xiao Yanran's determined face, Xiao Mei was covered in fury and said coldly: "Sister Yanran, this is the last time I will call you that. Since you want to fight, we will change places and fight."

Then a bronze mirror, an immortal weapon, appeared in Xiao Mei's hand.

When the bronze mirror shook slightly, she and Xiao Yanran, who was opposite, immediately disappeared without a trace.

But all the people present could clearly feel it.

Somewhere in the Lingxuan Continent, the two immortal powerhouses appeared and fought fiercely.

This devastating scene made them laugh bitterly.

Honestly, who would have thought that even after the Heavenly Emperor was captured, there was suddenly conflict among them?

"Let's wait until we kill the Heavenly Emperor, then we'll confort sister Yanran properly." Lin Feng sighed


The Queen of Ten Thousand Demons was in mid-air.

At this moment, she snorted and sat down again on the flaming throne behind her.

"Someone actually took care of her. Anyway, I'm too lazy to play with her. However, this Linglong Treasure Mirror actually takes three days to kill the Heavenly Emperor, this is too slow, our demon race can't wait that long."

Then, a flame was suddenly shot out from the hands of Ni Huang, the Queen.

This ball of flame enveloped the Lingering Treasure Mirror in front of it.

And the steady stream of flame power began to accelerate the refining power of Linglong Treasure Mirror.

"With the help of Ne Huang ...No, I mean Queen, it will be easier for us to kill the Heavenly Emperor."

Lin Feng was extremely satisfied with her move and complimented her with a smile.

On the other hand, the gaze of the Ten Thousand Demon Queen fell on the Linglong Treasure Mirror.readatnoicetranslations.


Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Lin Yan could see the hot-tempered and arrogant Ten Thousand Demon Queen outside through the mirror.

As the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons struck a blazing fire, it hit on top of the Lingering Treasure Mirror.

Lin Yan, who was inside the Lingering Treasure Mirror, clearly felt that the refining power of the Lingering Treasure Mirror had started to increase.

This meant the time left for him to reverse his fate was getting less and less.

"You little... I will definitely make this Queen kneel and call me her Daddy later."

Lin Yan spit out a few words under his breath, however, he quickly opened the life editor and resumed writing.

Initially, he wanted to take this opportunity to subdue all of Xiao Yanran's mind and body in one go.

But now, it seemed like he had to make Xiao Yanran wait a little longer.

On the contrary, this Queen of the Ten Thousand Demon, Ni Huang, has become the most urgent problem to solve


The Queen of Ten thousand demons was different from Xiao Yanran.

Xiao Yanran and the Heavenly Emperor had a brother-sister relationship.

Moreover, Xiao Yanran herself was a person who looked cold outside but was actually warm on the inside.

So, subduing Xiao Yanran by the life editor was not very difficult for Lin Yan.

However, the Queen of All Demons Race was different.

There was only abject hatred between her and the Heavenly Emperor,

Back then, when the Heavenly Emperor had not yet become the Heavenly Emperor, he had been called the Slaughtering Demon Grand General.

As the name implied, it was because he killed enough people of the demon race that he acquired that title.

It was imaginable how many members of the demon race have died at the hands of the Heavenly Emperor.

Certainly, demons had a deep hatred in the sea of blood from then.

A character with a proud attitude and overpowered such as the Queen, Lin Yan wanted to subdue the Queen of the Ten Thousand Demons by using the life editor. Well, this was going to be much more difficult than taking down Xiao Yanran before.

Lin Yan pondered for a moment and began to write...

-To be continued!


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