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Chapter: 37

Soon, the fish was grilled.

Although there was no salt and other ingredients, the constant wafting of the fragrance alone left the little fox mouth-watering.

Initially, this fish was prepared by the little fox for Lin Yan.

Anyhow, seeing the little fox's appearance, Lin Yan shook his head, tore off most of the fish, and gave it to the little fox.

Watching Lin Yan grill the fish, the little fox had long been hungry.

So, when the fish was in her hand, she immediately opened her mouth and munched on it.

Seeing her like this, Lin Yan reminded her, "Be careful of the fish bones."

Well, this was a simple scene where a single boy and a little fox each grabbed half a fish and ate it with great relish.

These few months, the little fox had fed various fruits to him.

But now, he could finally eat the fish after a long time.

The fragrance of the fish made Lin Yan feel alive again, and he had a rare look of satisfaction on his face.

The little fox on the side looked more satisfied. Needless to say, she even treated the grilled fish as if it was the world's most delicious thing.

While eating fish, the little fox vaguely muttered under her breath.

"Delicious ...too delicious ...worth it ...definitely worth it."

However, before they could finish eating the fish, there was suddenly a "clatter" "clatter" sound.

The little fox, who was holding the fish with a delightful face and gnawing on it, was instantly alerted and had a look of fear across her face.

"They are coming, ….we have to run ... quickly ride on me."

It seemed like she couldn't be bothered to explain anything to Lin Yan, and suddenly, the little fox's body grew larger, gradually turning into a demon fox that was a foot long lying beside him, and she signaled Lin Yan to ride on her.

Lin Yan didn't know why, but looking at the little fox who had a solemn appearance, he did as he was told.

He somehow mustered up all his strength and tried his best to climb on the back of the little fox.

The little fox carried Lin Yan and ran towards the distance.

Behind them was a group of ghosts with bodies that looked like black mist, dragging thick chains, drifting in their direction.

Wherever they passed, everything turned into nothing.visit


(Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

"It's the ancient residual souls of the ancient forbidden land. It will be very troublesome if they are contaminated. Even immortals have difficulty dealing with them."

"This hateful little fox acts as the Heavenly Emperor's mount to help him."

"Haven't they still found out who this little fox is? I must teach her a lesson and let her know that we, the people of the demon race also have dignity."

Seeing the little fox taking the initiative to let Lin Yan ride on her, a group of demon saints roared angrily.

The most taboo thing for the people of the demon race was to become the mounts of the human race.

This meant that the demon race had become a slave of the human race, which was the greatest insult to them.

But now again, the worst thing was this little fox even took the initiative to let Lin Yan ride on her.

It simply disgraced their demon race.

"Find this little fox and lock her up in the Black Prison for ten thousand years as a punishment." The Queen of Ten Thousand Demons on the Flame Throne also spoke indifferently at this moment.

Obviously, the behavior of this little fox taking the initiative to be a human mount annoyed her very much.

On the other hand, Lin Feng and the others on the side felt nothing about it.visit


The little fox carried Lin Yan on her back and fled.

Finally, they stopped by a small river,

Unlike other places in the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, this small river had many rare plants growing there and didn't seem to be that desolate.

It was apparent that the fish this little fox caught earlier was from this river.

"You still want to eat grilled fish, don't you?"

Lin Yan glanced at the little fox before him, dumbstruck.

It seems like he was carried here by the little fox with an ulterior motive.

Now that she was seen through, the little fox looked sideward embarrassedly, not daring to look at Lin Yan.

But thinking of the delicious grilled fish just now, she was still thick-skinned and came over and rubbed Lin Yan intimately.

Lin Yan was amused by this simple little fox and couldn't help but grin: "I'll grill fish for you tomorrow."

Hearing Lin Yan promise her, the little fox immediately jumped with joy.


The boy and the little fox temporarily lived by this small river for the next few days.

Although Lin Yan woke up, his physical condition was now inferior to ordinary people.

Even after many days of recovery, he could barely stand up and walk a few steps.

If he walked more, he would get dizzy and might even lose consciousness.

Although Lin Yan didn't give up, he would set aside two hours to sit on the ground to cultivate every day.

Though he could not sense the spiritual qi, he thought of other ways to do it.

For instance, he wanted to find a way to let his mind mobilize the spiritual qi around him.visit


"It seems like the Heavenly Emperor didn't give up and continued cultivating persistently and finally succeeded at some point."

Before the Linglong Treasure mirror, the Queen of Ten Thousand Monsters looked at the others around her and said indifferently, "The situation of the Heavenly Emperor now is the same as it was back then. If Xiao Yanran did take him away, will he give up and stop cultivating completely? Do you all still have the guts to face the Emperor again?"

As the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons spoke, the faces of all the people around changed considerably.

Just now, Xiao Yanran turned against them and said that she would take the Heavenly Emperor away, and few of them didn't seem to object to this.

Because what Xiao Yanran said was also reasonable because when the Heavenly Emperor stepped out of the Linglong Treasure Mirror, all his cultivation would have been reduced to nothing, and he would become a cripple.

Such a person no longer poses any threat to them.

Even if they let Xiao Yanran take him away, it didn't matter to them.

But at this moment, looking at the young Heavenly Emperor's indomitable appearance inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, the faces of all the people turned gloomy.

At the same time, a thought arose in their hearts.

"The Heavenly Emperor ...absolutely cannot be released. Otherwise, it would be releasing the tiger to the mountain."

Only Lin Feng spoke with a smile, "My Queen, the Heavenly Emperor has become a cripple. Without a miraculous encounter, it is completely impossible to recover. We just need to lock him up in one place and not let him have any access to such encounters. This will naturally give him no chance to recover."

The fortuitous encounters!


The Queen of Ten Thousand Demons glanced at Lin Feng as if he was some idiot and said indifferently, 

"For the Heavenly Emperor, to become an eternal life realm expert, fortuitous encounters alone are not enough... Lin Feng, why don't we make a bet and see if the Heavenly Emperor restores his cultivation base. And see if he depends on himself or on the fortuitous encounters you mentioned."

Lin Feng raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Is Lord Queen trying to lose to me on purpose? Then I won't be polite. Well, I'm sure that he must have relied on a fortuitous encounter to recover."

The Queen of Ten Thousand Demons nodded slightly, "Then let's wait and see."

-To be continued!

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