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Chapter: 703

Go to the demon world and look for opportunities

Due to the war between the demon world, the ocean world and the Buddha world, many universes have become extremely chaotic.

As the base camp of the demon world, the New Moon Universe is even more chaotic.

The roaring demon dragon, the barking tiger demon, the whistling bird demon, the wandering fish demon...

Almost everywhere there is a shuddering atmosphere.

No wonder they do.

Because, with the fierce battle between the demon and the Buddha, many big demons entered the Buddhist world and massacred.

Unwilling to be deceived, the great Buddhas quietly sneaked into the demon world to conduct large-scale scale.

Not long ago, there was a big event in which more than a dozen planets were transformed into Buddhas.


Snow Moon Hotel.

A group of beast-faced, armored monsters walked in.

A tyrannical breath rolled away like a wave.

The manager hurriedly greeted him and said respectfully, "Meet Your Excellency."

The monster standing at the front raised his head, pointed at the waiter with a pair of dark nostrils, and said, "Has any monks come in recently in your shop?"

The manager said respectfully, "No, our store never accepts monks."

"Really?" The monster's nostrils exhaled two groups of hot air, "But, I don't believe it, search for me!"

"Yes!" The monsters behind him shouted in unison, and turned into wisps of black mist, rushing towards each room of the hotel.

Suddenly, the sound of chickens flying and dogs jumping sounded in each room, very chaotic.

Seeing this, the manager had no choice but to sigh. On the surface, he entertained the monster with more respect.

And in a room deep in the hotel.

Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian looked extremely nervous.

Although, they are not from the Buddhist realm.

However, they are also the people the demon world wants to arrest.

It's just that, recently, because of things in the Buddhist world, the capture force has dropped a bit.

Qiu Ziqian whispered, "Don't be nervous, it's alright."

Lin Yulian nodded vigorously.


At this moment, a cloud of black air rushed in.

Gradually, it condensed into a monster with a tiger's head and a human body.

It swept around the room with a pair of eyes filled with cold light.

When it saw Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian, it just glanced lightly.

Because they all have very long hair, and they don't have any Buddha energy, they are not people of the Buddha world.

And there was no one else in the room.

So, the monster with a tiger head and a human body prepares to return.

It was also at this time that Lin Yulian caught sight of Lin Yulian again out of the corner of his eyes.

Its footsteps paused slightly.

Because, it suddenly found that it seemed to have seen her somewhere.

After a while, in the mind of the tiger-headed monster, a wanted person overlapped with Lin Yulian and Qiu Ziqian.

It screamed, "It's you!"

When the words fell, it directly pulled out the long knife from its waist and slashed towards the two of them.


Where the knife gang passed, a huge ravine was formed on the ground.

Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian exhausted their strength, and this was dangerous and dangerous, and they dodged to the side.


Originally, the monsters who were still checking other rooms, thought they had encountered Buddhist people, and rushed over.

Soon, Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian were surrounded by 5 monsters.

One of the monsters with wolf head and human body said, "Lao Liu, what's going on?"

It clearly felt that Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian were not Buddhists.

Then, why do the monsters with tiger heads and human bodies take action?

The monster with a tiger head and a human body said: "They are the target of the second-level mission."

"Second-level mission?!" All the monsters were shocked.

The demon clan has a mission hall with mission levels ranging from level 10 to level 1.

Level 1 is the highest level of tasks.

Level 2 is definitely a big task!

Once done, the rewards are sure to be huge!

Immediately, the demons looked at Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian, full of greed.

It looked like he saw two treasure chests.

Lin Yulian couldn't help shivering.

Qiu Ziqian suppressed the fear in her heart and said, "Yu Lian, don't be afraid, we will be fine."

"Are you okay?" The tiger-headed monster grinned and said, "Now, it's really okay, but if you resist, it won't be the case."

"Lie down on the ground, or else!"

It directly lifted the long knife in its hand, and an incomparably cold air permeated it.

At this moment, a loud voice suddenly sounded behind him.

"Otherwise, how?"

The demons looked for the voice and turned to look over.

I only saw... a tall, handsome man appeared in the field of vision.

He... is Lin Fan.

Qiu Ziqian said excitedly, "Lin Fan!"

Lin Fan's figure flashed and he appeared directly in front of her.

Lin Yulian said, "Dad!"

Lin Fan said, "You have suffered."

The big demon with a tiger head and a human body said: "It seems that you don't want to be caught without your hands, then...die!"

When the words fell, it slashed away with a knife again.


Lin Fan's eyes didn't move, he waved his hand back.


A vast sword beam roared out, instantly covered by the sword, and fell from the top of the tiger-headed monster's head.


The next moment, the tiger-headed demon split into two from the middle and fell to the ground, completely losing its vitality.

The pupils of the remaining big demons shrank suddenly.


"Everyone be careful!"

All the monsters were like a great enemy, and they drew their weapons one after another, waiting for them.

However, some things can have too much effect without being prepared.

only see...

Lin Fan's palm swept across the fist.


A stern force of strength swept out.

The entire space seemed to be frozen, and all the demons stopped moving.

next moment…

The bodies of the monsters separated smoothly from the middle and fell heavily on the ground, making a dull sound.

Vitality, go away!

Only then did Lin Fan say, "Ziqian, Yulian, it's alright."

Qiu Ziqian and Lin Yulian were stunned for a few seconds, and then they nodded vigorously.

Then, Lin Fan said, "Yu Lian, let's go get the thing you need now."

Lin Yulian heard the words, her beautiful eyes lit up slightly.

After that, UU Reading was a little worried: "That thing is in the Demon King's Palace... Otherwise, let's look for opportunities first..."

Lin Yulian came out of the earth to find what she needed in her dream.

That thing was vital to her, even her life.

However, when she came to the demon world, it became less urgent.

On the one hand, it seems to be close, so even if you don't get it, it won't be as painful as the earth.

On the other hand, it was Lin Yulian who knew the power and terror of the demon clan.

Even Lin Yulian just saw Lin Fan's strength.

But, here... After all, it is a demon clan, and I don't know how many strong people there are in the demon palace.

What kind of eyesight does Lin Fan have?

He easily saw the worry in Lin Yulian's heart, smiled and patted her head, and said, "Don't worry, it's just to get something in the demon palace, there won't be any danger."

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