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Chapter: 705

The fall of the Holy Lord the heaven and the earth grieve together

Falling in love with, the world's richest man: starting from receiving 7 billion red envelopes

At this moment.

Almost all creatures looked up at the tall figure, with yearning, excitement, or speculation in their eyes...

As the master of the figure, Lin Fan is hanging above the void of the earth.

He took a light breath, and the spiritual energy that permeated the void gathered automatically, like a river flowing into the sea, one after another submerged into his body.

Lin Fan clenched his fist lightly, only to feel that he could control countless creatures with just his gestures.

Mysterious and powerful to the extreme.

Next, Lin Fan focused his attention on the system panel.

【Host: Lin Fan】

[Cultivation: Early Stage of the Holy Master]

[Skills: Sword Eighty-One, Curse Technique, Raising Sword Technique, Qiankun Sword Art...]

[Equipment: Starfall Sword, Flame Armor, Heavenly Soul Orb, True Dragon Sword...]

【Law: time, space, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, life, death, yin, yang, wind... 】

【Character Relationships:

Lin Tao: Dad, the favorability rating is 10 stars;

Dai Weixue: Mom, the favorability rating is 10 stars;

Lin Xiaoyao: My sister, the favorability rating is 10 stars;

Xia Xue: Taoist companion, favorability rating 10 stars;

Xia Bing: Taoist companion, 10 stars in favorability......]

Finally reached the Holy Master level.

The corner of Lin Fan's mouth twitched slightly, in a very good mood.

If you're in a good mood, it's time to celebrate.

So, Lin Fan focused on the curse technique and Taiba.

[Are you spending 100 million spirit stones to curse Taiba? 】


[Are you spending 100 million spirit stones to curse Taiba? 】


[Are you spending 100 million spirit stones to curse Taiba? 】



Ten times in a row, the curse ended.

A look of satisfaction appeared on Lin Fan's face.


on the other hand.

Demon Palace.

"Treasure...the treasure house has been stolen!"

"The treasure house has been stolen!"

"Come on someone!"

"Come on someone!"

A shout resounded throughout the entire demon palace.

Investigate, interrogate, proceed quickly.

However, it never had any effect.

This can make all the big demons anxious.

You must know that this treasure house contains many of the most precious treasures of the demon clan.

Among them, there are even things that even the Holy Master cares about.

It is one of the heritage of the demon clan.

Now, it's been silent, all gone?

This is definitely a big event.

The big event that the demon clan has never happened before!

The current patriarch of the demon clan considers himself unable to take on such a responsibility. After thinking for a while, he resolutely reported the matter to the ancestor of the demon clan... Taiba!

Recently, Taiba has been trying his best to suppress the power of the curse, and just when he stabilized a little, he received a report from the demon clan chief.

Originally, he didn't want to pay attention.

However, after learning that his treasure was also stolen by someone.

He felt as if he had been slapped on the face, and was a little angry.

So, Taiba came to the Demon Palace from thirty-three days away.

"Welcome to the demon ancestor!" All the demons said in unison.

Their tone was full of respect, excitement and fear.

Taiba didn't respond at all. He jumped up and came directly to the treasure house.

The Demon Lord hurriedly said, "When the inspector came, the two king-level monsters who were guarding the gate had already fallen asleep."

Taiba's sharp eyes swept away the two king-level monsters.

"What did you see then?"

The two king-level demons said in very mechanical voices, "We didn't see anything."

Taiba uses a special control method to know the real situation from the depths of his soul.

And they still answer this way, obviously, they really don't know.

Taiba frowned, took a step forward, and entered the treasure house.

Now the treasure house is empty, and there is nothing left.

His eyes filled with the golden light of his debut, and he used a secret technique to investigate.

Suddenly, in his field of vision, time quickly reversed.

Back to the time when the treasure was still there.

While Taiba watched silently, all the treasures suddenly disappeared as if they were vaporized.

Even he couldn't see why.

This is also normal.

You must know that Lin Fan's grasp of the power of time has reached a very deep level.

I am afraid that only the Holy Master who specializes in time can see through it.

And Taiba is only the fur that understands some time.

Naturally, Lin Fan could not be seen.

In addition, Lin Fan had also arranged a Holy Master-level formation on the surface, which invisibly added interference.

Taiba's face became a little ugly.

I can't even see it myself!

This explains a lot.

This is the attack of a Holy Master-level powerhouse!

Suddenly, figures appeared in his mind.

When he was about to say something.


At this moment, Taiba's body suddenly filled with a strong cursed black aura.


He spit out a large mouthful of blood.

Then, the violent and ferocious aura erupted instantly like a volcano.


Taiba roared wildly, shooting out a circle of tyrannical energy, directly turning the treasure house densely covered with guardian power into dust.

The master of the demon clan and all the big demons were attacked indiscriminately by Taiba, and they spit out a mouthful of blood, and their expressions became very sluggish~~ Yaozu, what happened? "The Demon Lord said in horror.

Taiba didn't have the heart to answer at all.

Sometimes he laughed wildly, sometimes weeping, sometimes angry, sometimes happy... His whole face became distorted constantly.

At the same time, the power of the curse around him continued to rise.


Taiba roared up to the sky again, shooting out tyrannical energy in all directions.


This roar caused at least half of the casualties in the demon palace.

The demon master who was closer also fell to the ground, and it was difficult to get up.

It was this roar that gave Taiba a ray of consciousness.

He felt his own situation, and his face was extremely ugly.

Because, he found that the curse had covered the entire core, and it was constantly melting and destroying the core.

But he couldn't stop himself at all!

Taiba's whole person became insane.

He was swept up with terrifying energy, rushed straight into the void, and roared: "Buddhist Bodhisattva masters the way of cursing, destroying my Taoist foundation, and damaging my core. Today, I curse Bodhisattva with all my life and power!"


In the void, Taiba let out another roar.


Then, like a cosmic explosion, his whole body suddenly exploded, shooting out billions of dazzling rays of light, illuminating countless worlds.

At the same time, there was a whining sound of 'woo woo' between heaven and earth, and everyone felt a sense of sadness inexplicably.

When the Holy Lord falls, the heaven and the earth mourn together!

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