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Chapter: 1069

"Lvyuzhen, what is he doing here?"

People were puzzled.

After all.

Lvyuzhen is one of the three Taoist masters of Qingcheng Mountain, and also the guest Qing of the Wang family. His strength is even stronger.

Among those present, only Hou Molong and Xu Taisui can rival him.

so to speak.

The three of them are the three representatives of the Chinese secretive school.

The so-called secret school.

It means not taking part in any struggle on earth.

Even at the time of the calamity of the protectorate, they never showed up. Because they are all the cutting-edge forces of China's armed forces, it must be a time of life and death for China to let them fight. Otherwise, it would be premature exposure.

But today.

All such figures are gathered here, which immediately makes us a little confused.

"Is it simply Jiang TAIDING's 80th birthday?"

"Brother Lu, long time no see."

Under the puzzled eyes of the people.

With the help of Jiang Yuan and Jiang Qingyun, Xu Taisui gradually approached lvyuzhen and others. After being able to see each other's faces clearly, Xu Taisui took the lead in bowing his hands and greeting.

Although according to seniority.

Xu Taisui is a little higher than lvyuzhen, but after all, he took the title several years later than lvyuzhen. According to the Taoist rules, Xu Taisui's status is lower than lvyuzhen.

So it's reasonable for him to take the initiative to say hello.

"Brother Xu, I didn't expect you to be here."

It was just unexpected that as soon as lvyuzhen opened his mouth, he pressed Xu Taisui's identity again.

It is understood that.

Does Xu Taisui seem a little older than lvyuzhen?

Although Lvyu really belittled Xu Taisui, Xu Taisui didn't respond, just smiled.

Then they fell silent.

Although both Qingcheng Mountain and Longhu Mountain are Taoist sects, they have nothing to do with each other from the south to the north on the surface, but they are complicated in the dark. They have a lot of intention to compete for the first and the second.

So although Xu Taisui and lvyuzhen have known each other for many years, their relationship is the same as that of Qingcheng and Longhu.

At this time.

Jiangqingyun looked at Wang Daoxin with the an unwelcome look on his face and said with the dignity: "Lord Wang, it seems that he didn't invite you to come on his birthday. Do you want to make a big fuss by breaking in so rashly?"

Jiangqingyun had some emotions before because of Southern Jiangsu.


Wang Daoxin came uninvited, which annoyed him even more.

Today is the great birthday of the Chiang family. Even the hostile Wang family is so rampant that they break into the banquet in full view of the public. Obviously, they don't take the Chiang family in their eyes.

If you do not make some statements.

Tomorrow, there will be rumors on the grapevine that the Chiang family is afraid of the Wang family.

Although it is said that Wang Daoxin is only the head of the Wang family.

But these years, thanks to the assistance of the military master Yuming Jue, the separation has occupied a great position in the master's family. No accident, the next king's master is wangdaoxin.


Wang Daoxin has a good chance to represent the Wang family.

"Don't be angry, Mr. Jiang. It's really abrupt for us to come here rashly. To apologize, I'll ask someone to give the Beihai wharf to Mr. Jiang tomorrow. What do you think?"

Jiangqingyun's face was angry.

As soon as he finished, the man in a white suit next to Wang Daoxin stepped forward and smiled.

His words.

All the people present were stunned.

Because of this Beihai wharf.

However, one of the sources of contradictions between the Chiang family and the Wang family is that in recent years, the two families have frequently used knives on this wharf.

But now.

You said yes?

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