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Chapter: 1070

If others say so.

You may just have fun.

After all.

Beihai wharf is one of the economic lifelines of the Wang family, accounting for one fifth of the Wang family's exports.

in limine.

The wharf originally belonged to the Chiang family.

But because a few years ago.

The Chiang family lost control of the Beihai Wharf under the great pressure of the Huangpu family after they had a conflict with the Huangpu family because of Jiang Qing.

Although the Beihai terminal is not a fixed asset. Instead, an all-round auction and investigation will be conducted every ten years. Only those who meet the requirements can be qualified to undertake the control of Beihai wharf.


The Wangs still have five years to control the Beihai wharf.

In this way.

Equivalent to five years of lost revenue.

You know.

Beihai wharf has a profit of 10 billion yuan in one year and 100 billion yuan in five years.

Such a huge volume.

Yu Ming's rhyme says to send, which is hard to avoid being unbelievable.

However, it was because the words came from the mouth of Yu Ming Jue that everyone had to believe.

Wang Daoxin's achievements over the years are entirely due to Yu Ming Jue. His words can basically represent Wang Daoxin.

"Are you sure?"

Jiangqingyun did not speak.

But Jiang Yuan was surprised, and some of them couldn't believe it.

Because of the Beihai wharf, there has been no lack of conflict between the two countries in recent years, and there are countless strong casualties, many of which are at the venerable level.

So Yuming's rhyme is so light.

Not convincing everyone present.

"Words are without foundation."

Compared with Jiang Yuan.

Jiangqingyun is obviously a lot more sophisticated.

Although the words of Yuming Jue were indeed convincing, jiangqingyun would not believe it without seeing favorable proof.

"It's interesting. I don't know what's in the gourd of the Wang family?"

Houmolong narrowed his eyes and wondered what the situation was.

Did you break into Wang's house at night just to deliver the goods to the wharf? He looked at jiangtaiding with some puzzlement and asked, "brother Jiang, do you have some eyebrows?"

Jiangtaiding shook his head.

tell the truth.

He did not know what Wang Daoxin meant by his trip.

"Did the Wang family get kicked by a donkey, or did something happen to the family and come here to please the Jiang family? This is unrealistic. I haven't heard of any changes."

Yejingcheng is also puzzled.

As the son of the Ye family, the four largest families in Kyoto, he was very clear about the gratitude and resentment between the Chiang family and the Wang family.

In the past.

To let the Wangs give up the Beihai wharf is to pull out their teeth without even thinking about it.

What's more?

The Wang family is not a tiger, but a real dragon.

The family is backed by Qingcheng.

There are so many masters. Even if the Ye family is compared with them, they are still a long way off. As one of the four families, many resources in the world are controlled by the Wang family and the Jiang family, and so are the strong.

Wangsixuan was not interested in such an occasion at all.

Just came to Sunan, gave him a thumbs up, said admiringly, "you were so powerful just now. Although I don't know if what you said is true or false, few people dare to do this just because of this."

It is estimated that few people in China have the courage to say that on such an occasion and to act in public.

After all.

The Chiang family is a super aristocratic family standing on the top of China. If you annoy them, it means you don't want to stand in China.

Sunan smiled.

No response.

Wangsixuan was a little lonely. She wanted to ask questions, but seeing the response of Southern Jiangsu, she knew that she would not ask questions again.

It happened that Huangpu Yurou came over.

She is also very fond of Huangpu Yurou.

He walked to his side and showed Huangpu's soft waist. He was quite satisfied with Huangpu's soft waist Some soft words made Huangpu Yurou rather shy.

However, she paid more attention to Sunan.

Walking to Sunan, he asked with some worry, "Mr. Su, the Wang family should come for you this time."

Sunan killed Wanghailong in Tianfu college. He was the son of wangdaoxin.

There is no airtight wall in this world.

Even if moxiaosheng is behind the scenes, it is still very easy for wangdaoxin, who is a person of the same level, to find out. Moreover, it is easier for him to have Yu mingjue, a "white faced Fox", around him.

"Most of them didn't run away."

Sunan nodded slightly and did not deny Huangpu Yurou's words.

After all, he killed Wanghailong, and Huangpu Yurou is one of the insiders. It is reasonable to forget this conjecture.

"What are you talking about? Wang Daoxin came to you? What's the situation?"

When Wang Sixuan heard the dialogue between the two people in southern Jiangsu, he was at a loss.

Sunan just provoked the Chiang family.

If Wang Daoxin hadn't suddenly appeared, would the Chiang family have settled the accounts with Sunan?

If the Wang family also came to southern Jiangsu, wouldn't it be an enemy?

"What on earth are you? How can you make trouble everywhere?"

Wangsixuan looked at Sunan curiously and poked Sunan's back with his hand. He was full of worry.

Sunan ignored him.

Just quietly observe what happens in the field.

I don't believe Jiang Qingyun.

Yuming Jue, dressed in a white suit, didn't talk nonsense. He took out the ownership of the Beihai wharf from his pocket and threw it at him.

Jiangqingyun took it.

After opening, his face changed slightly.

Naturally, he was very clear about the ownership of the Beihai wharf, because the Beihai wharf belonged to the Chiang family before. Had it not been for the accident in that year, the Chiang family would not have been suppressed by the Huangpu aristocratic family, thus making the Wang family rise rapidly.

of course.

These are the things of the older generation.

"Come on, what do you want? If the prices are different, please take back the ownership of the Beihai wharf."

Although the Yuming formula is full of honesty.

Moreover, whoever owns the Beihai wharf will have the right to govern it. That is to say, the moment Jiang Qingyun gets the ownership, the Beihai wharf will already belong to the Jiang family. This is a major feature of Beihai wharf, which is controlled by the strong!

If you can, you can take it away.

But the Chiang family is not yet ready to do such inferior and abusive things.

it is said that.

never go to the temple for nothing.

Wangdaoxin and his party were so powerful that lvyuzhen, one of the three heavenly masters of Qingcheng Mountain, was called. The matter was not just as simple as Beihai wharf.

If it touches the interests of the Chiang family.

Don't worry about Beihai wharf.

"Lord Jiang, don't worry. What we want is very light. Compared with Beihai wharf, I think you will give it."

Yu mingjue's white face is even more pale in the moonlight, just like a dead man. That's why he is called "white faced Fox" in the Jianghu.

Especially those eyes.


It's not like a human eye at all. It's more like a fox eye.


In full view of the public, Yu mingjue suddenly raised his hand and pointed to Sunan, who was standing next to Wang Sixuan:

"I want him dead."

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