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Chapter: 1071

Jiangqingyun heard this.

His eyes suddenly cooled.

If yumingjue wanted to take the lives of their Chiang family, let alone the Beihai wharf, even if yumingjue sent all the land that the two families had been fighting for these years, he could not agree.

Because it involves the reputation and face of the Chiang family.


When jiangqingyun looked in the direction of the jade Jue finger and wanted to know who he was referring to.

The whole person was stunned.

What happened?

Do you still need to say hello to the Chiang family?

Although he said he was the descendant of Jiang Qing just now, the old man didn't say anything, so he didn't recognize him as a member of the Jiang family,

When jiangqingyun saw Southern Jiangsu, he looked puzzled and looked at Yuming Jue.

A man who had cut off relations with the Chiang family for more than 20 years.

The Wangs are going to do it.

Just move.

In exchange for a Beihai wharf?

A hairy boy is not worth a wharf, is he?

Wang family.

When did you fear the Chiang family so much?

This is a little out of line with the Wang family's work style.

Jiangqingyun was puzzled.

After all, it seems that southern Jiangsu has nothing to do with the Chiang family. I haven't walked around for years. If he hadn't suddenly appeared today, he would have forgotten that he had a nephew.

There is no feeling between them.

Yes, they have only severed their blood relationship for more than 20 years. It is not too much to say that he is a stranger.

The Wang family will not stop him if they want to kill him.

"What is the Wang family doing?"

"This kind of forced intrusion is both an apology and a delivery to the wharf. It's just for him?"

Jiang Yuan also looked puzzled.

I don't know what medicine is in the gourd of the Wang family.

This is a fool.

Is it worth the Wangs' exchange for Beihai wharf?

He just bumped into the Chiang family at the birthday party. If the Wang family hadn't appeared now, the Chiang family would have liked to put the rash kid to death in public.

Since the Wang family came to an end, and also took out the Beihai wharf, such a good thing, the Chiang family would not be foolish enough not to agree?

Although the appearance of Sunan today surprised everyone.

But everyone knows.

Twenty years ago, Jiangqing, the youngest daughter who was removed from the Chiang family, came to southern Jiangsu to look for relatives. It's no wonder.

The Jiang family has a big family and a great cause. They are also the top aristocratic families in China. No matter who he is, he will not give up a chance to get married.

If you fail, you won't lose anything. If you succeed, you will rise to heaven.

It's just that the boy is too ostentatious.

He thought that he had learned some skills and dared to do whatever he wanted on Chiang Kai Shek's birthday. He took himself too seriously.

People also set their eyes on Sunan.

Just in the eyes, there was a little more playfulness.

Jiang TAIDING glanced over southern Jiangsu.

Although this boy is Jiangqing's son, he has already cut off the relationship. Even if what he said is true, he will not help him.

Although I don't know how he provoked the Wang family.

Houmolong and Xu Taisui were also indifferent.

They have nothing to do with the worldly fighting and killing.

Yejingcheng gave a cold hum.

He wished Sunan would die soon.

Only wangsixuan's eyes were full of worry. She pulled Sunan from behind and motioned him to run.

But Sunan did not answer.

Huangpu Yurou is very calm.

Because there were so many people in the hall, only she knew the horror of the young man in front of her.

"Kill me. I'll take the gift."

Jiang Qingyun did not care at all when he received a sign from Jiang Jianguo. He pocketed the title deed of Beihai wharf and waved his hand: "however, don't do it on my Jiang family's territory. You can do it anywhere else."

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