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Chapter: 9.7

When Sunghee screamed, Sejin quickly sat beside her on the bed and covered her mouth with his hand. He begged,

"Please be a little quieter. We’re at a hotel."

"I don’t need anything from you. I want to leave this place. I’m gonna quit my job too. I won’t tell anyone what a horrible person you are, so just let me leave right now. I want to go home!" 

Sunghee began sobbing. She collapsed on the bed and cried her heart out. Sejin watched her awkwardly before lifting her and putting her on his lap. Hugging her tightly, Sejin murmured,

"Please don’t cry, Sunghee. Please… Watching you crying like this is breaking my heart. I’ll take you home, okay? I’ll take you home myself. No, if you don’t want me to, I will get someone else to drive you. So please don’t cry."

Sejin patted her head and kept murmuring to her. Sunghee continued to cry and smacked his shoulder. She screamed,

"You bastard! You’re a jerk… How could you… If you got tired of me, you should’ve just told me…"

"Please don’t cry… Please… Please…"

Sejin kissed her temple gently. Sunghee kept her eyes closed and remained on his lap obediently. Perhaps this was going to be their last time seeing each other. Perhaps she would never see him again. 

How did this happen? Why? Being with him was so comfortable and fun. She was so happy…

Sejin tried to explain,

"I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that my mother is the CEO of our company. But I couldn’t tell you. I never wanted to work in this company and I didn’t want to inherit it just because my mother owns it. I didn’t mean to be working this long at our office. I meant to quit after a little while but then… I saw you."

Sunghee blinked and sniffled as she listened. Sejin pulled her head closer to his chest and continued, 

"You looked like a fairy to me. You smiled often and helped everyone around you. I wanted you. I really did… I stayed only because of you. But… you never once looked at me. Not until that office dinner. Obviously, you only came to me because you were drunk and you didn’t recognize me. You don’t remember that night at all."

Sejin looked down at her sadly. Sunghee wiped away her tears and blinked a few more times. A depressed smile spread on his lips as he murmured,

"You look so cute even when you’re crying."

"Why didn’t you tell me that you liked me? Why did you hide it all that time?"

When Sunghee asked bluntly, Sejin looked away. He seemed to feel very awkward as he hesitantly replied, 

"Because I was afraid. I was scared that you might laugh at me. I was worried."

"So that’s why you threatened to blackmail me? Are you serious?"

"I was so desperate. And that jerk Min Seungju was in the way… Besides, you liked that bastard more than you liked me!"

When Sejin muttered angrily, Sunghee asked,

"But didn’t you two plan this together? Weren’t you guys talking about me? Isn’t that why Manager Min asked me out?"

"What? No way! Why would you think that?!"

Sejin looked truly shocked to hear her. Wiping her wet cheeks again, Sunghee looked up at him. She murmured,

"But you two are cousins. And I’m no one special, so since both of you showed interest in me, I thought…"

Sejin leaned his head on her shoulder and said quietly,

"I don’t know what that jerk Min Seungju must be thinking, but I really liked you, Sunghee… I… I still do."

Sunghee couldn’t help but blink in shock. She felt like she wanted to cry again. She just couldn’t understand this man at all. Sunghee murmured, 

"But you’re the CEO’s son. And I am…"

Sunghee couldn’t finish her sentence. Her dream was finally coming true. A rich man was in love with her. So why did she feel so scared? Maybe it was because the man she had been sleeping with now turned out to be someone completely different. She felt like the man holding her right now wasn’t the same guy she spent so much time with.

Sejin asked expectantly, 

"How do you feel about me? That’s what’s really important, right? Sunghee, you said earlier that you love me! Do you really mean that?"

His arms around her became rigid. Sejin stared down at her intensely, and after a long contemplation, Sunghee finally nodded. 

"I… Umm… didn’t think you had a bright future ahead of you. But I still liked being with you, so I have decided to date you instead of Manager Min. That’s what I was planning to do, but then you dumped me… and you were flirting with other women!"

Suddenly remembering the woman in the break room, Sunghee smacked Sejin’s shoulder again angrily. She didn’t hit him hard, but it was hard enough to show him she was not happy about it. Sejin smiled brightly and kissed her. 

At first, it was a slow gently kiss, but soon, it deepened as he rolled and laid her down on the bed, 

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