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Chapter: 9.8

Sejin’s tongue entered her mouth seductively. Sunghee remained in his arm dreamily, but when she felt his hand go under her skirt, she flinched and pushed him away. Sejin looked down at her and asked,

"What’s wrong?"

"Well, I… Oh, I didn’t even take my shoes off."

She slowly escaped his embrace and concentrated on taking her shoes off. But because she was wearing a pair of high heels, it only took her three seconds to remove them. When she refused to look at him and fidgeted with her skirt, Sejin held her face gently and made her look at him. Sejin asked,

"What’s wrong, Sunghee? Please tell me. Or could it be that you find it uncomfortable to talk to me now?"

This was partly true. In the past, she felt like she could tell him anything, but now… He felt beyond her reach. But as Sejin caressed her face gently, Sunghee realized that this was still the same man. No matter what he wore or what hairstyle he had, this was still her Sejin. 

She murmured,

"Well, it’s about what happened before."

Sejin immediately understood what she was talking about. His face darkened in displeasure as his hands moved lower. His shoulders slumped and he apologized, 

"I’m so sorry about that."

"No, that’s not what I meant. I… I just can’t understand."

Sunghee hurriedly continued, 

"We’ve always been so good together in bed, and umm… I am… well… I’m really sensitive, right? And with you especially… And I was the one who seduced you too! So I… I don’t understand why it hurt that day. It doesn’t make sense."

When Sunghee managed to explain, Sejin kissed her lips gently again. She looked down at him quietly, and without a word, Sejin continued to undress her. He removed her jacket, skirt, and even her stockings. When she was only wearing her blouse and panties, Sejin returned to the bed. Having her lean her back against his chest, he leaned against the headboard and whispered, 

"You’re so innocent and naive."

"Me? But I’ve even been tied up for sex before. Remember?"

When Sunghee grumbled, Sejin chuckled. But unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy laugh. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he murmured quietly, 

"You were feeling uncomfortable because I was rough with you. You weren’t ready yet, but I just went for it. I know some of the things I’ve done so far may have been perverted, but… it has always been consensual. And I’ve always… umm… tried my best to pleasure you as much as I can. But that day, I didn’t do that. I did the bare minimum to get you prepared before entering you. This might sound like an excuse, but I didn’t enjoy myself that day either."

Her eyes dancing, Sunghee replied, 

"You like it when I have a good time, don’t you?"

There were no more tears in her eyes as she smiled seductively. With a grumbly laugh, he tightened his hold around her and answered, 

"Yes, that’s true."

"I… like doing it with you too, Sejin."

His tongue began licking her neck. His hands sneaked underneath her blouse and expertly unhooked her bra. When he grasped her breasts, Sunghee flinched, but Sejin didn’t let her go this time. He only squeezed her tighter. 

Sunghee asked,

"Sejin, don’t you have to go back to the party?"

"Nope. Seungju will take care of everything."

"But you were supposed to be introduced properly…"

"You’re more important to me."

Sejin rubbed his face on her neck and whispered. All the anger and sadness Sunghee felt earlier evaporated. In the end, she gave herself to Sejin. 

This definitely felt different from the last time they had sex. His hands were gentle as they caressed her breasts and his lips were loving as they kissed her neck. Her nipples began to harden and throb by the touch of his fingers. Slowly, he began to unbutton her blouse. 

When her silk blouse fell to the floor, Sunghee giggled. Playing with Sunghee’s now-tangled hair, Sejin bit her ear and whispered, 

"Do you feel good?"

Sunghee nodded and took off her bra. Throwing it away to the floor, Sejin turned her around so she faced him still sitting on his lap. They began kissing, and as their kiss deepened, her body began to burn. His fingers flicked her nipple lightly and circled around it.

After taking every inch of her mouth with his tongue, Sejin’s lips began to move down along her neck. After licking and biting a few spots, he moved even lower to take in one of her nipples. When she moaned, he began biting and sucking it lightly. He was even more gentle than usual, making her pant. Sunghee grabbed his head and moaned breathlessly. 

As if he was tasting the most precious fruit in the world, he tasted her nipple. The slow quiet burn inside of her began to turn into a wild flame. When she felt the tight throbbing in her lower stomach, Sunghee pulled at his head to hurry him along. 

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