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Chapter: 1186

Profound Azure Prefecture

Chapter 1186 – Profound Azure Prefecture

"Have you heard of the ten divine artifacts of Kunlun?" Ye Feifan smiled mysteriously.

"I have, but I don’t know much about them." Lin Yun had heard Lil’ Purple mentioning them briefly, but he didn’t ask much about it because he wasn’t sure if they were real. After all, she was fond of boasting, and only half of her words could be trusted.

"The head of the ten divine artifacts is a sword, the world’s strongest sword. When the Ancestral Deity forged this sword, he discovered that he couldn’t suppress it and so he killed ominous beasts with his blade. You can imagine how terrifying the eight ominous beasts were in ancient times." Ye Feifan patted his hand on the table and continued, "But all the eight ominous beasts were killed by the Ancestral Deity. The blood of the eight ominous beasts formed into a sea of boundless killing intent and ocean of blood…"

Lin Yun started to get the feeling that Ye Feifan could boast even more than Lil’ Purple. When Ye Feifan sensed Lin Yun’s suspicious gaze, he smiled, "Haha, let me get back to the topic. Anyway, the Ancestral Deity slew the eight ominous beasts and used them to suppress the sword with an array. IN the end, he successfully forged the sword and unveiled the Divine Dragon Era!"

"You said that the Ancestral Deity used a blade, so why did he change to a sword?" Lin Yun asked.

"Uhh…" Ye Feifan scratched his head and smiled, "I guess the Ancestral Deity is versed in both the blade and sword."

Lin Yun was speechless when he heard that. He realized that Ye Feifan was as unreliable as Lil’ Purple, and that none of his words could be trusted. However, it seemed like he had to investigate the Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array when he had time.

Seeing that Lin Yun showed no signs of saying anything else, Ye Feifan smiled awkwardly, "They’re all legends, and there are only bits and pieces left behind in books. They’re too profound, and I don’t understand them too well. Anyhow, the sword and the array both disappeared until the Iris Sword Saint appeared with the array. Now, only the Mo Clan and the Hidden Sword Manor know the array."

"It should be real. The Iris Sword Saint did grasp the Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array. But don’t ask me anything else because I don’t know much about it. I have no interest in the Iris Sword Saint’s secrets," said Lil’ Purple from the sword box, which shocked Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had no idea if the Iris Sword Saint was still alive, so it appears that he would have to make a trip to the Hidden Sword Manor to find out more about the Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array.

"That means that this Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array is also suppressing a sword?" Lin Yun looked at the massive lake because the sword on the cauldron was a little too gigantic.

Seeing Lin Yun’s doubts, Ye Feifan smiled, "There’s a sword hidden in that sword. I heard that the sword was named Thousand Lightning, a thousand rune saint sword forged by the Mo Clan. It was also the treasure of the Azure Rock Hidden Sword Pavilion. It makes an appearance every year for everyone to see, and no one can take it away."

Seeing the interest in Lin Yun’s eyes when he mentioned the sword, Ye Feifan continued, "The Sword Assembly forbids killing your opponent, but you can lose your life if you challenge that sword. You have to get through the Ghost, Dragon, and Divine arrays. Then, the Hundred Ghost Sword Array, the Azure Dragon Sword Array, and the Four Phase Sword Array. Furthermore, it’s controlled by four Elysium Core Realm experts. Many people have died to it to the point that no one dares to challenge it anymore. Then again, the Elysium Core Realm experts can only restrict their cultivation to the Heavenly Soul Realm."

Lin Yun instantly knew that the Thousand Lightning must belong to that old geezer, and that old geezer really wanted him to put his life on the line to play this game.

"Each of the arrays is fatal," sighed Ye Feifan. When he turned to look at Lin Yun, he noticed that Lin Yun was paying attention to the Eight Ominous Soul Locking Array and not him. He instantly felt awkward before looking around at the surrounding swordsmen while smiling, "There are a lot of people, but they’re all just cannon fodder. They’re simply dreaming if they think they can take the sword forged by the pavilion master."

Lin Yun finally turned to look at Ye Feifan, causing Ye Feifan to rejoice before he smiled, "Do you know who has a chance to become the champion?"

Lin Yun shook his head when he heard that because he really didn’t know much about it.

"Haha!" Ye Feifan laughed. "There are four popular candidates, and they’re all in the top thousand on the Empyrean Ranking. All of them were in the quasi-Elysium Core Realm, and they’re capable of slaying Elysium Core Realm experts!"

He then pointed to the hovering platform. The one seated on the highest seat was Feng Xuanzi, and those beside him were guests from the various saint clans and experts in the city. The Huang Clan’s patriarch was also amongst them.

One level beneath them were the elites of the younger generation with the princess of the Feng Clan at the center of attention. Beneath them was the ordinary observation stage where Luo Hua and Bai Ting were.

Ye Feifan was pointing toward the princess of the Feng Clan, where four individuals who had grasped the sky sword intent. "You see that skinny fellow? He’s a member of the Feng Clan, Feng Xingyang. Don’t look down on him just because he’s skinny. His cultivation is in the quasi-Elysium Core Realm and he’s only 28. His sky sword intent has also reached greater mastery."

Ye Feifan then pointed to the next person and smiled, "The one in blue clothes is Gong Haoran. He’s famous for his swift sword that is even too fast for Elysium Core Realm experts. And the one with the scar on his face is Zhao Yan!"

Lin Yun smiled when he heard that. They were all pretty good-looking, but they sounded as though they looked like goblins in Ye Feifan’s mouth. Then again, it made sense because Ye Feifan was blessed with an extraordinary appearance himself.

"Now, the strongest of the four is Gongsun Yan. That fellow has a foul mouth and he’s known for being able to see through all sword techniques with his eyes. He’s in the top 500 on the Empyrean Ranking. The other three are on the same level as him in terms of strength, but the unique thing about him is his eyes. If they don’t have any other trump cards, they’ll probably lose to him."

Hearing that, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling because he didn’t think that there would be anyone with a mouth fouler than Ye Feifan. What an interesting person. Ye Feifan was a pretty friendly person despite his foul mouth.

Ye Feifan smiled, "You want to hear some gossip? It’s related to the princess of the Feng Clan, and I can assure you that it’s a big deal!"

Lin Yun didn’t reply, but he didn’t need to.

Ye Feifan started speaking, "Hehe, I heard that someone couldn’t get an invitation a few days ago, so they injured all of the princess’ maids. He even blinded one of the maids." Ye Feifan spoke excitedly, "But that’s not all. That fellow even claimed that he would beat up all the other geniuses with his sword in the Sword Assembly. Furthermore, I heard that he stole the invitation from the princess and that he would leave with the Thousand Lightning to let everyone from the Feng Clan know about his strength. His name is Lin Yun!"

At this moment, Lin Yun finally knew why the guards were looking at him with ridicule. So it turns out that the princess of the Feng Clan had spread exaggerated rumors about him in the city.

"That fellow is really arrogant. He’s stupid to act that arrogantly. I know he’s young, but he claims that he can defeat everyone in the competition. Plus, he thinks he can leave with the Thousand Lightning Sword. I bet that he’ll die in this Sword Assembly," said Ye Feifan with a mocking smile. But when he saw that there was no reaction from Lin Yun, he couldn’t help feeling anxious and coughed, "Brother, why aren’t you saying something? Do you agree with me? At least give me a response."

"I’m that dumb person that you’re talking about," said Lin Yun indifferently.

Ye Feifan was dumbfounded when he heard that and smiled awkwardly, "Hahaha. I now know why you felt so amicable when I first saw you. I never thought that you would have such an experience. To be honest, the princess has a terrible name, and I don’t like her!"

This time, Lin Yun ignored Ye Feifan because the Sword Assembly was starting. There were already people fighting on the statue. Those who could receive the invitation weren’t weaklings since they were even stronger than the core disciples of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect. However, they were slightly inferior to Ye Ziling.

Although the fights on the stage were done, they were boring. So a figure flew onto the stage and roared, "Profound Azure Prefecture’s Lin Yun, do you dare to fight me, Yan Zijing?!"

Everyone was briefly stunned when they heard that before yelling. After all, Lin Yun’s name was widely spread throughout the city. Could it be that he really came to the Sword Assembly?

With the uproar, countless gazes fell onto Lin Yun. On the other hand, Ye Feifan ran away and was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone was curious about the person who blinded Feng Xiaoyu’s maid and claimed that he would defeat everyone in the Sword Assembly. Even the swordsmen on the Empyrean Ranking were looking at Lin Yun.

Feng Xiaoyu sneered at Lin Yun. She was very happy with her plan to deal with Lin Yun. She couldn’t wait to see him die.

On the other hand, Bai Ting became nervous because he could sense countless hostile gazes directed at Lin Yun. Meanwhile, Luo Hua glanced at Feng Xiaoyu coldly. Feng Xiaoyu thought that she was smart, but she had no idea who she was messing with.

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